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During pregnancy, yoga can play a key role in enhancing the experience of this precious time and empower the mum-to-be to have the most conscious birth experience.
Practising Yoga is particularly helpful for pregnancy and childbirth as it helps improve your breathing and aids relaxation and also helps to improve your posture and prevent backaches.
Antenatal Yoga classes differ from general yoga classes to allow for the bodily changes of pregnancy; for example the relaxation posture is different and long holding of breath is prohibited.
As your body is experiencing dramatic changes, our pregnancy yoga offers a safe, gentle way of cultivating a nourishing and empowering the energy within you. Yoga also boosts your circulation, addresses pregnancy-related conditions and encourages the release of pain-relieving hormones such as Oxytocin and Endorphins, in order to pave the way to a healthier, happier life. The practice of yoga helps you to prepare your mind and body for labor and birth as this helps you to focus, concentrate and keep you healthy. Yoga can help women enjoy their pregnancy with minimal discomfort, cultivate breath awareness and strengthen the body in preparation for labour. She is at hand to guide you through yoga that will rebuild your mind and body post pregnancy. This restorative practice develops both your inner and outer strength and releases any physical and emotional tension that is accumulating in your body.

She is a member of The Yoga Alliance, with the highest accreditation (500RYT) and registered with the Yoga Register.
Certain Yoga Postures are gentle ways of keeping your body active and supple, it minimizes the common Pregnancy Symptoms like morning sickness, general sickness and constipation. Busy mums & mums to be can take time to reflect and be present in the familiar space of their own home. She is also a certified NLP practitioner and a student of shiatsu and Chinese medicine, all of which inform her practice and teaching. This is challenge with mona miss took and now she is already shown improvement lost few kilos in one month. As a journalist, Sonia writes about yoga, pregnancy, health, happiness and consciousness, and hosted the Mind Body Spirit Show in November 2011. My children has done a variety of yoga asanas with her over a period of past 4 years and all have benefited a lot. Mona has also helped me recently with my knee ligament stretch I am fine now thanks to her!! She has interviewed many yogis, authors and teachers, all of whom share her passion for inspiring others to live their dreams.

Thanks a lot Swayum Yoga to look after and helping us in maintaining well being of our health.
The best things about Mona is her passion for this Art and her dedication with which she tries every time to get you out of pain!! My friends warned me saying mostly people are fraud on net but still I continued searching and I got Mona mam's contact..
As far as my exercises are concerned sometimes mam was strict too when needed and also it was fun to perform yoga with her ! After taking mam's yoga session I started feeling fresh and beautiful not only bodily or facially but from within too !

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