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One of the very first things you may notice on the early pregnancy symptoms timeline is exhaustion.
Many ladies during those very early days of pregnancy notice that they have a heightened sense of smell. Morning sickness can be in the afternoon sickness or in the evening sickness it can occur anytime of the night or day.
The early pregnancy symptoms timeline is not the same for every woman but most women will have one or more of the symptoms. Information on this site is not intended as medical advice, always consult a licensed health care professional. Many women do experience symptoms but do not realize that they are actually experiencing them, they attribute some of the symptoms to other maladies that they believe they are suffering from.

Typically the ladies that develop this heightened sense will find certain smells make them feel nauseous. It occurs because of the flood of hormones that are present in the very early stages of pregnancy and usually does not continue past the first trimester. Your breasts will pretty early on start getting larger and become more tender to the touch. Understanding the early pregnancy symptoms timeline can help you to recognize when you are pregnant. Some women even believe their early pregnancy symptoms are actually them coming down with the flu! Your body naturally desires more rest than usual because of the rapid changes and the fact that you are getting ready to do big things!

Some women start very early on with morning sickness, although the term is a bit deceiving. Of course a missed period is a pretty good sign that you may be pregnant but even before your missed period you may notice a few other things happening.
While most women that do suffer from “morning sickness” experience it in the morning it is not something that is exclusive to the mornings.

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