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A pregnancy rash should be reported to a doctor as rashes could indicate a more dangerous condition for both mom and baby. A pregnant woman may find herself feeling warmer as she gets further into her pregnancy, especially during the summer months. Melasma, also called the "mask" of pregnancy, is another rash-like condition where splotchy dark patches appear on her face. PUPPP (or PUPPS) is technically called pruritic uticarial papules and plagues of pregnancy.
Although the exact cause of this rash is not known, researchers have been looking into the theory that escaping cells from the fetus irritate the mother and cause the rash.
While PUPPP rash may be one of the most commonly known pregnancy rashes, there are others out there. Cholestasis of pregnancy is a liver condition during pregnancy that can cause intense itching for the mother, which may result in a rash.
Women suffering from cholestasis of pregnancy may find comfort by joining the Itchy Moms Support Group online. Now you may be thinking its just a rash its really not that big a deal and that’s what I thought at first until it started affecting my day-to-day life.
After a colleague asked my if there was anything wrong (she noticed my scratching my stomach regularly) I decided enough was enough if people I saw for a few hours a day were starting to notice that there was a problem I needed to go to the doctors. Rash on Stomach You seem to be very excited after that tummy tuck, you look so slim and that ecstasy never leaves you for a second but the only problem after this is Rash on Stomach. You seem to be very excited after that tummy tuck, you look so slim and that ecstasy never leaves you for a second but the only problem after this is that Pregnancy rash on stomach.
So you have a red rash on stomachand you would like to know how you got red rash on stomach.
In this article I plan to discuss itchy rash on stomach and how you may have got it as well as how you can get rid of it. Rash on Stomach and back There could be any number of reasons that you have a rash on stomach and your back and in this post I plan to discuss how you can judge the severity of the rash. Introduction to Rash on Stomach Hey, I’m Richards (The owner of this site) wife and I wanted to write an article on how his rash on stomach affected my life and how I saw it affecting his.
Typically, medical attention is not necessary unless the heat rash seems to be getting worse or persists for an extended period of time [source: FamilyDoctor]. Although the rash will likely be gone in a few days, you will still need to contend with the itching and discomfort. Polymorphic eruption of pregnancy is an itchy, bumpy rash that starts in the stretch marks of the abdomen in the last 3 months of pregnancy then clears with delivery.
Polymorphic eruption of pregnancy is thought to be related to stretching of the skin on the abdomen. Most cases begin in the last 3 months, especially the last 5 weeks, when the stretching is greatest.

Polymorphic eruption of pregnancy is most common in a first pregnancy, when the abdomen is tightest. On average, patients with polymorphic eruption of pregnancy have greater weight gain, babies that are heavier than normal and an increased chance of having twins.
Another theory considers low level traffic of fetal cells within the mother's circulation, which appears increased in women with PUPPP and may persist for some time after the baby has been born. Rarely, the baby can be born with a mild polymorphic eruption of pregnancy rash but this soon fades. There is no curative treatment for polymorphic eruption of pregnancy (apart from delivery!).
Antihistamines - conventional antihistamine tablets appear safe in late pregnancy (though they may make the baby drowsy on delivery). Heat rash and friction rash are common conditions that cause discomfort during pregnancies. Linea nigra, a line from the belly button going down into the pubic region, may also look like a rash at first.
If you have the rash in one pregnancy, it does not raise your chances of having it in another. While most are simply uncomfortable for the mom-to-be, there are several rashes that can cause complications for the developing baby, both in utero and after birth. Although called herpes, it is not related to the disease; instead, it appears to be an autoimmune disorder that causes an itchy rash which becomes blistering lesions. She will have irritated skin until delivery, at which point the condition usually subsides. From calamine lotion to hydrocortisone creams to antihistamines, your doctor will recommend the best drug for your particular condition and symptoms. There, they can learn more about the condition and discuss remedies and fears with other women who have been diagnosed with the problem. So when it started I didn’t really pay that much attention to it thinking maybe it was a reaction to a new detergent (I had recently switched) so I switched back to my old brand and figured it would go away, after about a week the rash on stomach went away and I assumed that was the end of it. The rash on stomach was making it so that I couldn’t go swimming or the gym both of which are a big part of my life, I also became self conscious as I was worried that people would think that I was “unclean” or had something wrong with me. So I booked my appointment and went down to see him it turned out to be that the shower wash I was using was causing it (I was allergic to one of the ingredients), that was it something so simple had caused me so much trouble. If there are signs of an infection, such as fever or inflammation of the affected area, you should contact your doctor immediately. Somehow the rash develops as a sort of "allergy" to the stretch marks and spreads elsewhere on the body. She may become more sensitive to detergents and her stomach may itch due to the rapid belly expansions needed to accommodate a growing baby.
It commonly begins in the abdomen and gradually travels to the back, butt, and extremities.

The rash and itching will subside and disappear after the birth of the baby, usually within a few weeks.
Merck cites that approximately 25 percent of women with the problem will be subject to reoccurrence and 10 percent of fetuses will be affected (have the rash or lesions). Even commonly used OTC drugs can have adverse side effects for a developing baby, so be sure to check with your physician before using anything. I was wrong, After a few days the rash came back I had rewashed all of my clothes in my old detergent and I had even re-washed all of my bedding, towels etc to ensure that all traces of the new brand of detergent I had switched to had gone. The rash on stomach was also extremely itchy which throughout the day while I was at work I would just start scratching for what appeared to be no reason by my co-workers.
After talking to my doctor I realised that a lot of people do get rashes on the stomachs for a vast number of reasons and I managed to convince hie to write a few articles for this site so that I could help and educate anyone else who is having the same problem. But all this outdoor activity puts us at a greater risk for developing a condition known as heat rash -- a skin irritation caused by blocked sweat ducts. People can avoid heat rash by dressing in lightweight, loose-fitting, light-colored clothing and staying out of the sun on particularly hot and humid days. These papules coalesce to form large red, raised (urticarial) patches (plaques) which spread to involve the buttocks and thighs, and sometimes the arms and legs. Often, relief is given in the form of topical anti-itch creams, like cortisones, and antihistamines.
The best advice I can give is after checking to make sure it is not a reaction to something within your house is to go and see your Doctor as they will be able to diagnose you and treat the problem, this will allow your life to get back to normal.
Heat rash usually develops in hot or humid weather, when people overheat and sweat profusely.
Well so was I, after having a rash on stomach that kept coming and going I was finally able to determine why I was getting it and managed to get rid of the rash on stomach.
It appears as a patch of small pink or red bumps on the skin and most commonly occurs on areas of the body covered by clothing.
Children should be dressed in clothes similar to what the parents would find comfortable for a hot day. For these reasons, an induced labor may be the best course of action in order to prevent an unfavorable outcome.
This caused me a lot of problems over the few months it was appearing that’s why I started this site to help and inform other people about this problem and how they can get rid of the rash.
If you look through the articles on this site you may be able to discover the cause for yourself or gain some information that you can tell your doctor in order to help him diagnose the cause of you rash on stomach. Seriously not acting now and getting rid of your rash will only cause problems in the future, take some advice from someone who’s been there get it treated as soon as possible.

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