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Had my doctors's appointment this week and it took us 25 minutes to locate the baby's heartbeat. Speaking of hormones, I still feeling like I’m riding on an emotional roller coaster.
Maryea,you DON’T have to be a particularly curvy woman or even voluptuous for that matter in order to be BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions or comments!Unfortunately, we will be unable to answer medical related questions. Mom's Pregnancy Changes and SymptomsSome women are shocked and surprised when random people (not just their friends and family members) start to rub their pregnant bellies as they start to show. An increase in appetite is one of the most pleasant pregnancy symptoms that you might notice. If you're average-size, your weight gain at 24 weeks pregnant is between 16 and 17 pounds. At this point of your pregnancy, your baby's inner ear organs have matured enough that he or she can hear the sound of your voice.
Some parents find that this is a great time in pregnancy to start looking and deciding on baby names.
Remember that your child's name is a very personable and an identifying mark on his personality and identity.
Growth and Development of BabyAt 24 weeks pregnant, your baby weighs over a pound (around 1.3 pounds on average) and he or she may be around 11.8 inches long! Your little one's skin is still thin and somewhat translucent, but this is slowly changing, as layers of fat start to develop between the skin cells. Your baby's heartbeat has slowed down slightly at pregnancy week 24, though it is still beating pretty fast.
If you want to listen to your baby's heartbeat now, you may want to invest in a prenatal heart listener.
To increase your chance of carrying a healthy baby to term, remember to get extra rest, eat healthier foods, and read about pregnancy.
Watching your baby develop and grow is one of the most exciting aspects of being a new parent.

She is now about the size of an ear of corn: measuring around 12 inches long and weighing a little over 1 pound. Which means that usually, when someone asks how far along I am, I just tell them the weeks.
I am visiting your blog first time but the way you have explained 24 week pregnancy is brilliant. In some cultures, rubbing a pregnant woman's bump is actually a sign of good luck.However, not all women are as keen on random strangers touching them. Gradually, over time, your baby's kicks and jabs will start to seem more rhythmic and slower.
A majority of pregnant women have higher levels of discharge during their pregnancy, as a result of the increased blood flow to your genitals and all the pregnancy hormones surging in your body. If you were underweight when you started out you will want to gain a few pounds more and if you were overweight or obese, you'll need to gain a few less pounds.
After you give birth, you'll be shocked at how many relatives, friends, and other peers decide to stop by your house and visit. When selecting a name, try to find a name that has a special meaning or significance to you and your family. If your baby was born premature this week, he or she would be considered "viable" and have a 40 percent survival rate in neonatal intensive care.Your baby's lungs continue to mature and improve their function. Up until now, your baby's skeleton has been made of cartilage, which is slowly being replaced with bone. Your baby's eyelids and eyebrows are developed but your little one's eyes are still fused shut and will not open for several more weeks.
In the coming weeks, your baby will continue to grow and mature at a fast rate, gaining about 6 ounces of weight a week. If it bothers you that strangers want to touch your bump, you can always fib and tell people that you're ticklish, or you could head them off and lovingly pat your own belly. Not just American baby names, but you can find a neat name in almost every culture and language.
If you find the perfect name, remember how you came about it, since it will become a lovely story to tell your child down the road. Some parents have a baby name picked out ahead of time, and then the second that their baby is born, they get a good look at their child's face and the parents change their mind about the pre-selected name. They will not be ready for life in the outside world until the final weeks of your third trimester, around 37 weeks.

My older son handled the transition great though, and today the two of them are great friends.
You can also keep your hand in front of your belly, and this may prevent some people from reaching out to touch you uninvited. At first, when you feel your baby's movements, they may seem random, even though your baby continues to move on a regular basis. And while it's OK to give into food cravings, just make sure that you continue to eat healthy and make nutritious food choices. Your husband or partner may occasionally get to feel your baby's kicks and jabs when he places his hand on your belly. If you start paying attention to when your baby moves, you will notice patterns of sleepiness and wakefulness. But by and large, pregnancy is the one time that you can truly enjoy your little bundle of joy alone. It actually transforms the outer layer of skin into a protective layer of dead cells that are eventually shed. Believe it or not, but babies do sleep in the womb.Enjoy all of your baby's gymnastics while they last. During keratinization, new skin cells, which are produced in the deepest part of the skin, gradually move toward the surface of the skin as it matures. Once your baby is born, you might be surprised that you miss feeling him or her move around your belly.Many pregnant women are enjoying their second trimester immensely.
After these skin cells become part of the outer protective layer of skin, they are gradually shed. Lanugo hair- soft, downy hairs that cover your baby's body - are trapping "vernix" onto the surface of the skin. This protects your baby's skin from all the water that surrounds it in utero and from the waste products in the amniotic fluid.

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