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A really common scenario – if I, (as a natural fertility specialist), am consulted FIRST – natural babies happen. Anna was told that donor eggs were her only option – she wanted me to make her body baby – ready for the embryos that IVF were hopefully to make with his sperm and her friend’s donated eggs. Sperm can always be better – I gave her the ‘recipe’ and she went off to implement this – I also gave her an easy tip that seems to have been lost with IVF business. I’ll help you to conceive naturally and then carry to a full-term birth with a healthy and happy baby! I’ve helped thousands of “infertile couples” reverse their fertility problems, to happily ‘get pregnant’, have a healthy pregnancy, a bonny baby and the life they dreamed about. She has likely had extensive endometrial surgery (women are told that is stopping them – yet there is a larger elephant in the room). I’ve uncovered the hidden (in plain view) secrets to reversing problems with the fertility and conception process which have caused many couples be labeled with the hopeless nasty title “infertile”! In my clinical practice my focus has been on helping infertile couples who were suffering with confusion and anxiety about how to get pregnant… to get relief from their feelings of hopeless fertility failures. You want to be clear on what is really wrong, and exactly what is unbalanced that is preventing you from producing healthy sperm and viable eggs.
Soon you will know what is causing your problems with infertility and how to take the right steps to return to a healthier lifestyle to naturally restore your body’s balance.
In just 90 days you and your partner can drastically improve the health and viability of your “baby making” equipment. Your past fears will be replaced with a new confidence with a healthier outlook on being the “Proud Parents” you’ve always dreamed to be.
You and your partner are not on this path alone and you shouldn’t be trying to figure it all out by yourself. I have the simple answers to what went wrong and unbalanced your normally healthy “baby making” equipment and exactly what you need to do to quickly reverse infertility problems!
My first child was born when I was 21, my second when I was 29, my third when at 31 and my fourth child at the ‘advanced age’ of 39. Specializing in women’s health issues, my continual accidental pregnancies led me to branching into all forms of fertility and pregnancy management, to help those infertile couples who wanted a baby.
As an avid scientific researcher, I continually improve my products as new and emerging technologies appear.  I update my infertility and pregnancy books and DVD’s and apps for the latest innovations in natural living and in fertility enhancement methods. I will reveal to you the real reasons you’re not getting pregnant (the ones your Medical Doctor can’t help you with…) and not only that, but I will give you the true remedy that keeps you with child so you can feel safe carrying your baby to full term. You will find out how to reverse your infertility problems, so you can easily conceive and bring a healthy happy child into the world. When you finally know the real reasons why your sperm counts are low, or the motility is “poor” or why even your body is not producing enough “healthy eggs”… or how your health is too unbalanced (at the moment) to conceive and support a pregnancy – then can you know the right steps to take (as a couple) to naturally restore your combined fertility and improve your joint reproductive health.
You need to be supportive partners here, this is a joint venture – helping to work together “to get healthy” in order to produce a healthy baby.
I’m going to tell you what your Medical Doctor and most OB GYNS don’t know, aren’t looking for – and were never trained to even assist –  help your body to “naturally heal”! I’m here to tell you, you don’t need to spend many thousands every month on IVF, IUI or getting tests done to micromanage your ovulation cycles. Discovering this is not in the clinic’s best interestsFACT: Most couples going into IFV are not well enough to get pregnant or to have a healthy child in the first place!
I understand your confusion and frustration in hearing this – and with trying to conceive a healthy child. BUT, does taking ‘unnatural and synthetic hormones’ and ‘fertility drugs’ sound like a “normal and healthy thing to do to conceive a healthy and happy baby”? And often suffering with self doubt and FEELING extremely traumatized by being labeled “infertile” not to mention the huge out of pocket costs of trying to get pregnant!
Like many other “infertile couples”, you and your partner may have endured the humiliation and pain of years of failed fertility treatments and wasted tens of thousands of dollars on IVF! You and your partner may have had many harrowing and (dismally short) happy moments of thinking “We’re Pregnant” – all false starts which ended with the horrible news of a miscarriage over and over again!
Now you just don’t know if you can cope with the trauma of losing yet another sweet and precious life! Maybe the real problem is; you, as a couple are just too anxious, over stressed and frustrated – to ever conceive and keep a healthy pregnancy to full term.
This is what I did for all these couples – looked at them as a farmer or veterinarian would. WHEN A COUPLE “HOOKED UP” (HAD SEX!) THEY HAD TO WORRY ABOUT GETTING CAUGHT – AND MAKING A BABY?
Farmers who breed animals always start with two healthy parents and use the best male animal, bull, ram, boar, stallion etc.
So that means no matter what is happening in the female, the Farmer knows it all starts with having a healthy, well-fed and vigorous MALE! When you work with me, and we use a holistic and natural approach to “making healthy sperm”… no one makes huge profits on IVF, or harmful fertility injections which just ruin a healthy body’s natural hormone cycles! You know this only makes common sense to try the healthy route – just like the Farmer does. He feeds his bull, ram, boar, and stallion the highest quality feed, and he makes sure the breeding male gets proper exercise, sunshine, fresh air and plenty of clean, and pure water! With all the doctors saying that 4% LOOKING normal is fertile (you have surely got to wonder what the DNA inside these 4% survivors is like – what has messed with all the others to have two heads, three tails etc) – you have to wonder how come women are now supposedly so much more fertile to accommodate such reproductive rubbish contribution from him?
Your dads had to have at least 80% looking normal (having one head and one tail) – to be classified as being the least fertile to manage making you!!
If he hasn’t got at least the least possible that his father was supposed to have had (don’t say this is that medical excuse – ‘genetic’ – as he is here, right?? You could continue to be a “guinea pig” using what Modern Medicine assumes is “Approved Infertility Treatments” (which keep on changing as the results are lessened) – and endure horrible side effects from fertility drugs and injections, and undergo embarrassing and humiliating IVF treatments! If the best you can hope for is another round of “unhealthy conceptions” (using less than normal sperm) which will lead to 48% or higher incidence of miscarriages and a further reliance on retail medical industrial processes – invasive scans and fetal testing (which are NOT good for your new developing baby) please read on! FACT: This leaves “Mothers-to-Be” IN A CONSTANT STATE OF ANXIETY – always worrying about problems with “losing it” – with no mention of why complications are happening and how to prevent them! I’LL SHOW YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO  CREATE A SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT FOR HEALTHY SPERM AND TOP QUALITY EGGS so you two, AS A HEALTHY COUPLE, can make a perfect baby every time – as many as you want, when you want. And GET PREGNANT NATURALLY… Just like your own Moms and Dad’s did – just like your Grandparents did too! FACT: The ‘hopeless’ diagnosis of endometriosis, or bad sperm or low ovarian reserve (previously called ‘old eggs’), or maternal age… is just retail driven mediocrity in medicine. Perfect conception, perfect pregnancy, and a PERFECT BABY may NOT be possible unless you backtrack and take a farmer’s look at what is happening and why your fertility is suffering. Does your Fertility Specialist know how to easily, safely and vastly improve sperm motility, normality and strength for higher fertility – without harmful fertility drugs or procedures? This information is not taught in Medical Schools or even in many OB GYN schools, because this is outside the medical profession’s scope of practice!
This is really easy — just follow the Farmer’s methods for how he treats and cares for his Prize Stud! FACT: One in five couples supposedly is not getting pregnant so they are sent straight to IVF and no one is looking at their health. In the past 30 years, the acceptable “fertile” sperm level has dropped from 80% to now more than 3%. In addition – back in 1971 — only 1 in 50 Mothers was over the age of 35, today it is 1 in 5!
Our overall health and quality of lifestyle leading up to conception greatly affects our ability to not only conceive a child, but to conceive a great child.

Especially… If you’re one of those “infertile couples” struggling to get pregnant for 2, 3, 5 or 10 years or more! The sad truth is that all this confusion and incredible frustration is due to this generation’s warped and misguided view on reproduction!
Modern medicine and reproductive technology is HEAVILY geared towards female fertility issues, while blatantly ignoring the other half of the reproductive process… the male contribution. Do yourself a favor and sit your partner down with this downloadable book and show them the truth.
Because I work in Australia and New Zealand, you probably can’t come to my office, but I wanted you to have everything you need and all your fertility questions answered right here.
It’s true, you can start feeling more energetic and healthier than you have in years and be free of your infertility problems when you follow the program and you can get started today! My books contain all-natural and 100% proven healthy living secrets that you won’t find anywhere else, and is proven to be extremely effective for restoring natural reproductive function and helping get rid of infertility problems once and for all!
In order for you to quickly become Proud Parents I’ve put together these extra special bonuses to ensure your “Baby Making Success”!
Modern medicine is about disease management – not health restoration and rebalancing your sperm health. You may be having many reproductive mishaps – often after years of doing everything ‘right’ – and unsure as to why there were only miscarriages, unsatisfactory embryo transplants or not even fertilization to show for all your efforts.
She is 27, highly driven at work, in a nervous state due to all the medical pressures put on her over the lack of babies. Please – rethink the whole business – babies happen for countless couples who stop the IVF business and look back to nature.
How to make sure you do not have another miscarriage, or to ensure that the IVF implantation results in a baby. Four miscarriages later – every time we had unprotected sex – there I am pregnant again – till 6 weeks and three days – and there it goes again .
Learn how the role of proper nourishment and how critical eating well is to avoiding an early pregnancy loss.  The Acupuncture Model is used to explain how a can be in balance and work well or not. Your body can reverse all sorts of apparently hopeless case infertility problems with simple lifestyle changes.
I can give help you get what you need to get your body back in balance again and producing healthy, sexy and super swimming sperm! You need to get a true solution to your infertility problem that works so you can be quickly be “natural parents with natural conception methods”.
You don’t want to be still childless this time next year or in two years, five years or ten years from now.
Listen, with my help, thousands of motivated soon-to-be-parents have succeeded in getting pregnant naturally….
If you don’t know if they are or not, then you need to find out what you need to know to “SUPER-CHARGE YOUR SPERM” into Super Fantastic Baby Makers! Get what you need right here on this page to quickly “get pregnant” naturally by giving your sperm and your egg a fighting chance!
Everyone who puts the effort in gets the result – 100% – in NZ so far of those who follow what I say to do.
You Can Have an Army of Freshly Created Healthy and Fast Swimming Sperm Ready for an Egg Sooner Than You Think! Many of my colleagues think I am out of my mind offering my fertility restoring information and expertise from my past 35 years as a practicing Natural Fertility Specialist for sale online at this price. Because this is proven to work to reverse fertility problems, and “make babies” (even with couples who have tried everything else to make a baby and failed)! What’s inside this revolutionary program is exactly why I’m a highly sought speaker on the international speaking circuit! Remember… You’ll also receive these three fertility boosting bonus gifts valued at $140 for free! I’m sure you’ll agree when you read the first free gift that each of these bonus gifts alone are worth the price of the entire program! Buy the book now, it is all only $47 and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a bargain at that low price.
Buy the program and is it and in only 90 days from now your sperm and eggs will be healthier and in better shape to make a “great baby! You’ll know exactly what to do to conceive quickly and to help your new baby grow healthy and be delivered naturally – just like you’ve always dreamed! Now even if you ONLY read and used the information in the Supercharge Your Sperm Book you can still substantially reduce your infertility problems and get pregnant. Picture you and your partner telling the good news “We’re Pregnant” with family and friends!
As a mother myself I cannot fathom a life without the enchanting gift of a gorgeous, healthy baby.
Find out how to stop activities and unbalanced lifestyles, which are harming your sperm and egg health. You too can conceive and have the beautiful child you desire, even if you have been told you or your partner are infertile.
In 90 days or less, reverse poor sperm quality into – better sperm – healthy sperm that will make TOO MANY gorgeous babies! The donor egg cycle failed (too soon for his sperm to be in a better state?) – and his sperm were obviously good enough later, as after years of them trying, against all the medicos said – she was spontaneously pregnant – after his sperm were given the boost that they needed. I’ve been an Acupuncturist, Naturopath, Herbalist, Lifestyle Counselor, and Natural Fertility Coach and Natural Pregnancy Specialist for the past 35 years. They have been together 11 years, never using contraception – ‘trying’ to become pregnant over the past 4 – he finally had a sperm test a year ago – and the doctors say ‘you need to go to IVF’.
Then you can be certain you are producing healthy sperm and eggs which are healthy enough to get easily get pregnant and happily carry to full term and birth your healthy baby! Natural Practitioners have long been specializing in restoring normal fertility to couples well before fertility drugs, IVF or ICSI ever came along. This is what befell all women in times past as we were in a better state of being – as were the men.  Babies always followed sex. Those who back then had no other option but to follow undoing why they were not parents naturally. Because once we get what we think we want – there is always more – and getting pregnant is not really what you want – having a perfectly healthy vibrant and robust baby who grows into a ‘top shelf’ person – is. I promise when you read to the bottom of this page you will know exactly what you need to “becoming a happy pregnant couple” in 90 days or less.
It does make sense to stop and ask why nature is not winning without help – and fix this – as sex is for making babies.
Just imagine the horrors the medical technicians are now seeing that don’t make the 4% – as if this is any pass mark elsewhere in the world!!
If you wait until she is pregnant to become aware and concerned for the health of your baby, you’re months too late!
Because you didn’t realize natural health existed and you didn’t know the truth or any other way to create a healthy baby. If you want to become a father naturally you need to stop sperm destroying habits – and supercharged your sperm into super swimmers! You need to know the very simple things you could do improve your chances of being a Dad by supercharging your sperm.
You may have spent years of your life, and tens of thousands of dollars on IVF and you are still NOT PREGNANT.
He has 1% normal looking sperm – in a sample that only had 3 million anyway – and is not in a great state of health  (hence the sperm as they were).

Find out common infertility problems like Blighted Ovums, Molar Pregnancy, Ectopic Pregnancy, Incompetent Cervix, and Imminent Miscarriage and what to do when things are not going as expected. Because what you will get today when you buy the book is my totally unique fertility restoration program I used on myself to produce 4 babies! Children are a wondrous joy in my life and in the lives of the thousands of couples I have spent helping – guiding in natural fertility over the last 35 years of my Natural Fertility Coaching. Discover what it takes to make healthy, high quality sperm that swim like maniacs and how to conceive and bring to term a healthy and happy baby! There were then, and now (although there is IUI, IVF and ICSI) not necessarily ways to artificially and unnaturally force fetuses into hopefully, babies. It makes sense to stop listening to, and supporting current medical nonsense – it is NOT working for you! That is what Farmers do, they cull those males which don’t produce and they get — gelded! And all were supposed to go off to IVF to somehow magically make babies with that!!!  This was almost unheard of a few years ago….. You have had many harrowing false starts and just don’t know if you can cope with the trauma. After many rounds of IVF and exhausting their budget and hopes, she is sat down with a folder of potential egg donors.
It covers in detail many questions couples have about how to lessen the chances of a false start and what to do if you miscarry (especially if it has happened before.) The causes and how to help prevent a miscarriage are discussed in detail. They are more likely to be gardeners and have family who may still have ties or friends on farms – and thus know that Nature works . As I do, as I was working to assist couples become families well before IVF burst onto the scene. So does your fertility specialist know how to easily, safely and vastly improve sperm motility, normality and strength for fertility? Jack and Jill went up that hill, but Jill wasn't wearing a bra under her blouse when she came back down. You need someone to have an old fashioned look at the problem – one that all farmers would still use today . Many of our graduates go on to careers in politics, Hollywood, or broadcasting.Learn how to lie, cheat, and be a real Fake person today! The more children you have, the bigger your welfare check, so people sign up at a fertility clinic to be able to have a whole litter of five or six babies at the same time.
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