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The best part of the last two weeks have left me in some level of discomfort or pain in one way or another. All the way through this pregnancy I have been concerned about Twin 2’s movements to some degree.
Tomorrow is the consultant’s appointment where we will be discussing the caesarean and scheduling a date for it.
I had 2 NST (Non-Stress tests) last week and everything seemed to be ok.A  It sounds like I will be monitored twice a week now until delivery, which will more than likely be by c-section. After the waterworks, we got down to baby shower business and played some games with babyfood and puzzles.
We’ve had this magazine ad hanging from our fridge for the longest of time since living in Pasadena.
Ok family and friends, its time to get your reading glasses, contacts, magnifying glasses, glass eye, monocle, or fluoresence interference contrast microscopes together..

Now the rules are you can only reference one major face part and a relative whom it looks the closest to..
Her feet are pretty much perma-swollen as well and that’s even from laying down all day with brief spurts of activity and bathroom runs. I've been following and watching from afar rather then commenting, secretly also wanting twins lol!
The babies are draining you of every reserve you have now and it just goes to show how amazingly well you have done to get to this stage and for them to be such great weights! Kelly was kind enough to host the event at her house with lot’s of friends from work that came to have in on the fun.
Just before that, Norma was dogging them out something fierce on the drive to the baby shower. Needless to say, I hadn’t seen that many tears flowing so much since my days watching Amigas y Rivales on spanish television (Laura was a bee-otch and Angela was my favorite fyi).

Those little chunky monkeys are starting to kick ribs, pelvis, bladder, anything else their little feet can reach in there. I think I had to double pinky-swear that I would not bring my laptop into the delivery room when the babies are born. I guess I’m not helping the situation by making sure she continues takes her 3 protien shakes and water intake a day.

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