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London, Aug 1 - A study in Britain has revealed that stress during pregnancy could have its affect on the unborn child's health in years to come and researchers suggest that expecting women should be supported during tension-filled times.
The study of English mothers-to-be revealed how going through a major upheaval -- a bereavement or separation -- dramatically raised the odds of their baby suffering ill health by the age of four, Daily Mail reported.
According to the researchers, from the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College London, it is crucial that pregnant women are supported through stressful events.
It was found that the link with chronic conditions was particularly strong, with two bouts of severe stress in pregnancy raising the odds five-fold. In the study, over 150 mothers-to-be were asked early in their pregnancy and again, just a few weeks before giving birth, about any stressful events affecting them, such as a family bereavement, separation, sudden unemployment and a difficult pregnancy. Four years later, the same women were interviewed about their children's health, including any illnesses that had led to them visiting their doctor or being hospitalised.
It revealed a clear link with stress in pregnancy and ill health, with trauma early in pregnancy particularly likely to be linked to asthma or infections such as tummy bugs, the British Association for Psychopharmacology's annual conference heard recently.
To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The TV presenter had her two children Darcey and Billy at the age of 38 and 42, but knows it is "too late" now to have a third child. The UK delays having babies for longer than any other country, according to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.
The latest public figure to do so is Shayne Lamas, former winner of The Bachelor, who exposed her baby bump along with every other bump in a recent photo shoot that left little to our imagination.
Lamas follows a string of other Hollywood stars who bared it all while pregnant, including Britney Spears, Mariah Carey and, of course, Demi Moore who seems to have started the bare bellies trend back in 1991 for Vanity Fair. January Jones gave birth to her son Xander Dane Jones a month ago and she’s already back to work.

So Beyonce did a sit-down interview Sunday night with an Australian television show and a very odd thing happened. Some said, “How could you give your son away?” Others sent me private letters asking me to consider their friends as adoptive parents.
Just in case you don’t read celebrity gossip, let me share that Tori Spelling is pregnant with her third child.
Last May, an Alberta Court of Appeals overturned an Edmonton jury’s verdict in the case of the brutal murder of a newborn child.
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about D-List celebrities and their ability to profit from their pregnancies. So I consulted pop culture guru, Lilit Marcus, about celebrities who gained name recognition and media coverage simply for having a bun in the oven.
British women tend to wait an extra five years to have their first child compared with those in the United States, where the average age is 25, the OECD said. Sperm has an expiration date as well, with men’s fertility declining around middle age.
If it’s not about how much weight they’ve gained during their pregnancy, how quickly they can get their pre-pregnancy bodies back, or even whether they really are pregnant at all, more celebs are choosing to bare it all and show us their naked, pregnant bodies. The revealing shot was taken just weeks before her baby girl is due–a child she doesn’t share with her Bachelor fiance, but with blogger, Nik Ritchie.
A four-week maternity leave we can all agree isn’t much but the actress has already donned her Betty Draper attire, walking across set in a floral nightgown. When walking to the interviewer and sitting down, Beyonce’s tummy collapsed revealing only a sagging dress. According to Us Magazine, the starlet recently had a baby shower to welcome her newest little one.

Twice a jury had found Katrina Effert guilty of murder for the death of her son, who she strangled with her underwear and threw over the fence into her neighbor’s yard.
Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But aside from speaking about her personal transformation since becoming a mother, Miranda also takes part in the new obligation of mommies in the public eye: stripping down so that she can assure everyone that she is still desirable since getting knocked up.
Now maybe I’m behind the times, but is it normal to have a baby shower after your first pregnancy? I had always believed that showers were strictly a first-time occasion, but lately, I feel like they are becoming more frequent. You have to sit by while people constantly discuss your growing belly and your junk food cravings.
But you also get a whole new audience that relates to your struggles and recognizes your name. It wasn’t until after I had my daughter that I realized drinking a gallon of grapefruit juice everyday might have been a little odd.
Forget those myths and old wives tales, we are going to be telling it how it is when it comes to fertility.
You prepare your body for a marathon so it makes sense to prepare your body for having a baby.

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