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The first one is actually a valid question, though the way it was worded makes her seem like an idiot. But that’s besides the point, if the carrot had semen on it when it was inserted into her then she can get pregnant.
1: If sperm gets on the carrot then it goes in the vagina there is a small tiny chane you could get pregnant.
The stupidest one I have heard was “if you have twins will it take 18 months till birth or 9 months?? When I was a kid my older brother told me that if a girl and a boy go swimming together then the girl will get pregnant and have to have a baby… So for almost 2 years I refused to go swimming if ANY boys were in the water. Give us your juiciest, wildest, weirdest and embarrassingest (it’s a word) hook up stories! There is a limited repertoire of questions that friends, family, coworkers, and complete strangers will ask you during your pregnancy, so you may as well prepare yourself. When asked on the metro during my morning commute, I have learned to feel no shame in answering, “Yes.” Yet I’ve been disheartened by how often people on the metro fail to ask this question. I’m not pregnant, but I do have a herniated disc in my lower back that hurts a lot sometimes.
My last week of work before my daughter was born (and she was more than 2 weeks early!) people kept asking me, “Are you ready? I do not think the comment was necessary meant as rude or inappropriate… I have a friend who is about to become a surrogate for her sister who cannot carry a baby. I like the point about people asking how you’re feeling but not really wanting to know the answer- most pregnancy symptoms are too personal. It’s been 7 months since I was enormously pregnant and I couldn’t agree more with all of you! I wish I had been brave enough to approach someone sitting in a reserved seat on public transit and asked “excuse me, may I sit there?” One piece of advice I received from a friend was that if someone does offer you a seat, always graciously say yes!
Toward the end of my pregnancy ( I worked until 2 days before my son was born) I started really feeling bad for my coworkers.
Another one, a guy, got so tired of being asked that he wrote the answers on a sheet of paper and taped it on the wall behind our cash desk. I was asked if I was having a natural birth or C-Section, from a complete stranger at a party with a crowd standing around, all I could do was laugh. Also, there are way too many comments and questions regarding weight gain, if you are big enough, or not.

I’m in my last couple weeks of pregnancy and I always get… Your so big, You must be due like any minute!!!
Hm, the one I always loved from people who I knew I have asthma and allergies and now a few other problems that don’t need mentioned here but to give you the gist. The most dumbest question I ever had asked was is the baby your husbands … Im like hellooo what are you trying to say???? All I did with my last pregnancy was say smart comments when I got tired of all the questions. I believe she knows exactly how that carrot got inside of her and she just doesn’t want people to know how kinky she and her boyfriend are. What kind of parent misinform their child by telling them they can get pregnant by kissing! And though people ask me this question nearly every hour, they don’t really want to know the answer.
My next course of action is to locate a particularly robust-looking sedentary commuter and plant myself in front of him so that my belly is almost grazing his nose.
You never know if their background contains a situation like this that has given them another reality of pregnancy. My belly was huge, I gained 40 lbs, and the last thing I wanted to hear was that people thought I was huge. Kerala, I hope you post a similar blog after baby is born with the questions you encounter then. I worked in a department store and if people didn’t end up in my line, my poor coworker would get the 20-questions routine!
HE didn’t understand that, that is personal and completely unexpected as nobody else had asked! It is appalling the judgements people make regarding which is better, having a girl or a boy! Even after repeatedly telling everyone that I know my own limits and to back off please, it still happened daily.
I say actually I have a 5 weeks and they respond with that must be wrong you’ll probably give birth by next week. There we several times before I got pregnant that he was supposed to come up but then had something come up and wasn’t able to make it. Really, I know being pregnant makes people curious but sometimes I don’t want to be bothered.

I ask this because if the pregnant woman is having a boy I know that I want to try to share my opinions and the true facts about circumcision.
And the poor girl who’s friend told her she can get pregnant from kissing because DNA travels through the mouth!
Because if we don’t show appreciation and take it, they might not offer a seat to the next pregnant woman they meet. I actually have LOVED being pregnant and have felt that the positive effects of carrying this little life far out weigh the uncomfortable ones. I had people that both my husband and I were friends with that would ask if i was sure the baby was his.
I do not know that this is the case obviously, but please do not just assume it was meant rudely. Please quit comparing me with the other pregnant lady in the office (who was huge) she doesn’t like it, and niether do I.
Everyone feels like they are the expert on pregnancy, but some of them have never been pregnant! When I answered that both parties felt sheepish for asking when they realized I’m on them for a legitamit reason and not just because. I’d get so mad when people would ask that because to me they were basically implying that had slept around. It didn’t hurt that I was lucky enough to not get morning sickness, or cravings or anything! My dad finally came up 2 weeks before Christmas (3 days after we got that horrible call from Child Services) so we just said screw a big a wedding and went and got married at the court house. Didn’t matter to us where we got married or how, what mattered was we were now husband and wife, my dad got to be there and now people will finally shut up with all the nonsense. But everyone kept asking “are you just so ready for that baby to come out or what?!” I would tell them hell no! I love holding my daughter in my arms, but there are times when I miss he kicking me inside my tummy.

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