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The brain continues to grow with its cortex developing distinct layers; however, most of the fetal actions are still monitored by other, earlier developed brain areas [2]. The senses of hearing, vision, touch and taste are still maturing with your baby responding to loud sounds and tasting the amniotic fluid as he swallows it. One major change this week is the opening of the baby’s nostrils that were previously plugged up [4]. The intestinal tracts are maturing as well with meconium, the first bowel movement of your baby after he is born, forming in his large intestines [5].
His wrinkled skin is starting to smoothen out as fat grows underneath it, giving him a chubbier appearance [3]. Most pregnant women report their babies to be most active during the period between weeks 24 and 28. The uterus is about the size of a soccer ball by this week [9], measuring around 25 cm in diameter from your pubic bone up to a point halfway between the bellybutton and sternum [2]. Fluid retention and increased blood volume due to pregnancy often puts pressure on a major nerve in your hand, leading to a tingly and numb fingers and palms (carpal tunnel syndrome) [10].
The recommended weight gain in the second and third trimesters is about a pound every week. From this week forward, your doctor is likely to check your blood pressure in every prenatal visit to detect any risk of preeclampsia [3]. Your caregiver may also recommend an ultrasound scan to evaluate the development of the fetal brain and internal organs. A 3D ultrasound performed this week shows your baby to look like a tiny version of what he will look like on his birth [6]. Information on this site is not intended as medical advice, always consult a licensed health care professional.

Sheila Sedicias GinecologistaPor volta das 19 semanas, que sao 5 meses de gravidez, a mulher ja se encontra mais ou menos na metade da gravidez e provavelmente ja pode comecar a sentir o bebe mexer dentro da barriga. It is a great time to bond with your unborn child, so grab a children’s book and start reading to him every night. The optic nerves are developing as your baby is now likely to respond to a flashing light by turning his head to a side [3]. The lungs are preparing for breathing air as your baby inhales and exhales amniotic fluid, while surfactant, the chemical substance that helps the lungs to expand with oxygen, also develops. The tiny blood vessels known as capillaries are developing just beneath the skin, giving your baby a pinkish hue [2]. It is now pushing other organs like the lungs and intestines to make space for itself, which leads to certain pain and discomfort. You may also notice a yellowish fluid (colostrum) leaking from the nipples as your body prepares for breastfeeding.
Following a proper diet is important for healthy weight gain as you do not require any more than 300-340 additional calories in a day when carrying a single baby [12].
You may also be asked to take the glucose screening test (if you have not already) to check for gestational diabetes [2].
By the 25th week, the fetal hearing is often matured enough for him to respond to your voice with a tiny punch or kick [1]. However, if you were to give birth this week, the baby would need medical assistance to carry on breathing as the lungs are still too immature to distribute oxygen to the bloodstream or releasing carbon dioxide [1]. It is a good sign when the baby moves a lot, as it only indicates proper fetal health and not that you are going to have a hyperactive baby [6].
Other, more positive body changes include your flowing lustrous locks and those fast growing nails, resulting from the circulating pregnancy hormones [11].

The recommended calorie level goes up to about 600 per day during the 25th week in a twin pregnancy [13].
Those with a high risk of the condition are sometimes asked for a urine sample to be tested for any trace of glucose [14]. You may also feel baby hiccups, a rhythmic movement that lasts for a few minutes at a time. As palpebras ja estao formadas, mas os olhos do bebe ainda nao estao abertos, apesar de ja ser capaz de perceber a luz intensa fora do utero.
O cabelo comeca a nascer, mas a cor e a textura podem alterar apos o nascimento.O bebe ja comeca a engolir o liquido amniotico, os rins continuam a produzir urina e as papilas gustativas comecam a formar-se na lingua. As celulas nervosas que ja existem aumentam de tamanho e formam conexoes mais complexas, mas a sua producao comeca a diminuir.
E capaz de fechar as maos se elas se tocarem e ja tem unhas pequenas.A medida que os minusculos ossos no interior dos ouvidos endurecem, o bebe comeca a ouvir sons como os batimentos cardiacos, a voz e os ruidos das entranhas da mae. Os pulmoes do bebe estao crescendo e o torax ja realiza os movimentos da respiracao.Se ja sabe o sexo do bebe, caso seja uma menina, ela ja possui o sistema reprodutivo estabelecido com orgao genital, utero, trompas de Falopio e aproximadamente 6 milhoes de ovulos primitivos nos ovarios.
Se os enjoos a privaram das relacoes sexuais nos primeiros meses, podera verificar que o desejo sexual comeca a voltar. Normalmente os mamilos ficam mais escuros e e possivel que possua uma linha escura vertical no centro da barriga.

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