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Even though it probably goes without saying, Limbaugh’s comments were despicable and should make you question the state of his sanity. By the end of this week, a decision will be made on President Barack Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care act, which will affect every American citizen.
No longer would hospital visits cost astronomical amounts, and perhaps that lower-middle-class child diagnosed with cancer could finally afford the treatment he or she deserves.
And crucially, the official OK from the Supreme Court would also give millions of women the opportunity to receive their birth control for free. Few women are lucky enough to have their contraceptives covered by their insurance provider.
If Obama’s health care reform act passes with this contraceptive measure intact, these women will get a much-needed break. And though some want to sweep the idea of teenage sex under the rug, it’s harmful to ignore the ever-growing presence of sex around young women. What women need is a choice, a choice in a world where our voices are often quieter than they should be. And for those who think that free birth control will corrupt the minds of young Americans: Fear not.
What women really want is the chance to make their own choices about their bodies, without having to pay an arm and a leg.
Sheridan Watson is a junior majoring in critical film studies and lifestyle editor for the Summer Trojan.
There are alternatives to using BC pills and that is the condom, vaginal cremes, douche and others. If a company doesn’t feel that BC pill coverage is appropriate, then why does the government think they need to tell us what we can and cannot have in our healthcare plans? His words, however, managed to shed a light on a very important issue discussed in the new health care reform law: Birth control.

Under the act, millions of those not yet insured would have the opportunity to join the ranks of the covered.
Though free birth control seems like the apocalypse to some, to others it’s the promise of calm in an economic storm. If they aren’t covered — and most aren’t — each monthly pack of birth control can cost a woman around $75. It’ll give them a little extra money to put food on the table or to save for their college education while offering them the safety and benefits of birth control. But focusing on that also ignores the fact that birth control often helps to alleviate menstrual pain, severe acne and even mood swings as a result of hormone deficiencies. Birth control does not cause a sudden craze of hypersexualized women, contrary to what some might assume.
As is typical of adamant proponents of birth control, you completely fail to mention the increased potentaility of breast cancer and infertility when on the pill.In addition, the chemicals in some forms of birth control are the SAME bone-degenerative chemicals given to prisoners on death row (however, these are mainly shots). 6, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- Becoming pregnant while taking birth control pills doesn't seem to increase the risk of birth defects, a new study suggests. Researchers found similar rates of birth defects -- about 25 infants out of 1,000 -- among women who never used birth control pills and those who took them before pregnancy or took them before realizing they were pregnant.
But teenage girls need to be taught options besides having a condom on hand when it comes to keeping yourself safe. I am also not interested in having someone else pay for birth control for me when i do have sex.
NOW we are actually listening to a student at an elite law school who wants free birth control. However, she cautioned that this study can't prove that birth control pills don't cause birth defects, only that there appears to be no link. It seems as though you think that if someone was truly struggling to feed their family, it would be irresponsible of OTHERS not to provide birth control rather than it being irresponsible of the WOMAN to a) budget it better b) use NFP c) this one is a shocker…abstain!

Jennifer Wu, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, said the study findings aren't surprising.
Still, "many women in the United States are on birth control pills, so it's reassuring to know that they don't cause any birth defects, and women don't have to worry about it during pregnancy." Although oral contraceptives are highly effective at preventing pregnancy, about 9 percent of women get pregnant the first year of using them.
Usually this is because they missed a dose or used other medications -- including anti-seizure drugs, antibiotics, antidepressants or some HIV drugs -- that can make the contraceptive less effective, Charlton said.
In many other cases, women stop taking "the pill" when they want to conceive and become pregnant within a few months. Whether the hormones in birth control pills could affect fetal development when used around the time of conception hasn't been well-studied, the study authors explained in background notes.
For the study, the researchers used national medical registries to collect data from Denmark from 1997 to 2011 on all live births, birth defects and mothers' medical conditions. Among more than 880,000 births, 2.5 percent of the babies had a birth defect such as a cleft palate or an arm or leg defect, the researchers found. In all, the study found that 68 percent of mothers had used birth control pills, but stopped more than three months before pregnancy, and 21 percent had never used them.
Also, 8 percent of the women had stopped using oral contraceptives within three months of conception, and 1 percent used them after getting pregnant, the researchers said. Charlton's team excluded any infants with defects caused by known factors, such as fetal alcohol syndrome or chromosomal abnormalities. The researchers also accounted for risk factors that could increase the odds of a birth defect.
These included the mother's age, household income, level of education, history of birth defects, smoking during pregnancy, use of prescription drugs and hospital admissions.

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