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Know the effective home remedies to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy; also, know how to avoid getting stretch marks and make your own home made moisturizers to get rid of stretch marks!!! Regular massage of the abdomen area, belly, thighs, and chest with oils will help your skin to become smooth and you can see the desired results of reduced stretch marks. Vitamin E Oil: Mix Vitamin E oil with any of your favorite moisturizer and apply it on the stretch marks on a regular basis. Other Oils Treatments: You can use other types of oils like as almond oil, coconut oil, castor oil, avocado oil and vitamin E oil.
A rich source of protein, applying egg whites is considered to be an effective remedy for stretch marks. Now, that we have got to know the natural remedies to get rid of stretch marks, let us try not to get these stretch marks at the first place. Exfoliate the probable affected areas of the skin like your stomach, thighs, chest during pregnancy by regular massage with oils.
I have been using dermelastic serum on a very dark surgical scar for about 2 weeks and can tell a noticeable difference already. This site is for information and support only and NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Pregnancy stretch marks can be dealt in a very efficient manner by applying new generation creams. Bio oil can be used by pregnant ladies as well as other women to take care of the skin in a very efficient way.
Besides unlimited joy and happiness, pregnancy brings many downsides; stretch marks are one among these downsides. Stretch marks appears in later stages of pregnancy in purple or red colors on the specific areas of body like abdomen, breast, thighs and buttocks, color of these marks will disappear after pregnancy but the marks will not, as these marks are often unsightly and permanent. The reason for these pigmented marks is rapid stretching of the elastic tissues just underneath your skin. If you are gaing lots of fat, your body will have to stretch to accumulate that amount of fat, which will simply result in stretch marks. Keep your body moisturized by apply creams, slaves and natural oils; such as olive oil, wheat germ oil, cocoa butter or lanoline, these creams and oil are available in market specially for prevention of stretch marks, oils and creams may prevent stretch marks by keeping body moist and soft, they are also helpful to relief from itching that is felt on growing belly.
Water deficiency in your body may become the reason for stretch marks, keep your body hydrated, drink at least 8 glasses of water daily, besides keeping skin hydrated, water will also flush away toxin.
Prevent your skin from sun rays; apply sun care lotion 15 minutes before you go out side, sun rays take away moisture from your skin and make it dry, dry skin can get stretch marks more likely than moist, as wall as try to be in cool weather, besides taking hot bath.

For bathing, use body brush to stimulate blood circulation, circulation will increase blood flow along with dispersion of water and nutrients to the skin cell.
Keep continue prevention treatments for stretch marks even after delivery, as it is observed that after delivery some women gain weight at rapid rate, which also causes stretch marks. Try the best to prevent stretch marks before they appear, if they have appeared, you can minimize the appearance with tips and suggestions, we defined above, Keep in mind, in many cases stretch marks are genetic, if in your case they are genetic, these tips will work a little to prevent them.
I can definitely feel the difference since I have been using dermelastic serum, my stretch marks are fading and I am sure with continued use they will diminish over time. There are many causes of stretch marks after pregnancy like as hormonal changes, fat loss in the abdomen after delivery, less elastic skin and so on. Take olive oil in your palms and massage it around your stomach and belly bottom regularly so that the lines start disappearing. In regular oils like coconut oil or almond oil, you can add few drops of essential oils like as Lavender, Rose, Germanium or other aroma oils.
Free from chemicals, this is a daily moisturizing lotion that you can apply on your stretch marks. Break open 6 Vitamin E capsules and 3-4 Vitamin A capsules and add the liquid to the oil and gel mixture. Moisturizing your skin with natural ingredients helps in enhancing the elasticity of the epidermis. When you choose any product for kids or pregnant ladies, you should go through the ingredients so that you can depend upon absolutely safe products. The appearance of stretch marks as well as skin tone will be very much enhanced when you apply the product on daily basis. The guidelines given on the label should be followed so that great results are obtained without fail. During pregnancy, you should apply two times a day from the first trimester until after the birth. If there are scars of serious nature, you should get right kind of medication from the expert so that your skin issue will be resolved.
They are common in about half of the pregnant women while other are remains save from these marks.
Eat foods contains protein, vitamins minerals and calcium; fruits and vegetables are the resources for these nutrients whole grains. You see fine lines developing around the areas where fats have accumulated, usually in the stomach, chest, belly bottom and thighs.

Try applying whites on the stretch marks on a regular basis and see how the marks fade away. Apply Shea butter or cocoa butter directly on the stretch marks to reduce their appearance. Keeping your skin hydrated helps to keep your skin free from many problems, including stretch marks. These improve elasticity, increase collagen production, and help in tissue repair and growth. The oil can be used to protect your skin from damages suffered through various processes including weight gain, pregnancy and hormonal imbalance.
If you place order on the official website, you will not only purchase quality product but will get best price as well.
There are also surgical treatments.A  But these are expensive and may not give the desired results Opt for Natural Home Remedies to remove your stretch marks problem. Butter application on the affected area improves the elasticity of the skin and prevents dryness. It is also recommended to reduce the intake of coffee, tea or soda as they can cause dehydration.
If you use the oil from the very beginning of pregnancy until delivery, there will not be any scope for extension of the skin. In addition to the pregnancy, quick weight gain and teenage growth will lead to stretch marks. The skin will get essential vitamins and minerals so that there will be great change in the appearance. It is always advisable to treat stretch marks as early as possible, when you see the first lines after pregnancy. By applying the oil on daily basis, you will be able to overcome stretch marks without any issues. In fact, there are certain remedies which you can try even during pregnancy so that you do not get stretch marks at all.

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