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Jill Duggar is the second daughter of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, stars of the hit reality series 19 Kids & Counting, and she was married to Derick Dillard just 2 months ago. What makes the Duggars different from all other reality stars out there is the fact that they’re deeply religious and seem to live by a set of rules and principles that one hardly ever encounters these days.
This is also reflected on the way they raise their many children because, yes, the Duggars don’t believe in abortion or birth control.
This said, it’s not really that surprising that Jill got pregnant in her second week as Mrs. They fell in love then so, when they finally met, they knew they would be walking down the aisle together soon, so they entered formal courtship. At this point started the period when I felt carefree (well not exactly since I then quit my job), because I didn't feel pregnant. I couldn't do a sh**, I lost my appetite (not 100% but enough) and I disliked this stake with my whole heart.

Now it's supposed to be the time when weight goes up rapidly (so far I've gained about 6kg, I am not really sure).
So it's no fun, and even if I'm only at week 21, I can't wait to hold my baby in my arms and get over with this pregnancy.
Next time I will post some photos of my belly (since I didn't get any ultrasound pictures yet).
Their kids enter courtships with boys they pre-approve, and they get to know each other as individuals, not physically, only in the presence of chaperones.
Dillard because she too believes they will have as many children as God wants them to have, without them intervening in any way to change that.
In fact, when they were introduced (by her father), he was in Nepal and they maintained a long-distance relationship on Skype and email for many months before they actually got to meet in person.
Truth to be told everyone said that after the first trimester you have plenty of energy left.

Everyone (and everything I read until I actually got pregnant) told me that being pregnant is FUN. Well it's not 100%, but I feel like it's a he from the beginning so I do think he is a he :P. This leaves me with a few pieces and I am wondering if I should get something new (I do still have quite a lot of clothes).
The kitchen was almost with no food (except pasta, which I hated the first trimester) and I wanted wanted wanted food (and I was quite broke, yes!).
Anyway, the baby is super alive and kicking, and even when I got sick (for the weekend from all the stress) he was acting nicely.

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