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I didn’t land up continuing down that path but I did learn a great deal about my body and anatomy in the process and I use that info every day, from the way I sit in my car while driving to the way I relax on the couch while watching a movie. When I found out I was pregnant 30 weeks ago (only 10 weeks to go now!), I decided that I was going to make pilates a part of my daily practice so I could stay fit and strong throughout my pregnancy.
By 26 weeks pregnant the thought of dragging myself out of bed to do any form of exercize seemed like the biggest effort in the world. I knew that this had a lot to do with the fact that I had become lazy and unfit and that my body was starting to feel the effects of the extra baby weight as well as all the pregnancy hormones rushing through my system loosening my ligaments and preparing my body for childbirth.
I had basically forgotten my pilates exercizes by this stage so I decided to turn to YouTube and search for a pilates class online that I could follow every morning. After scanning through a couple videos I landed on one that appealed to me – hot pregnant mama giving a 10 minute yoga class in her home studio, lets do this!
For me pilates has always been a mind and body practice, and I think that’s why I enjoy it so much. This yoga workout was very similar in that regard, yet it added another element – spirit. The simple actions of closing my eyes, bringing my hands into prayer pose, taking a few deep breaths in and out, then taking one hand to my heart and the other hand to my baby and setting my intentions for the 10 minute practice ahead took me into a totally different zone. The yoga workout itself was very similar to the pilates that I was used to but with a bit more flow and stretching incorporated. Who knew that just 10 minutes of yoga every morning would make such a difference in my working productivity levels (mind), my pregnancy aches and pains (body) and the way I actually feel (spirit) about my body.
If you’re currently a pregnant mama, below is one of my favourite yoga YouTube videos and I encourage you to give it a go!
I believe that you have the potential within you to design your dream life and it would be my pleasure to help you light that fire. Pregnancy is such an exciting time filled with preparations—from putting together cribs to stocking up on onesies. Most experts agree that pregnant women need to exercise to be healthy and that most women with uncomplicated pregnancies can safely exercise.
Women who exercise during pregnancy experience fewer musculoskeletal problems, including less back and pelvic pain, and increased cardiovascular fitness, body image and well-being.

Pregnancy is probably not the time for serious competition, or to increase fitness or performance levels.
Walking, swimming, Pilates and other low-impact activities are great for women who do not already have an established workout routine. Pilates can be the perfect exercise method because it’s gentle, stabilizes the joints and spine, focuses on alignment and form, and generally is done in small groups for optimal instructor feedback. The American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American College of Sports Medicine suggest keeping the heart rate below 140 beats per minute while exercising and recommend 30 minutes of moderate physical activity on most days, if not all, days of the week.
Go one step further by adding Pilates to support this aerobic activity and ensure your joints stay happy. Definitely get your health care provider’s OK for any exercise during pregnancy—and then get movin’!
Pregnancy PilatesPractising Pilates during pregnancy can have hugely beneficial and positive effects on your mental and physical wellbeing, helping to improve tone, core strength, flexibility, pelvic stability, posture and sleep quality.
I even got to a point where I enjoyed it so much that I decided I should become a pilates teacher and I went and studied a pilates matwork course.
But as the weeks went on and my tummy grew bigger, I started to skip a couple days here and there until eventually, I found myself waking up a little later everyday and totally neglecting my practice. It was around this time that I also started to experience mild lower back pain and shooting pains down the back of my legs on waking in the morning. Right then I knew that if I wanted any chance of having a natural birth I would need to up my game in the fitness department.
I also decided that 45 minutes of pilates every morning was waaay to hectic and that I would start out with 10 minutes and build up from there.
During pregnancy, women focus on eating the right food, getting adequate vitamins and staying away from harmful chemicals, caffeine and alcohol, which are all very important lifestyle changes.
Exercising is one of the best things a mom-to-be can do with broad, long-term benefits such as stabilizing joints to positively affecting labor and delivery, and building an exercise habit. A healthy woman with a normal pregnancy may either continue her regular exercise regimen or begin a new exercise program during pregnancy.
Shelby Scott argues in an ACSM Health and Fitness Journal article that exercise positively affects pregnancy, labor and possibly pregnancy outcomes.

Additionally, Pilates helps to stabilize joints due to ligament laxity from hormone changes, and reduces the aches and pains of carrying a pregnancy. For the aerobic component try short walks at a moderate pace throughout the week, checking to be sure your heart rate stays below 140 bbm. Take prenatal Pilates sessions that incorporate brief, light aerobic elements such as bouncing on the stability ball, as well as bands and light weights to maintain joint strength. Anyone who loves new technology should look at getting a cool wristband heart rate monitor that syncs with your computer. I felt extremely disappointed in myself for letting my pilates practice get away from me so badly. I had never really done yoga myself but I knew it had very similar movements to pilates and well, it seemed to work for Gisele Bundchen, so I decided to give it a try.
Exercise can also become a ritual of carving out time for yourself—a habit which will be tremendously important once the baby arrives. More than 90 percent of women who exercise during pregnancy will continue to exercise afterwards, says Dr. For women who are continuing their regular exercise regimen during pregnancy, exercise intensity should not exceed pre-pregnancy levels.
Plus, this added awareness of support muscles around the major joints will help prevent injury while doing light to moderate aerobic exercise during pregnancy. These gadgets can track how much you walk and give you milestones for success, plus they offer all kinds of other nifty stats like sleep. Moderate-to-hard intensity is safe for a woman who is accustomed to this level of exercise.
Pilates, for the most part, is not aerobic, so you will not need to monitor heart rate as much as with other kinds of exercise.
I’m sure you’ve seen articles in national press where women do insanely difficult workouts during pregnancy.

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