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Pregnancy in humans begins when a single ovum, or egg, is fertilized by a male sex cell, or spermatozoon (see reproductive system).
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The lower section of the uterus is the CERVIX, a thick neck of muscular tissue that joins the uterus with the VAGINA, the passage to the outside of the body. The surgical OPERATION to remove the uterus is HYSTERECTOMY, which may be treatment for ENDOMETRIAL CANCER, severe ENDOMETRIOSIS or UTERINE FIBROIDS, or DYSFUNCTIONAL UTERINE BLEEDING (DUB). The inner structure of the uterus is the endometrium, a membranous tissue that contains abundant blood vessels and glands. NOTE: If the placenta has not been delivered by 30 mins of the baby arriving it is classed as the placenta being in retention. Cord Prolapse: when the umbilical cord precedes the fetus' exit from the uterus it is said to be 'prolapsed' Although the baby does not have to be visible from the entrance of the vagina.
It is an obstetric emergency during pregnancy or labour that imminently endangers the life of the fetus. Shoulder dystocia: after the delivery of the head, the anterior shoulder of the baby cannot pass below the pubic bone. During delivery it is said the baby shows the 'turtle neck sign', which involves the appearance and retraction of the fetal head as the chin presses against the walls of the perineum.
Breech Presentation: In the breech presentation the baby enters the birth canal with the buttocks or feet first as opposed to the normal head down presentation.

There are 3 common breech presentations: Frank 65% - Bottom first with legs flexed at hips and legs extended from the knees. Ideally having the patient in a head down on her knees with them pulled into her chest is great. When you have the patient next to the trolley get her to lay on her left side (avoid her sitting on her bottom as this may further complicate cord compression). Once the cord is presenting outside of the vagina it is susceptible to the cooling and drying effects of the outside world and thus provoking spasm which will ultimately cut off blood flow. Depending on which literature you read or your own trust protocols, it is also said that once the cord has been inserted into the vagina then the attendant should keep their fingers inserted in the vagina until the patient has been taken to the appropriate obstetric facility. In its nonpregnant state the uterus is about three inches long and an inch thick; in PREGNANCY the uterus expands to become nearly 10 times as large as its nonpregnant size. The fibers of the innermost layer form two circular patterns that emanate from the fallopian tubes and extend to the cervix.
Through mechanisms doctors do not fully understand, the myometrium begins rhythmic and increasingly intense waves of contractions, synchronized across the three layers of muscle, that ultimately result in childbirth. Again incidences are low at around 3-4% in woman who are 'Term' however 1 in 5 pregnancies are breech at 28 weeks gestation. This position allows gravity to act on the foetus and prevents further possible compression of the cord. Once in a left lateral position you'll need to raise her hips with blankets or lifting the foot end of the trolley.

So with only one attempt (keep handling to a minimum) the cord needs to be replaced into the vagina using two fingers.
This suspension system allows the uterus, also called the womb, to expand during pregnancy.
Within four to six weeks after CHILDBIRTH the uterus returns to nearly its prepregnant size.
The fibers of the middle layer occur in random patterns that run lengthwise, widthwise, and diagonally. The contractions stretch and thin (efface) the cervix and then push the fetus through the cervix, into the vagina, and out of the body. When these hormonal cycles cease with MENOPAUSE, the endometrium enters a state of atrophy, in which it remains for the rest of the woman’s life.
If this is successful apply a dry pad to the entrance of the vagina to reduce the risk of another prolapse.
The FALLOPIAN TUBES join the uterus, one on each side of the wide upper section called the fundus.

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