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We weren’t the only ones shocked to learn 46-year-old Halle Berry is expecting her second child. Although Berry is up there by most pregnancy age standards, she certainly isn’t the only celebrity to sport a baby bump in her 40s.
After struggling with infertility for years, Nicole Kidman welcomed her first daughter with Keith Urban in 2008. Hayek gave birth to a healthy baby girl in 2007, but a doctor reportedly told her during her pregnancy that the baby had Down Syndrome.
Of her decision to have a second child, Fey wrote in her memoir, Bossypants: “Do I look like someone who should be pregnant? With two Academy Awards under her belt, Streep was already an accomplished actress when she gave birth to her fourth child in 1991.
After beginning fertility treatment at 44, the Desparate Housewives star gave birth to twin girls. Iman had a child from a previous marriage, but gave birth to her first child with David Bowie in 2000. Perhaps the most prolific older mother on the list, the Malcom in the Middle actress gave birth to children at 41, 44 and 46.
After their teenage son tragically died in 2009, John Travolta and Kelly Preston successfully tried for another baby. Although she’s not a celebrity, this 66-year-old mother deserves mention for being the oldest on record. Honestly I think this is extremely sad, most of these babies they have at such an old age will lose their parents really young. What your article fails to mention is that most of these pregnancy came about through artificial means. Yes they could have used there own eggs but they can genetically select which embryos get implanted. I have a special needs child, autistic and dyslexic, I looked into those procedures when I thought I might want another, they are far from perfected.

As for the age thing,you only get so many days on Earth,why not spend them doing something wonderful. The sad part is that there are women who actually think you can naturally have babies in their late 40’s and early 50s.
PHOTOS Kailyn Lowry kissed a girl and everybody freaked outTeen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry enjoyed some down time at JerseyPride in Asbury Park, New Jersey over the weekend. After suffering a miscarriage, Carey said acupuncture and fertility treatments helped her get pregnant and delivery healthy babies. I look good for 40, but I have the quaggy jawline and hollow cheeks of a mom, not a pregnant lady. Dion publicly credited in-vitro fertilization, although she underwent four failed attempts before successfully getting pregnant. Quinn, Medicine Woman star gave birth to twin boys in late 1995 with the help of in-vitro fertilization.
What are the odds their parents will be around when the finish high school, graduate college, get married, have their own kids? What’s important about parenting is being a good parent in the time you have with your children.
The women who carried the pregnancy are not, for the most part, biologically related to the child as they used another women’s eggs to conceive.
In-vitro fertilization involves fertilizing the egg outside of the body and then transfering it to the woman.
Most women have lost the majority of their eggs by 35, and by 40 they’re nearly all gone.
Just days after current Atlanta cast mainstay Stevie J accidentally spilled the tea on the newest city to get a LHH spinoff, a handful of independent sources appear to have verified most, if not all of the new show’s cast members. During the festivities, Kailyn posted a snapchat of her smooching long time friend Becky Hayter and the Teen Mom Twitterverse predictably lost its mind. My husband father passed away as a teen(mine at 20) and by the time we had kids (in our late 20’s) our kids have no grandparents.

One of the reasons these celebrities have healthy kids is they have the money to harvest many eggs and only choose the best ones to implant. If you have a child in your 40s and you’re the average American, you should be in your last years when your child hits age 40.
It also can detect Downs, which is mostly likely why women over 45 are at very high risk for a downs baby but none of these celebrities are having any.
We were trying to conceive for the last 4 months but she is under a lot of stress with things and although she always showed me the 3 ovulation apps she has on her I-phone and we would make love on those days she just didn’t believe it would happen. Too many women are going to see these stories and think they have until 40 to start trying for a baby and find out sadly that that’s not the case for most women. I loved my dad so much, he was wonderful but I still get sad that he did see me go to grad school, get married, have kids. That’s plenty of time to see your children do wonderful things, get married, have kids of their own, etc. The average age of menopause is 51, so it’s completely possible the eggs were their own. Needless to say after she came clean with her douche bag second husband of 2 years who is 52. He kicked her out but 4 days later begged her to come back again and she went back to him cutting me off in the process… If only I could have achieved conception with her. The older kids were fine but some of the under 18’s have had a to learn many life lessons fast.

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