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Around 70% of pregnant women develop stretch marks during pregnancy and this is due to scarring that develops in the deeper layers of the skin.  When there is a lot of stress, stretching and strain on the collagen fibres in the skin, and repetitive stress and tension in the deeper fibres (dermis) this causes the fibres to break, which then creates the marks on the surface of the skin that we know as stretch marks. Being pregnant creates that type of stress and strain on the skin, and depending on what type of collagen, elastin and skin type you have will determine whether you are more likely to get stretch marks. Unfortunately there is no way you can prevent stretch marks, as research shows that stretch marks are hereditary, so if your mother had stretch marks during pregnancy, then the likelihood is that you will probably get stretch marks too due to your genetic makeup.
However, for those who are likely to get stretch marks you can reduce the severity of them with your diet and how much weight you put on or how rapidly you put the weight on.  Stretch marks over time will eventually fade, but the texture of the marks will be permanent.
There is no miracle cure for stretch marks – no cream, lotion, potion or machine that can do that so don’t be fooled by clever marketing.  A recent study published in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment identified that laser treatment that was trialled on 17 women with stretch marks, over six treatments performed weekly, seemed to be effective in improving the texture and appearance of the stretch marks, however again it did not remove them completely.
When you are applying cream or oil to your belly we recommend you massage it in a clockwise direction – the direction of your digestion.
Now it’s time to think of your stretch marks as your “Creator Stripes” as you remind yourself and everyone else who sees them that you have earned these stripes – you are now a mother, a creator, a life long energetic connection to another human being who was created and who grew inside you, and that makes you another amazing, awesome woman of the world.

I love the work that I do with women and I am passionate about providing support and education to women to help them through the different stages of their lives.
Vicki currently works from her home in Landsdale for therapies and one-on-one appointments and all group workshops, meditation and support groups are conducted at Woodvale.
The term "scar" implies permanence -- so what's with all the stretch-mark products out there? In this article, we'll look at some of the possible treatments for stretch marks, both preventive and therapeutic. Their skin is clear, their hair is lustrous and they generally become more beautiful with each passing trimester. Weight gain, bloating, varicose veins and skin discoloration are typically considered some of the condition's downsides. They often appear on the belly in the third trimester or in the initial weeks after delivery, but they might also crop up on the hips, buttocks and breasts -- anywhere with heavy concentrations of fat cells.

As the stomach gets bigger and bigger to accommodate a growing baby, the skin has to get bigger, too.
We'll find out who is most likely to get stretch marks, what can be done about them and which treatments really don't do much.
In the aftermath, many women experience hair loss, sagging skin, rashes and, perhaps the most dreaded of pregnancy's cosmetic bummers, stretch marks. The skin is fairly elastic, but during pregnancy (as well as adolescence and any period of major weight gain) it can be called on to stretch too much and too quickly. Tissue structures in the dermis are pulled apart, breaking collagen bundles embedded there.

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