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There is a limited repertoire of questions that friends, family, coworkers, and complete strangers will ask you during your pregnancy, so you may as well prepare yourself.
When asked on the metro during my morning commute, I have learned to feel no shame in answering, “Yes.” Yet I’ve been disheartened by how often people on the metro fail to ask this question.
I’m not pregnant, but I do have a herniated disc in my lower back that hurts a lot sometimes.
My last week of work before my daughter was born (and she was more than 2 weeks early!) people kept asking me, “Are you ready? I do not think the comment was necessary meant as rude or inappropriate… I have a friend who is about to become a surrogate for her sister who cannot carry a baby. I like the point about people asking how you’re feeling but not really wanting to know the answer- most pregnancy symptoms are too personal. It’s been 7 months since I was enormously pregnant and I couldn’t agree more with all of you!
I wish I had been brave enough to approach someone sitting in a reserved seat on public transit and asked “excuse me, may I sit there?” One piece of advice I received from a friend was that if someone does offer you a seat, always graciously say yes! Toward the end of my pregnancy ( I worked until 2 days before my son was born) I started really feeling bad for my coworkers. Another one, a guy, got so tired of being asked that he wrote the answers on a sheet of paper and taped it on the wall behind our cash desk. I was asked if I was having a natural birth or C-Section, from a complete stranger at a party with a crowd standing around, all I could do was laugh. Also, there are way too many comments and questions regarding weight gain, if you are big enough, or not. I’m in my last couple weeks of pregnancy and I always get… Your so big, You must be due like any minute!!! Hm, the one I always loved from people who I knew I have asthma and allergies and now a few other problems that don’t need mentioned here but to give you the gist. The most dumbest question I ever had asked was is the baby your husbands … Im like hellooo what are you trying to say???? All I did with my last pregnancy was say smart comments when I got tired of all the questions.
After announcing to my coworkers that I was pregnant one approached me and asked “how did you find out you were pregnant?” Seriously?!!
Lauren's secrets to Smart Training, Eating, and Living with real authentic stories of inspiration along the way.
Note: I'm not a doctor and this information is based on my own personal experience and research. I am a fitness, strength, conditioning & nutrition coach that was put here on earth to change peoples lives. Julie, Thank you!!!Lindsey, Congratulations on your pregnancy and being in your 2nd trimester. I bought KBs since as a stay at home mom with a deployed hubby I'd never have a chance to go to the gym. I must say that kettlebell weight loss has been the perfect thing happen to me in recent months for it really helps me getting rid of that stubborn fat. The place where you'll never do anything half glutes™ TRAIN WITH LAUREN BROOKS anywhere in the world!
Baby Chloe is 6 Week s Six weeks means I get the clearance to start exercising again!!! The Next Chapter Life after divorce I write this knowingly that I may be judged harshly by some. August 5, 2015 by Kristen 24 Comments I always thought I would be one of those women who would run her way through pregnancy.
For a few weeks now, I have been in denial about the possibility of hanging up my running shoes. The one emotion that really lingers when I start to think about hanging up my running shoes is fear. On the flip side, there are a number of positive questions lingering in my mind regarding my running ability when it ramps back up after the baby arrives.
All that being said, I am beyond grateful that I have been able to run up until 34 weeks into my pregnancy. The next time I step up to the start line of a race, head out for a long run, or push through a little speed work at the track, it will be in a body that will have gone through something truly remarkable. Have you ever had to give up something, temporarily or permanently, that you really loved?  How did you cope?
Cravings and favorite foods: The only foods I have been craving lately are smoothies and popsicles. Best moments this week: The Cascade Cycling Classic, the nation’s longest standing bicycle stage race (36 years), took place this last week and we hosted two of the Sram neutral race support mechanics for 7 nights. As a result, Justin and I got to ride around in the support car during a couple of the stages and get a behind the scenes look at the race from the caravan. We also got to hang out with Chad, one of the mechanics who has also become a friend over the years, during the downtown crit over the weekend. Our garage looked like a Zipp storage warehouse and I did everything I could to keep from drooling all over the fancy equipment. Mood: Fairly good, although I did have a slight breakdown at the doctor’s office on Wednesday. Symptoms: My body has been really achy all over, especially at night when I am trying to sleep and get comfortable.
Interesting Pregnancy Moments: There weren’t too many interesting pregnancy moments this week, as it was a pretty mundane one with houseguests for seven days. My friend Elena (whose sister Nicole is mentioned later in this post) is a local photographer, and as a gift to Justin and I she offered to spend an evening with us taking maternity photos.
We got a sneak peek at a few of the photos, and they really turned out great as the lighting was beautiful, the setting was ideal, and Elena is an amazing photographer. Of course pregnancy in and of itself is a HUGE blessing and I couldn’t be more thankful for the life that is growing inside of me.
Worst moments this week: My little breakdown after stepping onto the scale at the doctor’s office. Buying: I purchased a lot of smaller items that remained on our baby registry list including a baby bath, bottles, Sophie the giraffe, crib mattress pad, change pad cover, thermometer, and back seat baby mirror.
Justin also called our insurance company and they are sending us the Medela Advanced breastpump with tote for FREE.
July 23, 2015 by Kristen 31 Comments Another week down and another week closer to meeting our little boy.
As football season quickly approaches, it’s a reminder to me that this baby has been growing inside me since the Seahawks beat the Packers in the NFC Championship back in January, which is the day I took the positive pregnancy test (okay, I took three of them just to make sure I was reading it right!).
Total weight gain: Did not weigh myself, but will have an update after I get weighed at next week’s doctor appointment.
Sleep: I can fall asleep like a champ, but will usually wake up around 4am to pee and end up tossing and turning the rest of the morning trying to get comfortable. Cravings and favorite foods: Popsicles (lime flavored Outshine Fruit Bars), chicken, salmon, and fruit. The hike follows a creek (actually a 100-year-old irrigation ditch that was re-routed from the original creek to provide irrigation water for Central Oregon farms) for the first few miles, then becomes more difficult as it heads sharply uphill until you get to the snowmelt in the center of the crater. Best moments this week: Over the weekend my mom and one of my best friends threw me a “Mommy-to-Bee” themed baby shower. My mom provided all of the food and drinks, including Ida’s Cupcakes (my favorite), and we spent the afternoon mingling and celebrating Baby Yax. After eating and playing games, I opened gifts and we took a few group pictures to capture all the fun. Interesting Pregnancy Moments: On Monday evening Justin and I attended a breastfeeding class offered through our local hospital. The instructor, although very knowledgeable, was a very slow speaker and did not answer some of my questions very well.
Buying: Aside from the room full of gifts that we received at the shower (little boy has more clothing than me), I ordered a Rock n’ Play, this bedding set from Pottery Barn Kids, a Pak n’ Play, baby towel, and boppy pillow.
Dreaming About: Not necessarily dreaming about, but looking forward to our maternity photos on Monday. Exercise: Last Wednesday one of my friends from graduate school was in town for a wedding (which I attended as well) so we got together for a hike and I showed her some of my favorite areas to recreate around Bend. I feel like I did a pretty fair amount of walking and running this past week and banked around 15 miles total. Symptoms: I started having a lot of lower back pain over the weekend, likely due to the activities I had done in the days prior. When I let her know about the back pain I was experiencing she was able to reduce the pain significantly by taping my back using kinesiology tape.
I got to see a couple of friends I haven’t seen in years and meet a few of the new graduate students. Interesting Pregnancy Moments: The bump is finally starting to get in the way of “easy” activities. Dreaming About: My baby shower this weekend and celebrating Baby Yax with some of my closest friends. July 14, 2015 by Kristen 32 Comments I’m not usually one to strike up conversation with complete strangers, but walking around with a big pregnant belly seems to be an immediate invitation for conversation. I would like to say that pregnancy has been a joyride, but unfortunately that is not the case for me.
Honestly, it feels as though I am renting out my body for 9 months and have no control over anything.
I am looking forward to meeting our son, adjusting to a completely new lifestyle, and getting my body back.Are you going to race next year?
A lot of people look at me like I am crazy when I tell I am not going to take any time off work (aside from the time around delivery).
I haven’t had any majorly weird aversions, but just my interest in food in general has changed. We had dinner on Sunday with some friends from San Francisco who were in town to mountain bike for a few days, and two of them are anesthesiologists. Honestly, I am deathly afraid of the epidural – more so than the actual birth – so my hope is to deliver naturally.
And though people ask me this question nearly every hour, they don’t really want to know the answer.
My next course of action is to locate a particularly robust-looking sedentary commuter and plant myself in front of him so that my belly is almost grazing his nose.

You never know if their background contains a situation like this that has given them another reality of pregnancy. My belly was huge, I gained 40 lbs, and the last thing I wanted to hear was that people thought I was huge. Kerala, I hope you post a similar blog after baby is born with the questions you encounter then. I worked in a department store and if people didn’t end up in my line, my poor coworker would get the 20-questions routine! HE didn’t understand that, that is personal and completely unexpected as nobody else had asked! It is appalling the judgements people make regarding which is better, having a girl or a boy! Even after repeatedly telling everyone that I know my own limits and to back off please, it still happened daily. I say actually I have a 5 weeks and they respond with that must be wrong you’ll probably give birth by next week. There we several times before I got pregnant that he was supposed to come up but then had something come up and wasn’t able to make it. Really, I know being pregnant makes people curious but sometimes I don’t want to be bothered. I ask this because if the pregnant woman is having a boy I know that I want to try to share my opinions and the true facts about circumcision.
I was pretty intimidated by it in the beginning, but now I can't say enough about the results.
I bought Ultimate Body Sculpt Vol 1 over a year ago and fell in love with it; it kicked my butt!
I felt rotten in the 1st trimester and struggled but have been more active in the 2nd- just going into my third and wondered if I can carry on as long as I feel upto it? After reading your articles, Lauren, I finally pursued my interest in kettlebells with my second pregnancy. I’d be lying if I said that running right now is easy and enjoyable, although I do have my shoes laced up and am ready to go on a short run as soon as I finish this post. It’s a hard reality to face, especially for someone who has never had to take a break from or give up entirely the sport that I love. Like my doctor always reminds me, I am lending out my body for 10 months and have very little control over the changes it endures. The fact that I get tears in my eyes knowing that I will soon have to say goodbye is a good reminder of how much I really do love and need running in my life.
It’s hard to slow down and find yourself in a physical state that you have never been in before.
And I will have a little miracle by my side, cheering me on along the course, or waiting anxiously for me at the finish line, to show for it. It has been HOT and that does nothing for my appetite aside from make me want to consume ice cubes faster than our freezer can make them. For those who aren’t familiar with neutral race support, they follow the race in a vehicle filled with LOTS of extra wheels, tools, and spare bikes. It’s a lot of down time in the car, listening to the officials talk over the race radio and chatting about life in general, but when something goes wrong with a rider or riders, it’s like a Chinese Fire Drill for a few minutes until everything gets sorted out and the chaos subsides. It’s always fun to watch the cyclists zoom by and watch Chad do his thing when riders crash or suffer mechanical issues. Chad was nice enough to clean my bike and leave me Justin with some great cleaning products for when I can start riding again. Physically it can be very uncomfortable, but psychologically it makes me feel like me again. As I continue to get bigger, everything continues to get harder – and I struggle with that. The doctor reminded me on Wednesday that it’s not my body right now, and that I am renting it out for something greater than me. On Monday we did do something that probably fits better into the best pregnancy moments section, but it was also interesting as well. So after work on Monday we drove up to the mountains to spend a few hours in a few different locations (Devils Lake, Sparks Lake Meadow, and Sparks Lake), taking some fun pictures to remember the pregnancy by.
The interesting parts were that a) it had to be the coldest day of the summer and after weeks of temps in the 90s, it was in the high 50s that evening and we were shivering in our summer clothes, and b) it was a little weird to be taking photos literally right next to people who were camped at Devils Lake, almost like we were putting on some strange little fashion show photo shoot for them. The conditions in Canada this year were far less than ideal, and many athletes were unable to complete the race due to hypothermia and terrible weather conditions on the course.
We have a 34-week ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday and needless to say I am really excited!!!
That’s also about the same time the hummingbirds and robins start making a lot of noise outside the bedroom window, which in turn gets the cat riled up, and makes it difficult to fall back asleep anyway. I was experiencing a lot of pelvic pressure and pain, and my physical therapist said it was not worth the battle. Justin and I did not have any plans for the day, and it was supposed to be really hot in town, so we decided to head up into the mountains in search of cooler weather, and to do the 6.5 mile round trip hike into the crater of Broken Top via the Crater Ditch trail. Most hikes have some amount of less scenic terrain as you leave the trailhead or travel through dense forests, but this one was amazing from the first step to the last as you are always surrounded by wildflowers, mountain views, and cold, clear water. My friend, Jess, drove up with her mom on Saturday morning and filled my house with bee-themed flowers and decor. As we get closer and closer to our due date, I begin to really savor the special moments I have with my husband.
While the class presented some great information, Justin and I both walked away a little disappointed with the overall structure and experience of the course. My biggest question surrounding breastfeeding is how to do so while training and not being able to feed or pump every 3 hours (once we are 6-9 months in). It was quite a funny moment, though it wouldn’t have been as funny if I didn’t have my phone’s camera and the GoPro as backup.
My friend Elena, who is an amazing photographer, is doing our photos up in the mountains during the evening hours.
Not surprisingly, an overwhelming majority of you picked Miles Joseph Yax, which seems like the perfect name for the son of someone who loves to run miles and miles and miles. I am definitely at that point where my mind is being consumed by all things baby and I’ve started making a list of what still needs to get done. I have also come to the realization that sleep is never going to be the same again… at least for a few years. My graduate advisor from the University of Houston (who is originally from Oregon) was getting married at Steelhead Falls outside of Bend, so he and a number of graduate students and former colleagues were in town for wedding festivities. Justin and I attended the wedding last Thursday, which required a fun hike in to the falls area.
The nursery furniture finally arrived and we spent a lot of time over the weekend shopping for decor and putting the first unique touches on our little guy’s room.
Perhaps I should take advantage and challenge him to an arm wrestling competition.” – my response. This came up in conversation as Ellie was showing me a few positions that my husband can assist with when going through contractions and the birthing process.
Charles where we will be delivering our baby, and while the tour itself was really helpful and eased my mind about what to expect, it made me really nervous that my doctor may not be the doctor delivering. After my successes in 2014 and the momentum I had going into the off season, giving up my entire 2015 race season was really hard. We’ll see how my schedule pans out once the baby is here.Are you going to continue working or take maternity leave? Because I work full time from home and have a flexible schedule, I am intent on teaching my classes and maintaining my role as coordinator for Oregon State’s e-campus psychology program. Just the thought of a needle going into my spine makes me lightheaded and sick to my stomach.
I want nothing more than to deliver a happy and healthy baby, and want him to be safe in my arms from day one. I haven’t spent a lot of time around kids (maybe 24 hours total in my entire life), particularly infants, so this is completely new territory.
These things bring me a lot of excitement and joy, and there has definitely been a void of this in 2015.
Yes, it would be nice to have another so our little guy will grow up with a sibling, but I’m just not sure I can do it again. At first I didn’t quite understand what all the hoopla was about and never had the need to use it.
Which is really crazy because I am a Type A planner and like having control over big life events. They suggested that our birth plan, if we have one, should be very fluid and open to changes such as an epidural or even a c-section if needed. That being said, I am keeping an open mind throughout the entire process and will likely do whatever is best for both the baby and me when the time comes.
Because if we don’t show appreciation and take it, they might not offer a seat to the next pregnant woman they meet. I actually have LOVED being pregnant and have felt that the positive effects of carrying this little life far out weigh the uncomfortable ones. I had people that both my husband and I were friends with that would ask if i was sure the baby was his. Not until my second pregnancy in 2008 did I film my first and only Pregnancy Kettlebell DVD, which really showed people that you can use a kettlebell when implemented properly throughout your pregnancy. My hubby was very happy when he returned from Iraq, so happy that baby #2 is now on it's way.
I was naive to think that my body could easily manage the weight gain and bowling ball sized belly stretched out in front of me, and that I could fight through any obstacle that pregnancy threw my way. Running became a central part of my life in 2006 after losing my father to pancreatic cancer.
It will be much easier to accept the break and not run once our baby is here, knowing that I will be following doctor’s orders. It’s no longer about training for a specific distance or speed, but rather about getting outside, breathing in the fresh air, having uninterrupted time to reflect and think about the changes ahead, and connecting with the life inside of me. I used to downplay certain hints and signals that my body would send, but now I welcome them and listen openly to what my body needs. My relationship with running has always been one of progress and improvement, and I’ve learned this year that it’s okay to slow down and not have to be “better” than I once was. If a rider has a problem (mechanical, crash, flat tire, etc.) they stop to fix the problem and get the rider back into the race as quickly as possible.

Amidst all of the chaos, Chad is always calm, cool, and collected, which I’m sure is reassuring to the racers during their moment of panic.
As many of you know, I had registered for Ironman Canada a few weeks before finding out I was pregnant back in January. I don’t know how I would have handled the weather that day, but I’m really glad I did not have to find out.
My back and hips really start to hurt from laying on them and I almost always feel a sharp pain that shoots down my legs to my toes. I made it through the grueling hike with little trouble or pain, thanks in part to my newfound love of trekking poles for added stability. At least I will get to live vicariously through a number of friends who are doing the race. Even though Justin and I have a very strong relationship and love for one another, I feel like we have grown even closer over the past few months as we prepare for new roles and responsibilities. Although Justin and I have agreed that we are not going to permanently settle on a name until after he is born, I will say that Miles is not the name we are currently leaning toward. I have also been feeling pretty achy and by the time the sun comes up I just want to get out of bed.
On Friday I went for a 3 mile run with my friend Nicole and the first two miles were under 10 minute miles (something I haven’t been able to do in a while) and I felt great.
I will likely be seeing her more as my pregnancy progresses and I start training again after the baby is here. The setting was beautiful, and was followed that evening by a reception outside at Worthy Brewing.
While I have expressed these concerns to him on several occasions, and he assures me that he will likely be there by my side in the delivery room, the thought of having a different doctor deliver my baby really worries me.
Everyone has questions, and everyone has a story about their own pregnancy, or the pregnancy of someone they know. I have had a really hard time being pregnant and have relied on distractions to get me through. But, it’s also pretty empowering knowing that I am doing something for Justin and I that he would never be able to do. I can’t begin to express my excitement about racing again next year, and am looking forward to starting over from scratch and seeing how my body bounces back after pregnancy and childbirth. I don’t plan on taking maternity leave and will continue working full time once the baby is here. I believe this is totally manageable, as I will have a lot of help from Justin, the baby’s grandparents, and Justin’s sister Jill.
Unfortunately, Justin and I are not getting any younger so there is a lot of pressure to do it now, not later, if we are going to have another. But, at about 20 weeks when I started sleeping more on my side, the snoogle was a lifesaver. Given that the pregnancy was not planned, and I’ve had little control over anything since January, what I have learned in 2015 is to let go of some of my controlling ways and just handle things as they come. I have never had surgery or any kind of medical procedure (a small fracture in my arm is the worst thing that has ever happened to me physically) so medical environments are somewhat foreign and frightening. I do not know that this is the case obviously, but please do not just assume it was meant rudely.
Please quit comparing me with the other pregnant lady in the office (who was huge) she doesn’t like it, and niether do I. Everyone feels like they are the expert on pregnancy, but some of them have never been pregnant! When I answered that both parties felt sheepish for asking when they realized I’m on them for a legitamit reason and not just because. I’d get so mad when people would ask that because to me they were basically implying that had slept around. I've also released Baby Bells 2 recently as well, which is available as a streaming version. I worked out with Ultimate Body Sculpt Vol 2 until I was 26 weeks (doing lots of modifications) then switched to Baby Bells.
I have put on nearly 28 pounds but hoping this is because I am maintaining muscle tone as I dont look that much bigger!! While I enjoy being outside and reaping the psychological benefits that running provides, physically it no longer feels “good.” There are days when I can run three miles without stopping (albeit at a very slow pace) and days when I have to walk for long periods at a time, turning the run into more of a wog.
To help cope with the emotions, pain, and grief, I signed up for the Houston Marathon and haven’t stopped running since. Will my ability to persevere through physical discomfort and fatigue, which is already strong, be further increased?
The feeling of my boy’s kicks, turns, and movements keeps things in perspective and helps me to stay positive. It was a fairly busy week with houseguests, so aside from running and walking, there was not a lot of diversity in my workouts this week. Justin and I knew we wanted to have kids, but were going to wait until my tri season was over to “start trying.” It really bummed me out that I was not able to train for my first Ironman, as I had so many goals and high expectations for myself. Major kudos to all of those who raced (whether they finished or not) and braved one of the hardest Ironmans of all time.
Also, my disappointment about not being able to compete at Ironman Canada this year is lessened a little bit by the weather forecast, which is calling for a low of 46 degrees and a high of 64 degrees, with a 70 percent chance of rain on race day. I’ll never forget the image of him practicing the cross-cradle breastfeeding position with one of the baby dolls they provided.
I’m trying to figure out how I am going to train for an Ironman and fulfill the duties of “mom” all at the same time. On Monday I went for a 3.5 mile run with Justin and had to stop on several occasions to work out the pelvic pain I was experiencing. That being said, I am beyond excited about the life growing inside me, and what my body is doing to create this little miracle.
I’ve heard a lot of positive stories about women coming back stronger than ever after having kids, so it will be exciting to see how my body adapts and changes.
Right now I just want to focus my attention on our little boy and adjusting to this new life we are about to embark upon.
I haven’t slept a night without it since week 20 (aside from when we were in Mexico – and even then I almost considered packing it in it’s own suitcase) and always take it with me when I travel via road trips. It didn’t hurt that I was lucky enough to not get morning sickness, or cravings or anything! Fitness is only part of the puzzle to have the happy and healthy quality of life people strive for. Even if it's only for 10 minutes!Being pregnant for the second time is so much harder when you are chasing after a toddler. It’s amazing how every pregnant woman is different, reaching various peaks and valleys throughout her 10-month journey. Regardless of the distance or type of run, the pain is there nonetheless and it takes a while for my body to recover and feel good again. This will be the first time in NINE years that I won’t be able to just go out for a run when I need it.
Unfortunately, my body is speaking several different languages to me right now and I just don’t know when or how to stop.
Is it possible that I could actually come out of this stronger, wiser, and faster than my pre-pregnancy self? And huge congratulations to my friend Nicole for finishing 2nd in her AG and earning herself a ticket to Kona for the second straight year!!!  So inspiring. I realize that’s only two days, but with each day being a physical and emotional challenge, two more days sounded like two more weeks at the time. It may be interrupted sleep, but at least it will feel really good to be able to sleep on my back again.
I know you can’t control the weather, and everybody has to compete in the same conditions, but I’m really hoping the weather for my IM debut in 2016 will be under perfect weather conditions.
I think baby dolls are a little creepy to begin with, but they become less creepy when you watch your husband pretend to breastfeed one. For anyone curious, here are the ten most common questions I get asked, and how I generally respond. I know it will be a lot of hard work, but I have now banked months and months of energy that I can’t wait to release!
I hope the answer to all of these questions is a resounding YES, but only time will truly tell. With the obvious exception of the large, uncomfortable, and awkward space in which he has taken up residence in my belly. All I kept thinking to myself was “just make it out of the door with no tears.” Although we are in the “home stretch” September seems SO far away.
She felt like his absence, and the presence of a different doctor with different bedside manner and less familiarity with her, impacted the birth process. I’m sure at this point, Justin is looking forward to getting rid of “the Great Wall of China” between us, but for now it stays.
My dad finally came up 2 weeks before Christmas (3 days after we got that horrible call from Child Services) so we just said screw a big a wedding and went and got married at the court house. Running has been such an intricate part of my life and who I am for so long – what does that life look like without it? I still have several weeks, but know that anything can happen at any time, so better to be prepared than not prepared!
Didn’t matter to us where we got married or how, what mattered was we were now husband and wife, my dad got to be there and now people will finally shut up with all the nonsense. With the research I have done along with my personal experience as well as working with many pregnant students over the years, both in person and online, it has become a passion of mine. But everyone kept asking “are you just so ready for that baby to come out or what?!” I would tell them hell no!
I love holding my daughter in my arms, but there are times when I miss he kicking me inside my tummy.

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