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Though the pregnancy can be a pleasant experience for women, there are various problems which are also related to it.
If it occurs towards the pregnancy end, it is likely to activate the panic, particularly, if it happens during the 39th week of the pregnancy. Many women indeed express that they experience 39 weeks pregnancy cramps before going into the labor.
Backaches are normal at the time of pregnancy because of the increased stress on the back muscles. Common complaint of most of the pregnant women is morning sickness, where they feel like nauseous. In several kinds of cases, it is common for the pregnant woman to feel a bit of uneasiness or even nauseous, before going into the labor. As the pregnant woman’s body prepares for the labor, it releases a chemical called as prostaglandins which leads to loose bowel movements. If the above mentioned symptoms occur it would be better to consult the physician, it is essential to keep in mind that the 39 weeks cramps always do not indicate the labor. A few weeks ago, pregnant model Sarah Stage made headlines because of her Instagram selfies that showed what some people saw as an unhealthy lack of pregnancy weight gain. Then, this past week, pregnant TV meteorologist Kristi Gordon talked on air and on her station's blog about how she got comments regarding her on-air appearance that began with "polite" requests that she wear looser, less-fitted maternity clothing and escalated to comparing her body to the Hindenburg. In recent years, other celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson and Kate Middleton have all been publicly criticized for gaining either too much or too little weight while pregnant. The takeaway is this: If you don't gain a lot of weight while pregnant, people are going to have rude things to say. Before anyone suggests that celebrities open themselves up to this kind of criticism by taking careers in the public eye, let me assure you that this happens to pregnant women who aren't famous, too. Good friends of mine who didn't gain a lot during pregnancy had their health and the health of their babies called into question by complete strangers.

Pregnancy does a lot of weird things to a woman's body, and weight gain is just the beginning.
Between the morning sickness, the heartburn, the aches and pains, and the constant need to pee, pregnancy can be rough. During pregnancy, the volume of blood in a woman's body increases by a whopping 50 percent in order to help support the uterus. Most of the pregnant women complain about the cramps from the beginning and till the pregnancy end. This is mostly because of the fact that many women regard the cramps in 39 weeks pregnant as a labor sign. However, the back pain and cramps are labor signs and therefore, they should not be avoided. Therefore, if a woman experiences cramps of 39 weeks and nausea, it would be better for the woman to be prepared for labor and watch for other kinds of signs. Therefore, the cramps of 39 weeks and diarrhea could indicate that the baby is ready to come out.
If you do gain a lot of weight while pregnant, people are going to have rude things to say. Another friend was told that at six months pregnant, that she looked like most women do at nine months pregnant. Body parts swell, skin changes color, stretch marks appear (I'd show you a picture of my post-baby stomach, but I don't want to scare you away).
It's so important, in fact, that there are multiple professional occupations dedicated solely to helping pregnant women stay healthy.
It is essential to consult a doctor when a lady experiences such symptoms, particularly if they are associated with the contractions.
While this nausea tends to diminish in the pregnant women after the 2nd trimester, but there might be some women who experience that even in the later stages of their pregnancy.

In few cases, these cramps could be a continuous problem, whereas in some other cases, it can be a onetime happening, where they might get cramps when engaging in some activity or when walking. It can be rough for a pregnant woman's self-esteem, especially because the body changes are all at least partially outside of a woman's control. So if someone needs to tell a pregnant woman that her weight gain -- or lack of weight gain -- has the potential to endanger the health of her baby or her own body, the person to do that is the person whose job it is to help her stay healthy: her doctor, her midwife or her nurse. As the Merck Manual explains, by the end of pregnancy, a woman's uterus receives one-fifth of her pre-pregnancy blood supply.
Yes, good diet and exercise can help weight gain not to be too excessive, but they're certainly not the only factor.
Because they have access to a lot more information than just what she looks like (blood work, weight, fundal height, ultrasounds, etc.) they're in a much better position to determine if a woman is healthy than someone who's basing their entire opinion on physical appearance is. As I work with Bounty Ia€™ve been following my stages online, as its my first pregnancy so its all new to me! In some cases, a close friend or family member might be in the position to express concern if they have a legitimate reason to worry for a loved one's health.
When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had trouble keeping food down and had to force myself to eat three meals a day, yet I gained five pounds in my first trimester.) So the last thing a woman needs while she's going through such rapid and drastic changes is someone telling her she looks bad or is endangering her baby's health in some way. But there is never a legitimate reason for strangers to criticize the way a pregnant woman looks.

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