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Significant increases in self-reported obesity in Canada have also been reported between 2003 and 2008.
PFC offers Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS) as an option for patients undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF). Providing high pregnancy rates with minimum risk after in vitro fertilization requires high quality embryos. This is a true paradigm shift in the options that we can offer couples pursuing fertility treatment. CCS refines embryo selection, offering a means of choosing the best embryos, the most likely to succeed, out of a group. Aneuploidy is quite common and, more often than not, CCS testing will show that an embryo is aneuploid.
In the embryology lab, at the earliest days of embryo development, most of these aneuploid embryos don’t develop, and are never seen clinically. Age is the best predictor of aneuploidy and a major factor to consider when thinking about aneuploidy. The technique of CCS after conventional in vitro fertilization is to grow embryos to day 5, the blastocyst stage.
Despite the fact that there are a lack of randomized trials and data on outcomes is limited, we have enough experience with pre-implantation genetic diagnosis to feel confident that this is a safe and highly accurate procedure. Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS) is a new way of selecting high quality embryos, with high implantation and pregnancy rates.
PFC offers CCS as an option for patients undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF), as a treatment for recurrent miscarriage, prevention of aneuploidy in pregnancy, and for women that wish to improve implantation rates, reduce miscarriage rates, and reduce the risk of multiple pregnancy after IVF. Pacific Fertility Center®, located in Northern California’s San Francisco Bay Area, is an international destination for male and female fertility treatment and care.

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CCS is a treatment for women that wish to improve implantation rates, reduce miscarriage rates, and reduce the risk of multiples after IVF.
At Pacific Fertility Center 64% of women using their own eggs that received an embryo selected with CCS conceived a clinical pregnancy (n=306 transfers in 2014). Half or more (sometimes all) embryos in a particular IVF treatment cycle are aneuploid, and while we can’t prove this, we suspect that the majority of natural conceptions are affected by aneuploidy as well. We are finding that almost all embryos do well with the freezing-thawing process, with >97% of embryos surviving vitrification and thaw. Natera uses a SNP microarray from Ilumina with a proprietary technology called Parental Support™, which tests all 24 chromosomes and delivers results that are typically >99% accurate. Transferring one embryo and delivering one healthy child from each embryo transfer is a goal that at last is within reach. This is one of the truly exciting technologies that modern fertility care makes available, and we pleased to be able to offer this pioneering work to our patients. We also regularly see patients from surrounding areas in California, like Berkeley, Oakland, Palo Alto, and Marin County.
This is one of the truly exciting technologies that sets apart modern fertility programs such as Pacific Fertility Center, and we are pleased to be able to offer CCS to our patients. Embryos that look good under the microscope don’t always have what it takes to produce a pregnancy.

Embryo implantation rates were 66% per embryo transferred for each age group using their own eggs.
Embryos can also be affected by complex combinations of abnormal chromosomes, and even contain an extra entire set of chromosomes (triploidy). The common clinical scenarios of age-related infertility, miscarriage, and Down Syndrome are all expressions of aneuploidy. It appears that implantation rates actually improve with a delayed transfer in a cycle after the retrieval cycle. Under age 30, roughly half of embryos will be normal, and most young women find multiple euploid embryos after testing. For updated information about our fertility clinic, infertility treatment options, IVF success rates and more, read our infertility doctor blog or subscribe to Pacific Fertility Center's Fertility Flash newsletter. Selecting high quality embryos, those with the highest pregnancy potential, can reduce the numbers of embryos transferred, avoiding miscarriage, increasing pregnancy rates, and improving the health of children born after IVF. This is likely due to the effects of ovarian stimulation on the endometrial lining, making it a bit resistant to implantation in a fresh cycle. In a later natural cycle, the normal endometrial lining is restored with normal implantation rates.

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