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Stephanie Whitehead joined us in October, 2014, as a front desk person, and became the Office Coordinator in April, 2015. Cindy joined our team as a part time Biller in November 2014 and has since become a full time Biller as of February 2015. Michelle is a board certified pediatric nurse practitioner, who joined us in September, 2006. Please make sure that you enter your contact details (full name, NRIC No, address, tel no, etc) correctly to ensure safe delivery of prize should you be selected as one of the winners. The 3 photos that best portray My Baby with the Greatest Smile and highest sharing (Likes + Shares) will be selected as the winners.
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The five photos that best portray Baby at Play and have the correct name of a Fisher-Price product will be selected as the winners. Your answer to the question, What does baby learn from playing with the Fisher-Price Rainbow Snail Stacker? Your answer to the question, What does baby learn from playing with the Fisher-Price Press & Crawl Lion? This was the touching message of Sebastian Duterte to his father Rodrigo Duterte at a thanksgiving party for his dad in Cebu on Wednesday night. In a video aired on GMA News, the younger Duterte, known as “Baste,” recalled the time when his father asked him who his idol was. The presidential son, who is now a social media hunk, reminded Filipinos, especially the youth, to not to be driven by money. In a previous INQUIRER article, Baste said he stayed away from politics but has appeared in his father’s campaign sorties to help him. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has strongly condemned incoming Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte’s apparent support of extrajudicial killings, voicing particular concern over his comments seen as justifying murdering journalists. Duterte won last month’s elections by a landslide largely due to an explosive law-and-order platform in which he pledged to end crime within six months by killing tens of thousands of suspected criminals. He has since offered large bounties to security forces as well as the general public to kill drug traffickers. Duterte also told reporters last week that journalists who took bribes or engaged in other corrupt activities deserved to die. Duterte raised the case of Jun Pala, a journalist and politician whose 2003 murder, like scores of other cases, has never been solved. Duterte’s spokesman Salvador Panelo told AFP earlier this week the president-elect never said killing reporters was justified. The journalist, who was named by Duterte, later said the question had been asked by another reporter. He made the comments as he expressed irritation at criticism voiced by foreign and local media groups over his remarks about killing journalists. Ban’s comments were the most critical from any world leader about Duterte since he won the election. In this file photo from March 2014, MILF chair Al Haj Murad Ebrahim shakes hands with President Aquino the first time he set foot in Malacanang.
MANILA— President Aquino pledged, on Thursday, his continued support for the Mindanao peace process, even as a private citizen. The President also expressed hope that the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), which the 15th Congress shelved, would be passed by the next Congress. Murad emphasized the power of words in his statement, giving as an example President Aquino’s “affirmation and acceptance of the Bangsamoro” in his speech at the signing of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) in 2012. The Caloocan City Police arrested Manuel Sia on Wednesday based on a warrant of arrest issued on Tuesday by presiding Judge Raymundo Vallega of Branch 130 of the Caloocan City Regional Trial Court.
SPO2 Eduardo Muscarre of Caloocan City Police’s warrant section said Sia was captured at his house at NorthVille in Bagumbong, Caloocan City after he sought advice at the barangay hall.
Sia, interviewed by the Philippine Daily Inquirer in his detention cell, said he turned himself in to the police after realizing that he must pay for the crime of raping his now 17-year-old daughter.
Sia admitted raping his daughter who was under his custody after he separated from his wife.
After the crime, the victim’s mother brought the victim back to Bicol together with her brother. President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has said that once he assumes power, he will instruct policemen to be tough on criminal suspects, especially those tagged in drug trafficking and drug pushing, and not to hesitate to kill those who will resist arrest.  Duterte has also offered a range of bounties up to P5 million for the capture of drug lords, drug traffickers and drug pushers. The incident has shed light on the new form of drugs using synthetic materials that killed the victims. Earlier, Concepcion posted a lengthy status on her Facebook account narrating what she witnessed at the concert. Concepcion said she also saw a girl collapsing and the latter’s boyfriend trying to carry her.
The girl that collapsed turned out to be one of the five fatalities later identified as Bianca Fontejon. NBI Forensic Division chief of staff Rommel Papa said they found traces of methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) methylene homolog and methylenedioxycathinone commonly known as “bath salts” in one of the two victims that they have autopsied. Papa explained that the methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) methylene homolog and methylenedioxy cathinone are new kinds of drugs that the NBI’s Anti-Illegal Drugs Division said are dangerous and not fit for human consumption but not illegal.
He said these are classified as “psychoactive,” “mind-altering” and “hallucinogenic” drugs.
Both drugs, he added, are not yet included on the list of prohibited drugs under Republic Act 9165 or the Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002. LEGAZPI CITY– A four-year-old girl died on Thursday morning several hours after she shared a meal of puffer fish, locally known as “butete” or “tikong,” with her family in Siruma town in Camarines Sur province on Wednesday night, a health official said. Romeo’s wife and the children’s mother, whom Reazon did not identify, was spared after she consumed only the broth of the cooked fish. While the government has information about an existing shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride) laboratory inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP), acting Justice Secretary Emmanuel Caparas said such an information remains inconclusive.
He said continuing operations were launched by government authorities but the search has yielded nothing. He explained that their information is only about the existence of the shabu laboratory but not the actual location. The camp of presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte led by Justice Secretary-designate Vitaliano Aguirre.
The New Bilibid Prison (NBP) is the source of 75 percent of drug transactions in the country, incoming Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II said on Thursday. Aguirre said NBP has become a drug haven despite the series of raids known as “Oplan Galugad” being conducted by the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor). Caparas said Aguirre was keen on focusing on drug-related cases, graft and corruption and certain agencies including the BuCor, which supervises, among others, the NBP. Drug lords and other high-risk inmates inside the NBP are now housed at Building 14, a heavily guarded facility inside the NBP’s maximum security compound. The incoming Department of Justice (DOJ) chief said the information they have received showed that drug operations outside are being controlled by the drug lords in prison.
Aguirre said Oplan Galugad, or the regular raid inside the prison facility, will be stopped because prison authorities continue to recover illegal drugs and contrabands. Aguirre earlier said that in lieu of Oplan Galugad, he will employ a “shock and awe” tactic to paralyze the criminal operations inside the prison facility. The state weather bureau on Thursday issued a thunderstorm advisory over Metro Manila and nearby areas.
The bureau advised the public to take precautionary measures against heavy rains, strong winds, lightning and possible flash floods. Farmer Eugene Nace found the young eagle trapped in a snare that was used in catching monkey inside the Aurora Memorial National Park on June 1, said Francisco Milla Jr., DENR Central Luzon director.
The bird’s existence confirmed the presence of this critically endangered species in the Sierra Madre mountain range, Fred Sadueste, regional chief of the DENR wildlife enforcement division, said.
Milla said the raptor had to be turned over last June 2 to the BMB for rehabilitation.  It will stay at the BMB until it is healthy to be returned to the forests, according to Milla. In April, the National Bureau of Investigation seized seven Palawan pangolins and cobras from a Chinese woman transporting the wildlife via the Clark Freeport north of this Pampanga capital.
These and the Aurora eagle brought to 58 the animals and birds rescued and confiscated by the DENR in Central Luzon since 2011. They’re burying Muhammad Ali on Friday in Louisville, Kentucky, where he was born and raised, after a Muslim prayer service on Thursday.
If there was a fight that would define the life and times of Muhammad Ali, it would be this, the third and final encounter with Joe Frazier, described by many as the greatest heavyweight fight of all time. In 1967, the brash young fighter claimed conscientious-objector status and refused to be drafted to fight in America’s war in Vietnam.
After bequeathing the heavyweight mantle to the likes of Larry Holmes and a succession of lesser lights, and the money title to such diverse sports moneymakers as Woods, Michael Jordan and Floyd Mayweather, The Champ became a preacher of peace, spirituality and family values. Who can forget him as, frail, slow and shaking, he struggled to accomplish the task at hand during the opening ceremonies of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, one of his last major public appearances? In a series over Christmas I detailed how the Aquino administration had violated contracts and not paid its bills to the business sector. Anyway, here’s a chance early on for President-elect Rodrigo Duterte to show that he supports business and will stand for no hanky-panky from bureaucrats, and that he’ll honor contracts the Philippine government has signed as these are a sovereign commitment.
Duterte can instruct Cesar Dulay, his internal revenue commissioner, to make as a first task a review of all unpaid value-added tax refunds—and pay them, ignoring the minor technicalities upon which the Aquino administration loves to play. The collapse of the MRT 3 system is entirely due to the foolish decision of the transportation department to “save money” with a cheaper contract.
Then there’s the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) violating the contract with Manila Water and Maynilad. The National Water Resources Board, adopting the recommendation of a technical working group composed of representatives of the justice and finance departments and the National Economic and Development Authority, agreed with the companies in a board resolution issued in 2005 on how the return on rate base should be computed.
But the Commission on Audit has now decided that tax should be included in the company’s share of the revenues, despite the contract saying it wouldn’t be. The Bases Conversion and Development Authority was ordered by the courts to pay Camp John Hay Development Corp. So there: Pay what’s due, restore the original intent of mangled government contracts and commit to honoring these in the future. President-elect Rodrigo Duterte cannot be faulted for his decision not to consider Vice President-elect Leni Robredo for a position in his Cabinet.
Aside from Robredo being a member of a different political party and his not wanting to hurt the feelings of his friend, defeated vice presidential candidate Ferdinand Marcos Jr., Duterte wants to give priority in appointments to high government positions to the people who helped him win the presidency. Although Duterte campaigned on a platform of change, he is still, at heart, a traditional politician who believes that favors earlier given should be reciprocated, in one way or another, when the opportunity presents itself. Whether or not the people he has named to his Cabinet can help him fulfill his campaign promises remains to be seen. Robredo’s exclusion from the Cabinet does not mean she has to content herself with being a “spare tire” to the presidency and (knock on wood) wait for Duterte to die, resign, get impeached, or be seriously incapacitated to perform the duties of his office. The Office of the Vice President is a constitutional office that is provided with funds from the national budget to defray the expenses of its occupant and his or her staff in the performance of official activities. Since Robredo will not be a member of Duterte’s official family, she will be free to speak her mind on the issues of the day and, where appropriate, go against the administration’s position, something she “ethically” may not be able to do if she holds an appointive government position. It will be recalled that before Vice President Jejomar Binay launched his campaign for the presidency in the May 9 elections, he was restrained in his criticisms of the Aquino administration out of respect for being part of his Cabinet.
With Robredo at liberty to plan her official and personal activities without having to check with Malacanang, she will have all the time in the world to promote the advocacies she engaged in when her late husband Jesse Robredo was mayor of Naga City and when she was a congresswoman.
She can advance her pet projects—empowerment of the underprivileged members of our society and poverty alleviation—directly through her office or by working with existing nongovernment organizations. With her engaging personality and eloquence in expressing her thoughts, she will not find it difficult to solicit the assistance and cooperation of the media in bringing attention to her advocacies. And if Duterte makes good his statement that he will refrain from holding media conferences during his term, Robredo could find herself a favorite source of news by a Duterte-starved media. Although Robredo can legally use the funds of her office for her projects, she may have to tap the private sector for financial contributions to keep her projects moving.
With Robredo’s reputation for simple living, corruption-free service record and judicious use of public funds, no hard sell is needed to convince corporations with deep pockets to share part of their profits for her grassroots programs.
Besides, it helps to be in the good graces of the person who may suddenly become president if the Fates decide that it’s time for the incumbent president to go, so she can take over the reins of government.
Robredo’s activities and movements in the coming days will be closely watched by politicians who plan to run for president or vice president in 2022, especially those who are presently hanging around Duterte or trying to give the impression that they have his ear. These wannabes will make sure that Robredo will not be a threat to their political ambitions, or that her “free status” can be parlayed to make her a viable presidential candidate six years from now. The last time a vice president was shunted out of a Cabinet position and allowed to freely manage his time and activities, he later became president. For many years, I mentally played out this and other make-believe scenes of a complete family—a mother, a father and a child.
As I look back on my fatherless growing-up years, words are spewing out of my mind in bullet-train speed and my hands are having a hard time keeping up to put them down.
For more than six decades of my existence, I have never been known to explode in major histrionic outbursts or dramatic emotional displays replete with flailing arms and dilated nostrils.
Like an egg that has been immersed in scalding water, I have hardened as the boiled egg’s shell. I realize at this stage of my life that becoming “whole” as a person, my own, need not be defined by elements society deems necessary to make one’s life complete.
But such indomitable anchors should also be tensile enough to acknowledge a multitude of realities out there, the myriad ways of expressing humanity and the integrity of being. When I reflect on these lines, I am comforted that I am welcome in this imperfect world, and I can be whole, and wholly imperfect or imperfectly whole, like the rest of creation. Rufa Cagoco-Guiam, 64, is a professor and director of the Institute for Peace and Development in Mindanao at Mindanao State University-General Santos City. The postelection atmosphere is getting more and more toxic and foul from political, sexual, gender-insensitive and murderous tirades from you-know-who, and every time I hear more of the same the blood in my feet rises to my head. Sometimes we need to turn off the sights and sounds and look elsewhere to revive our sanity and breathe new air. With the death last week of Muhammad Ali, considered boxing’s greatest, the world of sports was at a loss for words in describing the absence that will not be filled.
I have a copy of the April 25, 1988, issue of Sports Illustrated with him on the cover and the cover story “Ali and His Entourage.” It is about “The Greatest” and the people who waited on him when he was the greatest. Luis Sarria, the masseur: “His hands, splayed from long, long arms, were broad and black and powerful from years of hacking Cuban sugarcane.
Pat Patterson, the bodyguard: “But the Bodyguard had to sit on the corner stool and watch helplessly when his man needed protection most, in the ring when the end was near. Herbert Muhammad, the manager: “His dream of building 49 more mosques like this first one, using the money Ali and he could generate, was drifting further and further from his reach. I cannot help but think of the Philippines’ boxing great, Manny Pacquiao, a newly elected senator of the republic, (he was congressman before that, with the most absences), who rose from poverty and had little education, but is now a multibillionaire, and a lawmaker. The Office of Women and Gender Concerns, a mission partner of the Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines, is holding a “Gender Orientation for Formators” on June 22-24 at the Benedictine Sisters Retreat House, Wagner Road, Military Cut-off, Baguio City. Late in April, Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio met with his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, in China.

With this general sense of the Japanese, it is difficult to understand why it is being said that the problem lies in Japan’s attitude of not accepting China’s development. When Koizumi Junichiro was Japan’s prime minister in the early 2000s, the bilateral relations were described as “cold politics and hot economics”: The relations were chilled by his visit to the Yasukuni Shrine even as Japanese companies advanced into China one after another. But we need to pay attention to qualitative changes in the economic exchanges between the two countries.
While the number of Chinese tourists in Japan grew at a sluggish pace after bilateral relations became tense, it doubled in 2014 and 2015 to reach 5 million in 2015, ranking first among foreign tourists for the first time.
Japan-China interactions were limited to activities in China by a handful of Japanese businessmen in the past, but these are now set to expand significantly in Japan. It is true that the expansion of interactions, as well as the behavior of tourists, gives rise to cultural friction vis-a-vis Japanese customs.
Quite a number of Japanese also vaguely feel that the reaction of the Chinese people to the Kumamoto earthquakes observed on the internet is more empathetic than at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake five years ago, regardless of the level of their donations. I strongly hope that warm civil exchanges will gradually temper the political tension that has hardened like ice. Nothing beats the experience of running the Boston Marathon, the oldest and most prestigious 42-kilometer race in the world. And then suddenly, the fun was over and the course reached the town of Newton, famous for its three “killer” hills. I received my medal right afterwards, and felt such a triumph seeing these words engraved: 120th Boston Marathon, April 18, 2016.
I am from Kaiserslautern, a small city in Germany, which is just a 45-minute car drive to France. I see a similarity between that war and the ongoing conflict in Mindanao: brothers and sisters of the same “roots” fighting each other. Two articles I’ve written about President-elect Rodrigo Duterte have been published by the local media.
During the martial law years, Jaime Cardinal Sin adopted a policy of “critical collaboration” with the Marcos regime.
But in the case of President Duterte, I believe we must give him our support and cooperation—yes, in a critical way. We can put drug pushers in jail for the rest of their lives, so they will have enough time to repent and atone for their sins.
According to media reports, he admitted having some mistresses; he said he will not charge government for their sustenance.
Another good thing is that Duterte has a good relationship with Joma Sison and the National Democratic Front and the members of the rebel movement’s negotiation panel.
For example, when I was still a parish priest in San Francisco, Agusan, 48 people were murdered on suspicion that they were military infiltrators. Justice should be done to all the victims of the war between the government and the rebels, so that there finally will be peace in our country, the Philippines. A man speaks on a smartphone in front of the electronic stock indicator of a securities firm in Tokyo on June 9. Global stocks fell on Thursday as investors worried about the health of the global economy given the Federal Reserve’s cautious stance about raising its interest rates. ECB warning: The president of the European Central Bank warned in a speech Thursday that the eurozone economy needs governments to make more reforms if it is to see higher growth. BERLIN — German prosecutors are investigating an employee at Volkswagen who allegedly asked his coworkers to delete or hide data in connection with the company’s emission scandal.
Ziehe said several employees moved files to flash drives, some of which have been recovered. TOKYO—Japanese automaker Honda is recalling 784,000 vehicles in Japan due to faulty Takata Corp.
The Tokyo-based manufacturer said the recall was in response to a recent decision by the Japanese government, which followed one last month by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in which Takata agreed to add up to 40 million air bag inflators to an already massive recall.
Takata has not been able to produce enough replacement parts to keep up with the recalls, which may balloon to more than 100 million globally. The expanded recall mainly covers inflators in front passenger air bags that do not have a chemical drying agent known as a desiccant. Authorities in Malaysia have begun an investigation into two more recent deaths in cars with Takata air bags that ruptured. Philippine economic growth would outperform those of its peers in the region this year on the back of robust domestic demand despite a weak global economy, according to the World Bank. In the next two years, the Philippine economy would further grow on expectations of sustained low commodity prices and strong consumption, the World Bank said. Amid slow global trade, “strong domestic demand underlay growth in commodity importers” in the Philippines, the World Bank said.
The lender also urged the Philippines to tap the growth potentials being presented by its young population. The maiden auction of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ term deposit facility (TDF) held Wednesday was swarmed by banks, attracting more than P199.7 billion in bids for the offering of P30 billion. Both the seven- and 28-day term deposits auctioned off under the interest rate corridor (IRC), aimed at mopping up excess liquidity and tempering volatility in market rates by moving them toward the policy rate, yielded an average rate of 2.5 percent. The BSP awarded all P10 billion in seven-day term deposits offered even as the auction was oversubscribed by more than eight times with tenders hitting P82.4 billion. The offering for P20 billion in 28-day term deposits was also oversubscribed by nearly six times, with bids reaching P117.3 billion. So far, so good—both PLDT and Globe could not wait to roll out their newly acquired hot 700-MHz spectrum for high-speed mobile internet connection. In less than a week after it acquired a huge chunk of the spectrum, Globe announced it had already fired up its first 700-MHz cell site, located at Hardin ng Bougainvillea in UP Diliman in Quezon City. Not to be outdone, PR guys of PLDT Wednesday boasted through text messages that the company had already rolled out not one but two 700-MHz cell sites, one in Tanay, Rizal and the other at Ecoland in Matina, Davao City. That city happened to be the operational capital of the country today, being the hometown of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, also known down here as Duterte Harley, which had nothing to do with the fictional character Dirty Harry. Our incoming leader did not seem to mind that PLDT has been majority owned by foreign groups, technically, because of the Supreme Court ruling on its use of preferred shares to go around the constitutional limit on foreign ownership.
Media reports immediately quoted PLDT officials as saying the firm would improve its services in four to six months. It seemed the timing of PLDT and Globe could not have been better in acquiring the telecom business of their lone competitor, San Miguel. As we all know is that all the last three remaining telcos in the country agreed on a P70-billion deal last week, with PLDT and Globe in effect buying out San Miguel’s interest in telecom, including the much fought-over 700 MHz bandwidth. The audience for such criticism was the new antitrust body called Philippine Competition Commission, or PCC, now headed by former Neda chief Arsenio Balisacan. No wonder, PLDT and Globe were hurrying to use their new 700-MHz spectrum that would be their way to offer faster broadband services, thus justifying their acquisition of their lone competitor in the field.
Even the San Miguel board admitted that the firm would take some time to roll out its precious 700-MHz bandwidth, precisely because its competitor would file cases against it, which could take several lifetimes. But then everybody also agree that, with the bright prospects in the BPO business, estimated to hit more than $25 billion in revenue this year, the entire Philippines would need fast internet connection right away! We happened to be one of the fastest growing internet users in the world, with some 45 million people consuming some 150,000 terabytes of data every year, according to studies. Despite talk of anticompetition regarding the biggest ever P70-billion deal, the National Telecommunications Commission, the NTC, approved it on May 27, or before the three publicly listed telcos disclosed it to the Philippine Stock Exchange on May 30. The NTC nevertheless imposed several conditions on PLDT and Globe, apparently aiming to force them to use the 700-MHz spectrum right away. From what I gathered, most important of the NTC conditions was that PLDT and Globe must come up with their rollout plans within 60 days, covering at least 90 percent of the cities and municipalities in the country. But how would the NTC enforce its conditions on PLDT and Globe, considering that, in the recent past, the telecom sector disregarded—with much impunity, one might add—every government move to force them to improve their services? From what I gathered, the NTC insisted on a provision in the “joint use” contract between PLDT and Globe that, in case of violation of the conditions, the NTC could terminate the deal.
But how could the NTC know if they were actually providing their customers the required high speed of internet service? I heard the NTC had bought some hi-tech equipment to be able to monitor the speed of broadband services offered by PLDT and Globe.
In effect, it would force PLDT and Globe to improve their internet broadband service within one year, which was the deadline set by Duterte Harley.
In a TV interview, incoming Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez said the NTC picked up one of the issues that Duterte Harley brought up during the campaign, the slow internet service. The Philippine automotive industry posted another record month in May as vehicle sales rose by 30 percent to 30,157 units, according to the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc.
Last month’s sales has brought the total volume of vehicles sold in the first five months of the year to 134,328 units, reflecting a 25 percent growth compared to the same period last year, joint data from Campi and the Truck Manufacturers Association showed. Campi said both the passenger car (PC) and commercial vehicle (CV) segments saw healthy sales performances from the January to May period amid stiffer competition among industry players. Joint Campi and TMA data showed passenger car segment grew 14 percent to 10,893 units in May, bringing the year-to-date figure rising 18 percent to a total of 50,609 units. The incoming Duterte administration intends to roll out immediately a P30-billion package for the rehabilitation of the agriculture and fisheries sector to help in its recovery from long-standing constraints and the recent El Nino weather phenomenon. Also, he said he was proposing the creation of a National Food Security Coordinating Council, which would ensure “interconnectivity among all government agencies that are directly and indirectly” involved in agriculture and fisheries. Pinol said the proposed council would be an umbrella group of agencies that would include not only the bureaus and other entities under the supervision of the Department of Agriculture but also Pag-asa (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration) and Project Noah (Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards) of the Department of Science and Technology.
Further, he said the new DA leadership wanted to expand the country’s rice producing areas by a million hectares. Data from the Philippine Statistical Authority show that from 2013 to 2015, the total area planted to rice averaged about 4.7 million hectares yearly. He added that the new administration would take a major shift in perspective with respect to the development of irrigation systems. Even then, the former Cotabato governor said the Duterte administration would build on the gains attained during the leadership of Proceso J. The Aquino administration promised the attainment of self-sufficiency in rice production by 2013, but strong typhoons year after year shot down this ambition.
Investors from the United Kingdom said the Philippines has a big potential for ocean energy production as they called for government support especially on the revival of the shelved guaranteed incentives for developers.
Bell Prie Power (Philippines) CEO Lourdesiree Latimer said there was a “headspinning” potential for ocean energy production in the Philippines, especially in the west side of Luzon. An initial combined capacity of 100 megawatts (MW), developed jointly by several firms, would encourage other investors and bring the production cost down to more affordable levels, she said. Sgurr Energy business development manager David O’Hare said tidal turbine systems developed by the company may be used in open waters and in run-of-river systems in the country. Albatera commercial director David Campbell said his company, meanwhile, was considering bringing small-scale wave turbine technology for use not only in open waters but also in fish farms across the Philippines. Department of Energy (DOE) OIC and Asssistant Secretary Mario Marasigan said the government was currently assessing potential ocean energy sites that it could offer to investors. The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) was also studying proposals to revive the feed-in-tariff (FIT) program for ocean energy, which was shelved in 2012 because of lack of project proponents.
Layugan said ERC has committed to come up with “something” before the end of the year to guide investors on the viability of their projects. Debt watcher Fitch Ratings believes the Philippines’ real estate industry is not overheating despite rising property prices and robust lending from banks.
University of the Philippines has always maintained the position of being one of the best schools in the country and that’s the standard maintained by its students, including the athletes. SRIKARA Ortho & Multi Speciality Hospitals is a 100 bed multi speciality with unit of world class ortho and critical facilities. SRIKARA Ortho & Multi Speciality Hospitals is located at heart of Secunderabad opposite to Railway Reservation counter, but in calm, serene surrounding, greenary and open space on three sides and engaged in providing primary as well as tertiary health services, with a difference. The SRIKARA Ortho & Multi Speciality Hospitals a unit of of Venkateswara Ortho Health Care Pvt. Lauren had been an RN for 6 years, prior to completed her master’s degree at the University of Toledo.
She is a graduate of University of Michigan with a Master’s of Science Degree in Infant, Child, and Adolescent Health.
His sister, Sara, is Davao City’s incoming mayor while his brother Paolo is the city’s vice-mayor. You have my support,” he told a weekend rally in his southern hometown of Davao city. He recognizes the fact that there are many instances where journalists are killed because of their advocacies,” Panelo added. Aquino, who made the peace in Mindanao a cornerstone of his six-year administration, made this promise at the launch of “Junctures,” a compilation of selected speeches and statements made throughout the peace process between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). Tell me how I can help this process, even as an ordinary citizen, and I will be by your side,” the President said at the event held at Malacanang. We launch it fully aware that the journey is still ongoing—that there are more challenges we must overcome, and triumphs that await all of us.
I truly believe that our combined efforts can bring about a Mindanao—and a Philippines—that is free from conflict, one that we can be proud to bequeath to future generations,” he added. MILF chief negotiator Mohagher Iqbal read Murad’s statement and extended the MILF head’s apology to President Aquino and the audience for his absence.
He also wants Congress to pass a law restoring death penalty for heinous crimes including drug trafficking.
Obviously they weren’t on just alcohol as their eyes were rolling, teeth grinding, and they were dancing non-stop for the whole hour (or more than).
John Paul Reazon, chief of the Tinambac Municipal Hospital, said Mia Borines died while four members of her family experienced symptoms of food poisoning. Ang ibang ilegal na droga ay galing pa sa (Some of the illegal drugs were from) mainland China,” Aguirre said. They have been separated from the other inmates to prevent them from continuing with their illegal activities. In 14 brutal rounds at the Araneta Coliseum, The Champ, arrogant and condescending, became all at once benevolent and compassionate, humbled and chastened by the unyielding stand of Smokin‘ Joe. Frazier would not fight again and was bitter to the end, but it was the biggest compliment any prizefighter can receive from an opponent.
And many were willing to gloss over his record of dalliances and indiscretions; to his adoring fans, he could do no wrong. Its officials responded with nonsense explanations and motherhood generalities that stand up to no scrutiny at all. He could ask Vitaliano Aguirre II, his justice secretary, to make this a first task: to look into these contracts and, if he agrees with me there’s violation, cancel the arbitration and court cases and abide by the contracts as originally written.
First, cancel the anomalous contracts for MRT 3 maintenance and give the contract back to Sumitomo who had proven its competence. Halfway through the project implementation, then Transportation Secretary Mar Roxas put it on hold.
These actions alone will go a long way in restoring private-sector confidence in government dealings and deliver a clear signal that President-elect Duterte supports business nationally, as he has supported local business in Davao City. Thus, the majority of his appointees are political allies, people he worked with in the past, former college classmates, and friends of long standing. Sometimes, the best of intentions are not enough to get things done in a bureaucracy that considers political patronage and advancement of personal interests as par for the course.
But after Binay threw his hat in the presidential ring, he railed against the failures and shortcomings of the Aquino administration. Either way she does it, the prestige and influence of the second highest political office of the land will be helpful in accomplishing the objectives of her projects.
She can look forward to generous assistance from private companies with strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs in their mission statements. Through this inner world of make-believe, I hoped to fill that void, and to eventually become whole, as my then puerile mind dictated.
I realize there are just too many things left unsaid, too many emotions I have not expressed. I have always preferred to let my lachrymal glands do the talking, although, occasionally, I would let loose with some sharp epithets and spiky expletives when push came to shove.
For all her harsh ways of bringing me up and in making me always aware of my being the “fruit of an illicit desire,” my mother remains my strongest influence and role model.
I matured early and became guardian and surrogate mother to more than half a dozen rambunctious half-siblings.

The void I used to feel as a child growing up without a father is the result of being molded into structures on which we are oriented as our social “musts” that do not consider those who defy the usual and the comfortable. We need these to fortify ourselves to deal with various assaults that might break our sanity to pieces. And the only way we can be whole is when we accept our interconnectedness with one another—as persons, as animals and plants, as organisms deemed fit by the Great Power to be here. With or without being nurtured by a father, even by a surrogate one, I can be my complete self that is not defined by any social structure and stricture. And I think I have in many ways become one: not perfect, but wholly humane and dignified enough to honor the dignity of others.
Originally from the province of Bohol, she has become a Bangsamoro by choice and by affinity, and now calls Mindanao her second and permanent home.
And so I look to another arena that is hardly familiar to me but is full of human faces and stories nonetheless.
The blurb says: “The champ and his followers were the greatest show on earth, and then the show ended. I remembered them, working endlessly up and down the smooth ripples of Ali’s body until he drifted off to sleep.
Consider the many movies and novels—Norman Mailer’s “The Fight” among them—on this bloody sport. It was the first time in four and a half years that the foreign ministers of the two countries held talks on an occasion other than an official international meeting. This has often been said since last year by Foreign Minister Wang, who used to be widely popular in Japan as China’s ambassador, and his requests (four) at the April meeting were so coercive. For the last 12 years or so since then, cold politics has been ongoing, including occasional extremely cold storms, although some warm air blew from time to time. The challenge facing the Japanese industry has changed in the past two decades from how to deal with deflation (the pursuit of lower prices) to how to make up for the shrinking domestic market due to the aging population and the declining birthrate. It is no longer unusual to see Chinese people in Japan, buying products in department stores, electronics retail stores, drug stores and so on, and visiting popular tourist spots. While the number of Japanese and their families living in China is only a little more than 100,000, the number and the regional and social expansion of Japanese with whom 5 million Chinese tourists will be directly and indirectly in contact are incomparable. But I feel that the view of the Japanese with regard to Chinese tourists is much friendlier than expected.
I wonder whether this is because the Chinese who have actually experienced Japanese society are taking a warm interest in Japan. I was one of 27,000 runners who attempted to finish the tough, historic course held last April. In the plane en route, I met runners from different continents who were traveling just for the race. After all, the Boston Marathon’s tough qualification requirements draw the world’s best runners.
Others do it by sheer talent.  Knowing that these people qualified was a humbling experience. It was “Marathon Monday,” and all of Boston brimmed with energy at its biggest annual event.
Thousands of runners were standing by at the “Athlete’s Village” to wait for their starting corral. Halfway through the course, we entered the famous “scream tunnel” at the town of Wellesley. Even with all the prerace knowledge, nothing could ever prepare one for the long hills that never seemed to end. It’s not just about the route, it’s also about the history of running, and the raw celebration of the sport.  It’s not just about ourselves, it’s also about the friends, family and strangers who came out to celebrate the race with us.
Wars do divide families.   While my grandfather and my father were officers in a French Army unit, my maternal grandfather was an officer of the German SS. Today, I am happy that the senseless violent, bloody and murderous enmity between two nations that are supposed to be “brothers” is forever history.
The first was based on what we read about Duterte before the elections, which was mostly negative.
On the other hand, drug users need help from a psychologist or a therapist who can help them get rid of their bad habit.
I believe the President of our nation should stay in Manila, the commercial and political center of our nation. I believe, as a Christian nation, we should express openly our disgust about a President with that attitude and bad habit. For a Christian President this is uncalled for and he must apologize to the Church and its bishops. Duterte should convince these people to give up their hard-line stance on Marxism and to agree on a “permanent ceasefire.” The communists can bring their “struggle” to the parliament, but they must also agree to answer for all the crimes committed by the rebel movement.
Asian shares were mostly lower Thursday despite gains on Wall Street as a weaker dollar negatively impacted Japanese stocks and investors weighed risks given the Federal Reserve’s cautious stance about tightening rates. Mario Draghi noted the central bank could not heal the economy on its own and that reforms are needed in a region where aging demographics risks weighing on long-term growth. 26, 2015 file photo a giant logo of the German car manufacturer Volkswagen is pictured on top of a company’s factory building in Wolfsburg, Germany.
A criminal complaint has been filed in Japan about a Takata air bag causing injuries during a crash, the first such case in this nation related to an unfolding massive recall.
In the Philippines, growth is projected to firm to 6.4 percent in 2016, with an accelerated implementation of public-private partnership projects and strong domestic demand. Economic managers had said the lower end of the 2016 GDP growth goal was attainable given the faster-than-expected 6.9- percent expansion in the first quarter. That the auction was filled at the same rate as the overnight deposit facility (ODF) seems to indicate that there is still significant liquidity in the system, which we expect will be siphoned off in the ODF throughout the day,” BSP Governor Amando M.
PLDT and Globe, that they must improve their services, particularly internet connection, or else he would be forced to open the sector to foreign investors.
Globe officials did better than their PLDT counterparts, setting their timetable at three to four months.
PLDT and Globe, was not prohibited under the law as long as the setup would not create abuses. We expect new models to reach the market with positive response as we also look at July figures to have a stable to higher sales performance,” Campi president Rommel Gutierrez said in a statement issued Wednesday.
Stock availability further drove vehicle sales as new and refreshed models were introduced to the market.
The number of units sold under the commercial vehicle segment, meanwhile, rose 30 percent to 83,719 units in the first five months of the year. Pinol, incoming agriculture secretary, the assistance package will mostly come in the form of farm inputs such as fertilizer and seeds. I will ask the Department of Finance (as to) where this will be sourced,” Pinol said in a briefing that followed a transitional meeting with outgoing agriculture chief Proceso J. It said lending growth remained at a high 17 percent during the mid-2014 to end-2015 period despite tighter regulations introduced two years ago, including a 60-percent cap on property collateral values and real estate stress test.
The hospital has expert and renowned doctors, state of the art medical infrastructure which includes the advanced laminar operation theatres, CT scan, ultra sound, digital x-ray and other diagnostic services with fully equipped laboratory to provide round the clock prompt and accurate treatment. Our experts’ team commits towards quality treatment and exclusive care towards patients. It is a hospital that is founded and managed by professionals with a mission and a passion for providing oral care for the needy.
We believe in treatment transparency and seriously see to it that our patients get the fairest advice at an extremely affordable treatment. Especiaslly for Joint Replacement to control infection we have installed FIRST i-Suite Operation Theatre in the State. It instills in us the awareness that we are, once more, at a juncture, where we must choose between reverting to the status quo of the past, or continuing our progress far into the future,” Mr. His biographer Dave Kindred, as quoted by The New York Times, wrote: “We forgive Muhammad Ali his excesses because we see in him the child in us, and if he is foolish or cruel, if he is arrogant, if he is outrageously in love with his reflection, we forgive him because we no more can condemn a rainbow for dissolving into the dark. After a few anxious moments, he managed to light the flame and send it creeping up to the Olympic cauldron that exploded into a spectacular ball of fire. The Louisville Lip is silent finally, but the flame he lit for the sports world and beyond—for peace and international understanding and for racial, political and religious equality—will endure.
Whatever reason President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo had for canceling the contract did not include nonpayment of what had been legitimately spent. MRT 3 is in the final stages of collapse, and more than half a million commuters suffer each day. Then the MWSS arbitrarily changed the formula for computing water rates, saying they can no longer include income tax as a recoverable expense in determining the tariff—even though the contract gave that as a condition of investment. Pandering to the public for political reasons seems a likely justification for this action.
They were enticed to take the high risk and huge cost of exploring for natural gas by agreeing they’d be tax-exempt, as an incentive to come. Malampaya will run out in 2024, plus we need more power for growing demand due to a growing economy.
Perhaps these are manifestations of an earlier inferior self-image—largely the outcome of being fatherless for most of my early and growing-up years. I also made a strong resolve to become a “somebody”—to quash the image of being unwanted, of being the result of an amorous “mistake,” as it has been etched in my consciousness. Mailer was in the Philippines to cover the “Thrilla in Manila” between heavyweights Ali and Joe Frazier in 1975. While it is said that their talks lasted for four and a half hours, it only served to remind Japan how high the hurdles are in the two countries’ bilateral relations, rather than offer hope for their improvement. Japan’s government does not disseminate the so-called “China economic recession theory,” and I am concerned that Mr. What Japanese companies expect from economic relations with China has also changed from cheap labor to the purchasing power of Chinese consumers—in other words, a flow from workshops to the market. I wonder whether this is because the Japanese are delighted or honored to see the Chinese, who they once considered to be anti-Japanese, taking the trouble to come to Japan and holding positive feelings toward the Japanese as a result of their sightseeing, shopping, and coming in contact with Japanese daily life. I saw running superstars, but I also knew that the best runners of each participating country were quietly walking around the expo. What a sight it was—men and women of different colors, ages and nationalities, in a mix of nervous excitement, calm preparation, and curious anticipation. Left and right, one could see the residents of the participating towns, as well as friends and family showing support for the marathoners.
Even from a mile away, we could hear far off cheers that kept getting louder and louder and louder.
And then I realized that no matter where we came from, and no matter what our reasons were for running, we were in the middle of a precious moment.
I felt an affinity with all the runners who ran the course that day, and all the runners who have run it in the past 120 years.  They must have felt as tired, as proud and as joyful as I was at that moment. This prompted me to leave the priesthood, marry the wife of one of those killed in the Antongalon massacre, and adopt her six young children. Most market analysts had expected the bank to lower interest rates later in the year, anticipating slower growth in the second half.
Brent crude, the benchmark for international oil prices, fell 48 cents to $52.03 a barrel in London. The country benefits from diversified export markets and low global commodity prices,” the World Bank said in its June 2016 Global Economic Prospects report released Wednesday in Manila.
Our hospital is furnished with the latest medical equipments, world class laminar operation theatres, the intensive care units which are centrally monitored. Hence we take good care of medically compromised patients as well such as diabetics, cardiac, hypertensive patients etc. Despite the ravages of Parkinson’s disease, The Champ showed that he could still light up the world. As will the world’s memory of him, the images of him in his youth, in his prime, in his postfight life: powerful, colorful, inimitable, the genuine article, for-all-time, quite simply The Greatest. Arroyo, in fact, assured us that cancellation did not mean not meeting financial obligations. I sometimes wonder what extraterrestrials would think if they came upon a boxing match, which, if you ask me, isn’t too different from a cockfight or a spider fight, a fight to the death between gladiators while the blood-thirsty spectators in the arena lustily cheer. Although every other rich kid now owns a mountain bike, I have yet to know of one who would desperately want to win a bike tour—in a blistering Philippine summer, that is. It is conceivable that obstacles—varying views on territorial issues, differences in the mutual sense of history, and the concerns and irritations of China over Japan’s security policy in recent years—lie between the countries.
Wang’s requests may sound like a high-handed approach of “just listen quietly to China and obey what China says,” after all. The decision of Japanese companies to move their production sites to China has run its course; new investments have not been particularly active in the last few years, partly due to rising costs such as personnel expenses in China. And business undertaken by Japanese companies in China has changed its form from building factories there to waiting for people and money that emerge from China. And what a surprise when we reached the famous Wellesley landmark: girls from the local college lined up for a full kilometer, asking runners for a kiss.
We were all running the most prestigious race in the world, and that in itself is a celebration.  I endured the pain and kept my pace steady.
The final stretch of the Boston Marathon ended on Boylston Street, where a grandstand was set up and was overflowing with people watching the runners cross the finish line. Ikaw talaga ang number one idol ko,” a teary-eyed Baste told the crowd at the Cebu Country Club.
He became the poster boy for the antiwar movement in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s, and was both hated and loved for his strong stand on racial, religious and political issues.
All together, they paint a portrait of Ali, even as they paint a portrait of themselves as individuals and as members of an entourage. But I am afraid that many Japanese, apart from feeling emotionally separated from China—find it hard to see why China appears to be in such a bad mood.
There are also other ways of spending money, such as sightseeing and shopping in Japan, and shopping for Japanese goods on the internet. And I have a dim hope in my heart that the increasing number of Chinese who are actually in contact with Japanese society may help temper the moody tone of strained political relations.
Each of us had to either beat a challenging qualifying time or raise charity money in order to get in. They lined the streets, called out the name on one’s race bib, and offered high-fives for energy. It’s an annual tradition for the college girls to kiss and cheer the marathoners until they lose their voices. The sound of cheers in the last 100 meters of the race was so overpowering that it fueled me as I finally crossed the finish line. He pushed the envelope, raised the bar, spoke up when it mattered (which makes, say, Tiger Woods seem like a wuss). In golf, you walk on soft grass and you have to have lots of money, too, unless you are a caddy with access to the green. The target of Chinese shopping extends as far as real estate and companies in Japan—items that cannot be brought back home. The challenge is to run it smartly so that one’s legs will still have energy during its hardest sections toward KM 30. All my tiredness just melted at the unbelievable sight, and at the runners who actually stopped to kiss the college girls. During World War II, those in Holland who collaborated with Hitler were heavily punished after the war by the people. Contrary to China’s strategy of opening the country to foreigners, Japanese companies have shifted their strategy from zou chu qu (expanding overseas) to yin jin lai (inviting foreign money at home). I remembered all the hills training that my coach made me do during training, and I was resolved to make him proud.
Even seniors were out on their lawn chairs, handing out water or simply watching the spectacle.

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