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I don't (and shouldn't) put a lot of stock in these stupid sticks, but I had one left from my 3-pack and figured I'd just give it a go this afternoon. I was living blissfully on cloud nine for a few days, but just as I knew it inevitably would, the fear of infertility brain and pregnancy-after-two-losses brain has totally set in. As for testing, I have so many home pregnancy tests that I can't help but POAS each morning and I'm getting a mixed bag of results.
Update: I had a hunch that the Wondfo was a little darker than it should be, so I tried one more a few hours later and sure enough it wasn't nearly as dark as the first. Hot flashes: These aren't as intense as they were at 3dpt, but I'll just start sweating from head to toe out of the blue.
Tender Breasts: I had this symptom really strong from 3dpt to 5dpt and now it's lessened a bit. Fatigue: I've found myself falling asleep almost the moment my head hits the pillow at night which is unusual.
Eye twitching: This is a weird one, but my eye has been twitching a LOT since the day before my BFP! The 25 minute drive into work consisted of me belting out some Cher, Jason Derulo, and Less Than Jake. While I obviously can't be even close to sure that the hardest part is over, I let my guard down for those few moments and allowed myself to believe that it just might. Have you ever been blindsided by a song during your struggle or after your success that brought you to tears?
Oh, how I longed to see this beautiful word pop up on this little screen last pregnancy, but it never did. Somehow in this wacky brain of mine, I rationalized that yesterday (morning even!) wasn't too early to test (4dp6dt) even though logically I knew it was positively insane and way too early.
This morning a FRER showed positive within the three minute testing window, which never happened last time.
I have no idea if both embryos implanted, or if one (and which one) but I am over the moon.
To catch you up, we've adopted embryos from two completely different embryo donors, and transferred one of each on November 19th. At my transfer on Tuesday, Kevin pointed out that it took the love and actions of nine people over the course of a decade to make this happen.
We adopted one batch from Libby and her husband, and they are the genetic parents of their embryo batch. Here's a quick and dirty version of how these embryos came to us and all of their genetic relationships along the way. I am thrilled to announce that the final embryo from Vicky's batch DID survive thaw and grew perfectly alongside Libby's!
The transfer went perfectly and I'm typing this post with two very special twiblings on board! But no matter what happens, some very integral pieces of this story will indeed be written tomorrow. We've wondered and worried since March about the embryo from Vicky’s batch surviving thaw. Every year since Kevin and I have been married, we've made a point to get a special ornament to put on our miniature "keepsake tree" in our family room.
With each passing day, the more I realize what intense roller coaster emotions I am experiencing. Much of the time my emotions are even keeled and I think I can be prepared for any outcome. I can confidently say that approaching such intense crossroads is not for the faint of heart.
I'm also thinking a lot about all of the things that are planned post beta day as life inevitably moves on. One event that comes to mind is the annual Holiday party Kevin and I throw every December at our home. I find myself drawing strength from that day when I believe I can't make it through an event where I'm supposed to be happy.
One of the hardest things about trying to conceive is waiting until it is okay to take a pregnancy test. For those of us (all of us!?) that can’t stand the wait, First Response has come out with an early detection home pregnancy test that you can use sooner than other tests. If you do take a home pregnancy test, and you think that the result you are getting is inaccurate, there are always a few things you can do. Of course, it is important to remember that not all at home pregnancy tests are created equal. Only one day has passed from the delay of menstruation, and the woman is already looking forward to know, pregnant.
In a pregnant woman in the body is hormone – human chorionic gonadotropin, it affects pregnancy. Theoretically confirm the fact no pregnancy can sensitive the test is made on the second day, after a delay monthly.
Some women experienced in the use of tests, argue that a lot of the tests are not effective. Difficulty may arise with the definition of ectopic pregnancy is not always the test can show.
On our website describes the most common disease of adults and children, causes and symptoms of these diseases, as well as the most effective treatments for these diseases. The information on this health site are for informational purposes only, professional diagnosis and treatment of the disease should be done by the doctor in the clinic. The FRER isn't show as dramatic of progression morning after morning, but the wondfo got super dark today compared to yesterday. I wish it showed 2-3 weeks for extra reassurance, but then again I'm only 4w2d along so it's in line with that. It was still just a smidgen darker than yesterday's, but clearly the wondfo in the picture above is a fluke. I obviously can't be sure what is a pregnancy symptom vs PIO, but here's what's going on with me.

I could start to feel my gums swell around just around one tooth on the bottom left side of my mouth. Sensations have gone from a feeling of fullness (hard to describe), sharp cramping, dull cramping, twinges, pulling, tickling, stretching, and even a feeling like something was tugging on my bladder! When I realized it was subsiding, it scared the life out of me, but I understand it's normal for symptoms to come and go. PIO is notorious for causing this on it's own, and I'm on 2mL daily which is twice the amount most people take. I can't tell if it's in my head or not, but I'm feeling extra sensitive to at least perfumes. I think it may be related to the fact I'm congested and can't use any nasal decongestant sprays. As I stand back and think about it, I find it fascinating and beautiful that something so tiny can make my body know it's presence. It kept yelling at me morning after morning with the curse word of: No - That was the first sign that my pregnancy was headed downhill.
I think I'll be pretty scared until I see a heartbeat, which is further than we've ever been before. This means I could potentially be pregnant with twins who aren't related to me or one another, or a singleton who we won't know the genetic background of until birth. They are not the genetic parents of that batch because they received them anonymously as donor embryos themselves from an unknown couple who used a Romanian egg donor to create them. Usually when I explain it to people, I feel compelled to draw a picture to try to help it make sense, but never got around to it. I think the doxycycline has been making me very nauseated in the mornings and I had a very high level of anxiety not knowing what the results of thaw would be. The survival of both of these embryos would mean we still have a final embryo of Libby’s remaining on ice.
This means I could potentially become pregnant with twins who are not genetically related to me or each other.
I will be beyond anxious about the results of this transfer not only because I want to hold these babies in my arms, but also because I will have none remaining on ice. Each ornament on this special little tree represents something important that happened to us that particular year. And the ornament on the right is an angel inside of a snowflake globe which represents our beloved snowflake babies who were born straight to heaven. But then out of the blue I'll start to feel real and intense grief about this transfer not working and the idea of being abruptly thrust off of the path of embryo adoption.
And I can feel these bipolar-ish swings getting more and more intense each day that grows closer to transfer and beta day. I am thinking about how blissful future events (especially Holiday events) will feel if it works, and how awful and empty they will feel if it doesn't. I was hesitant to plan it this year seeing how it would be December 14th, which is barely beyond beta day. I hope I can enjoy the party sipping on non-alcoholic cider and hot chocolate because I'm six weeks pregnant with my beloved snowflakes. But this year, Kevin said on multiple occasions how much he wanted to get it out even earlier.
That two week wait from ovulation day to the day you are supposed to start your period is long, boring, and very stressful.
The First Response Early Detection Home Pregnancy test is a great test, and you can use it up to six days before your missed period!
Some tests are very sensitive and will pick up even if you have just a tiny bit of hCG in your system. Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use.
I'll get mild ones here and there, but the intense ones for me seemed to happen mainly around implantation. I had tender breasts with my first pregnancy, and somewhat with my second, but neither compared to the intensity I've had on this one.
Even with 8+ hours of sleep, my eyes burn while I'm at work and I feel like I need to close them and doze off. I've noticed myself thinking "Whoa, that lady's perfume is strong" on WAY more occasions this week than I usually do, which either means lots of ladies around me are wearing strong perfume lately (unlikely) or I'm noticing it more because my sense of smell is heightened. I'll take all of it and then some if it means I get to hold one or both of these babies in my arms someday! And as it played and I sang along in an increasingly wavering voice, I could start to feel happy tears streaming down my face. We get snow once every four years or so in January or February, but it's NEVER ever this early on in the year. Or of course, I may not become pregnant at all or miscarry again which would royally suck but I'm braced for any outcome.
And that's not even counting the doctors, embryologists, or other amazing people along the way. The original unknown intended parents had two sons who are genetically related to Vicky's batch. But the moment the embryologist came in our room and said the words "they both survived thaw and are doing perfect" I felt tears of joy well up in my eyes.
Or I could become pregnant with a singleton baby and we wouldn't know it’s genetic background until birth. We are entitled to a night where we can forget our problems, our losses, and grief, and feel like everything is okay. You might begin feeling lots of symptoms during the two week wait, and you might have a hard time determining if those symptoms are from PMS or if they are early pregnancy symptoms.
Try using a more sensitive test, or using the first morning urine to test, since that urine is usually not diluted and might have a higher concentration of hCG in it.
Others are not so sensitive and will have to wait until there is lots of hCG built up in your system before it can be detected.
And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer!

For many years all women enjoy affordable and easy way to determine pregnancy at a very early lines – this is a common test for pregnancy. Erroneous test may occur if you did not execute the statement, or spent it not in the morning. Now I feel swelling above a tooth on the top left so the swelling is isolated and seems to move around my mouth.
I'm taking Colace and trying to get as much fiber as I can but I think this one is going to be an uphill battle. I don't think I've ever thoroughly explained how these embryos came to be in great detail so I'll post about that today.
Or wonderfully, it could be the beginning chapter of an incredible new story as we finally embark upon parenthood. If it doesn't work I will never have another chance to feel baby kicks, to know a life is growing inside of me. Then maybe a few hours later I'll fall into blissfully daydreaming about this transfer actually producing a real-live baby (or two!) I'll dream about receiving good news (for once) on beta day, even making it all the way to the ultrasound where we identify a heartbeat. I wish someone could hand me a sealed envelope that contains the future and I could quietly go into my bedroom with a box of kleenex, tear it open, and process the results. They assured us she had only about a week left to live because the cancer had caused her liver to shut down and was sending toxic fluid throughout her bloodstream. And this year, I want to laugh, dance, and listen to Christmas music with my friends and coworkers no matter what.
But I finally gave in when he pointed out that we could at least enjoy it a few weeks early just in case we bad news about our cycle in December. It can be really hard to get through the two week wait, and it can be confusing as to when you should take a pregnancy test.
These First Response tests are very sensitive and can detect a lower level of hCG than other tests, allowing you to test sooner.
Try a different brand of pregnancy test if you are not familiar with the brand you used previously. No test will be able to work until you have hCG built up in your system, so any testing that you do during the week of ovulation or right after sex will be null and void, and is just a waste of money.
The maximum concentration of the hormone, becomes approximately 10 weeks of pregnancy, then its level in the female body is reduced. But I think it's safe to assume my hcg is rising and since these sticks measure time from conception, my pregnancy is right on track since I'm 4w3d today. But overall, it seems these CBE digital weeks estimators seem to be flukey on the weeks estimation. But today I am relishing in these early milestones that never occurred this early on in the past.
Vicky and her husband went on to have two sons, one of which resulted from these embryos and is 100% genetically related to any child we have from their batch. But yesterday, I found two beautiful ornaments at Hobby Lobby that seemed very fitting for 2013.
I'll dream about Kevin squeezing my hand with tears in both of our eyes as we realize we've made it further than ever before. I know that the exponentially heightened emotions for this transfer are because of how much is at stake. But if one thing the past three years has taught me, it is that I can be strong, even when I think I don't have it in me to be strong. I never know when those sad days are going to hit me, but luckily last night was a happy one.
Of course, not every test is created equal, and some tests you may have to wait longer to get an accurate result. If you still feel like you are getting an inaccurate result, you can always set up an appointment with your doctor to undergo a blood test to see if you are pregnant. Lee is Lab Director for ConceiveEasy and is board certified as a High Complexity Laboratory Director (HCLD). Another important aspect is that the pregnancy test detects false-negative result if it is too early to spend. If you are in doubt, better wait a few days and then will be able to draw the correct conclusions from the results.
And while I know it's silly to care what a silly stick says, it does make me feel a little better to see 2-3 in that window.
The more I read about them, it seems that not only is there a wide range of hcg values that will trigger a new category, but in many cases it's completely inaccurate. It's playing tricks on me because I think back to last cycle where I had insane hot flashes the day before I learned of my BFP. And even amidst our grief and sadness, we can choose to have moments where we set it all aside to live life again. I remember how his birthday went this year after the miscarriage news and it was just awful. Although the two week wait from ovulation to the start of your period is a hard wait, it is important to test at the right time so you don’t end up with an inaccurate result. I've read accounts of women who used them, had their blood drawn that same day, and their actual hcg is completely different from  what the CBE test showed. Genetically related or not, we love both of their families like our own and we couldn't ask for more amazing people in our lives.
Then like a cruel rubber band, I get snapped right back into the grief and I tell myself that these events happen to other people, but not us.
This morning I even decided to walk outside in my skimpy nightgown to let the 25mph icy winds blow on me just to find a little relief!

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