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Modern pregnancy tests are effective from the first day of menstruation (or 14 days from conception). The result may be a false positive in that case, if you are being treated for infertility and taking specific drugs containing HCG (pregnyl, profasi, choragon, etc.). Also elevated levels of HCG after abortion persist for some time (about a week) and if you during this period will hold the test, you will see two strips. If it is suspected that at a certain moment of conception was, from this time only after 28-35 days can do a pregnancy test. The main advantage of home tests is that they can be bought in any pharmacy and can I study in relaxed and comfortable surroundings.
There are several types of pregnancy tests, the instructions to every detail how to do the test correctly. More convenient of the two previous ones, because the urine will not need to raise test enough to place it under running.
In these tests, there is a special strip – receptacle, which can optionally be lowered into the container from the urine stream or substituted.

Judge for yourself, the number of such rapid tests for pregnancy, for example, offer to put a finger to the blue squares on the screen and if in a few minutes he will be red – you are pregnant))).
Some manufacturers write that their test can diagnose pregnancy after 7-8 days from the moment of conception, however, relying on this is not: by this time, the HCG hormone can either not produce or produce in such small amounts that the test did not identify. Therefore, to eliminate the attachment of a fertilized egg outside the uterine cavity that may be hazardous to women’s health, one should immediately consult a physician. The test strip should be lowered to a certain point in a container with a morning urine for 10-20 seconds. However, even if you will not put a finger on the screen, the small box after some time turns red.
If in urine there is the pregnancy hormone, then the test will appear two bars, if not then only one. If the second strip was manifested clearly, we need a couple of days to repeat the procedure to confirm the correctness of the information received.
Pre-assembled morning urine is dropped in the hole supplied with the test pipette and watch the result.

At worst – a way to make fraud (when, for example, to pass the test you must first send an SMS to a specific number).
Such online pregnancy tests are alike in one thing – you will get the result after a few minutes, without any special effort.
It’s kind of an interactive pregnancy test, answering the questions which you will learn, what is the probability of conception. How useful is this test for determining pregnancy – you decide, but any doctor you absolutely not advise it to anyone.

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