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Over 25 years of consumer research has given Clearblue an exceptional understanding of our consumers' needs, allowing us to develop the next step in visual home pregnancy tests. The Clearblue PLUS Pregnancy Test detects a clinically proven urinary pregnancy marker, human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), and provides accurate results that the consumer can trust. Clearblue recognizes that one third of women test for pregnancy before they expect their period.6 Although Clearblue recommends that the Clearblue PLUS pregnancy test is used from the day that the period is expected, the high sensitivity of the test means that pregnancy can, in many cases, be detected up to 4 days before the expected period (thata€™s 5 days sooner than waiting for the day of the missed period) for women who wish to test early.
Not all pregnant women who test before the day of their expected period will obtain a 'Pregnant' result.
The labelling for the First ResponseA® Early Result pregnancy test states that as many as 4% of non-pregnant women aged 41a€“55 years the age at which many women enter the perimenopause (the stage leading up to the menopause where menstrual cycles become less regular and other menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes may occur) obtained false a€?pregnanta€? results when using this product. A long handle with an ergonomically designed stick and grip to help the user hold the device correctly in her urine stream. A wide 18-mm sampler to help the user obtain an adequate sample, as well as the integrated Flood Guard to prevent over sampling. A + or a?’ result in just 3 minutes through a large results window that is designed to be easy to read. Follow us along on our journey, where I explain to you what it's like to be a Dad, from my perspective, in the 21st century.

Not only is the Clearblue PLUS Pregnancy Test over 99% accurate at detecting pregnancy from the day of the expected period1, but it is also designed to be the easiest home pregnancy test to use. Although highly sensitive, the Clearblue PLUS Pregnancy Test has been carefully developed to ensure over 99% accuracy from the day of the expected period.
The Clearblue PLUS Pregnancy Test also has a Color Change Tip which lets the user know that urine has been absorbed. The device is also made from white laminate reflective material which provides a clear contrast against the blue lines in the Test and Control windows. When compared to a laboratory reference method, Clearblue PLUS Pregnancy Test has been shown to be over 99% accurate from the day of the expected period when using urine samples supplied for pregnancy testing. Levels of urinary human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) following conception and variability of menstrual cycle length in a cohort of women attempting to conceive. Plasma concentrations of human chorionic gonadotropin from the time of implantation until the second week of pregnancy. IPSOS Survey of Home Pregnancy Test Usage by 6284 consumers across 5 Markets (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France), 2005. Study of 300 pre-, peri- and post-menopausal urine samples comparing the result from the Clearblue PLUS Pregnancy Test with quantitative hCG levels measured using AutoDelfia (Perkin Elmer).

The likelihood that a pregnant woman will achieve a pregnant result with the Clearblue PLUS Pregnancy Test on each early test day is given the table below2. In addition to testing the Clearblue PLUS Pregnancy Testa€™s accuracy1 in delivering both a€?pregnanta€? and a€?not pregnanta€? results from the day of the expected period, the false-positive rate of the Clearblue PLUS Pregnancy Test was just 0.08%8 in a study using 300 urine samples from non-pregnant women who were pre-, peri- or postmenopausal. However, the pregnancy hormone increases rapidly in early pregnancy and Clearblue PLUS Pregnancy Test can be used to test up to 4 days before the expected period, which is 5 days sooner than waiting for the missed period.
The thorough testing of the Clearblue PLUS Pregnancy Test during its development ensures that women can have a high level of confidence in the results it delivers, whether or not they are pregnant, and regardless of age.
In clinical testing, Clearblue PLUS Pregnancy Test detected the pregnancy hormone in 56% of women when testing 4 days before their expected period, 88% at 3 days before their expected period, 97% at 2 days before their expected period, and 98% at 1 day before their expected period. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!

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