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If she is your first baby, at 16 weeks it's unlikely you will feel anything for a few weeks. Your baby is practising her facial expressions, holding her head straighter, yawning and even sucking her thumb. Her nervous system is making connections to her muscles to help her to move more strongly and purposefully. The increasing connections between her nervous system and muscles means that she has reflexes. The nerves that link her muscles to her brain now have a sophisticated addition - a special coating called myelin that speeds up how quickly nerves and muscles communicate. Sleep You may be sleeping just fine, but more likely you're finding your old positions less comfortable. Your pelvic floor Your pelvic floor is a hammock of muscles slung around your bladder, vagina, urethra and rectum.

Your uterus Your uterus is manoeuvring other organs out of the way and you may feel some pain in your lower abdomen.
Disclaimer: The information in the pregnancy calendar is for general information and is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or antenatal team. Already she will turn her mouth towards anything that brushes near it, in readiness for rooting for your breast. Her nerves can send electrical impulses to her muscles fast enough for her to do intricate movements. This is round ligament pain, caused by pregnancy hormones which encourage your uterus and the ligaments supporting it to stretch.
Not all babies develop at the same time and in the same way, so this week-by-week guide may not always match your own experience.
They're like fluttering movements, as though something is bubbling lightly and occasionally in your abdomen.

This can affect the blood supply to both you and your baby, and can make you feel breathless.
The discomfort is commonly felt on getting up from your bed or chair, climbing out of the bath, coughing or sneezing. You may find it more comfortable to sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs to take the pressure off your back. Banana-shaped pregnancy pillows are good at supporting your back but they aren't as cheap as a couple of ordinary pillows.

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