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OMSutra OM Shiva Duffel Yoga Mat Bag OMSutra OM Shiva mat bag, is made of high quality eco friendly 100% cotton canvas fabric.
OMSutra is a provider of goods and services to customers who value the environment, a sustainable economy and healthy lifestyles.OMSutra is a fusion of the words "OM" and "Sutra" and they believe that all of the Earth's living matter, land, oceans and air forms an interconnected system that can be seen as a single entity in "OM" . Each bag features beautifully embroidered "OM" design with golden thread just below the zippered pocket.
If it continues, we understand that you accept our privacy policy and Cookies and the terms of use of our Web site. The word Sutra represents the connection of body, mind and spirit with the universe around them.

OMSutra supports socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing to support talented artisans. Each time you purchase a product through OMSutra, you help these artisans achieve livable wages, skills training and sustainable business development to uplift them from the poverty line. They are proud of their commitment in supporting talented artisans who create unique products for their brand.
Our Shiva yoga mat bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, a small zippered pocket inside the bag, and a large zippered pocket on the bag's exterior. At OMSutra they are truly committed to sustainability, doing their part to protect forests, and reducing landfill burden.

Each bag size is 29" x 7" x 10.5" across, and is available with a zippered closure at one end making it easy to transport for your practise.

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