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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Risk-focused prevention is based on a simple premise: To prevent a problem from happening, we need to identify the factors that increase the risk of that problem developing and then find ways to reduce the risks.
The team of researchers at the University of Washington also found that some children exposed to multiple risk factors manage to avoid behavior problems later even though they were exposed to the same risks as children who developed behavior problems. The following report contains the current levels of adolescent substance use, delinquency, violence, as well as, risk and protective levels as reported by adolescents through the Kansas Communities That Care school survey.

Just as medical researchers have found risk factors for heart attacks such as diets high in fats, lack of exercise, and smoking, research has defined a set of risk factors for drug abuse. Based on the research, they identified protective factors and processes that work together to buffer children from the effects of high-risk exposure and lead to the development of healthy behaviors. Kansas Communities That Care (KCTC) is a prevention model based on the risk-focused framework and provides structure in making informed decisions concerning prevention services through annual assessments. Beginning in the early 1980's, the group researched adolescent problem behaviors and identified risk factors for adolescent drug abuse and delinquency.

Not surprisingly, they found that an interrelationship exists between adolescent drug abuse, delinquency, school dropout, teen pregnancy, and violence and were able to identify risk factors for these problems.

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