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Vitamins (vitamin) in humans and animals is to maintain normal physiological functions must be obtained from food for a class of trace organic substances, and growth in humans , metabolic , developmental process plays an important role. VitaminsVitamins (vitamin) in humans and animals is to maintain normal physiological functions must be obtained from food for a class of trace organic substances, and growth in humans , metabolic , developmental process plays an important role.Overview of VitaminsThe vitamin also known as vitamin , popular, that is life-sustaining substances is to maintain the activities of human life must be a class of organic substances, but also to maintain the important active substances for human health. Vitamin for EldersEpithelial cells of the elderly are vulnerable to injury, the resistance is relatively low, while the main role of vitamin A to maintain the growth of epithelial cells, therefore, appropriate vitamin A supplementation is necessary.
Although the chemical structure and nature of the various vitamins is different, but they have the following in common: 1. Water-soluble vitamins do not need to digest, directly absorbed from the intestine through the circulation to the tissues of the body needs, the excess part of most of the urine, in vivo are poorly stored. Fat-soluble vitamins dissolve in fats, emulsifying bile in the intestinal absorption by the lymphatic circulatory system into various organs in the body.
Vitamin not constitute the composition of body tissues and cells , it does not produce energy, its role is mainly involved in the regulation of metabolism. Vitamin A and D are mainly stored in the liver, vitamin E is stored in adipose tissue in the body, vitamin K stored less.
Most of the vitamins, the body can not synthesis or synthesis can not meet the needs of the body, must always be obtained through food.
Morning sickness is a condition which affects almost over 50 % of pregnant women all over the world. Body of vitamins is very small, the Japanese requirements often calculated in milligrams (mg) or micrograms (?g), but the lack of will lead to vitamin deficiency , cause harm to human health. In the year1897, Ackerman (Christian Eijkman) of Java found that eat fine grinding of rice can be given to patients suffering from beriberi. Some vitamins, such as B6,vit.K are taken from animal intestinal bacteria synthesis, synthesis to meet the needs.

Animal cells can be transformed into the tryptophan to niacin (a B vitamin ), but produces insufficient need; vitamin C in addition to primates (including humans) and guinea pigs outside, other animals can be their own synthesis. Plants and most microorganisms can synthesize vitamin, do not have to supply from in vitro.
Many vitamins are an integral part of cofactor or coenzyme.??The vitamin is human and animal nutrition, and a small amount of some organic compounds are necessary for body's metabolism, growth, development,,So it plays very important role. It is Identified in 1911 by the Casimir Funk (KazimierzFunk,) brown rice material contains amine (a nitrogen-containing compounds) , only the nature and distribution of food is similar to most of coenzyme. If long-term lack of certain vitamins, can cause physiological dysfunction occurs a particular disease. And some supply must balance each other, such as vitamin B1, B2 and B3, otherwise it can affect the physiological role. Vitamin B complex include: pantothenic acid, niacin, biotin , folic acid , vitamin B1 ( thiamine ), vitamin B2 ( riboflavin ), pyridoxine alcohol ( vitamin B6 ) and cyanocobalamin ( vitamin B12 ). Now find that there are dozens of species, such as vitamin A , vitamin B , vitamin C and so on.??Vitamins are organic compounds essential for the human metabolism.
The human body is like a very complex chemical plants continue to a variety of biochemical reactions .
Pregnant women suffering morning sickness may also find that ginger supplements lessen their nausea. Not a single compound, but a series of derivatives of retinol (retinol has also been translated as vitamin A alcohol, retinol), known as the anti-dry eye vitamin is present in the cod liver oil, liver, green vegetables , vitamin A deficiency susceptible to night blindness.??Vitamin B1 , thiamine, also known as the anti-beriberi cause of the child, anti-neuritis factor, is a water-soluble vitamin.
Known to many vitamin is the coenzyme of the enzyme or the composition of molecules of the coenzyme . Therefore, the vitamin is an important material to maintain and regulate the body's normal metabolism.

Lack of vitamin B2 tongue susceptible to inflammation (oral ulcers).??Vitamin B3 , water-soluble. Two substances, including niacin (nicotinic acid) and nicotinamide ( niacinamide ), belongs to the pyridine derivatives. Exist in the nicotinic acid, nicotine acid yeast, cereals, liver, rice bran .??Vitamin B4 (adenine, adenine, Configurations of Adenine) , now no longer be regarded as a true vitamin. One of the vitamin B group, in 1849 for the first time from the liver is isolated and has since been that the choline phospholipid composition, 1940 Sura and Gyorgy Goldblatt, according to their respective work, indicating that it has vitamins features. Eggs , the animal's brain, brewer's yeast, malt , soy lecithin content is higher.??Vitamin B5 , pantothenic acid, water-soluble. Exist in yeast, cereals, liver, vegetables.??Vitamin B6 , pyridoxine alcohols, water-soluble.
Exist in yeast, cereals, liver, eggs, dairy products.??Biotin, also known as vitamin H or coenzyme R, the water-soluble.
Present in the liver, fish, meat, eggs.??Six inositol , water solubility, cyclohexyl alcohol, vitamin Bh.
Also known as calciferol, anti-rickets vitamin vitamin D2, ergot the calcification alcohol vitamin D3 cholecalciferol. Present in the cod liver oil, egg yolks, dairy products, yeast.??Vitamin E , tocopherol, fat-soluble. Collectively referred to as a series of naphthoquinone derivatives, mainly natural plant vitamin K1 , vitamin K2 from animal and synthetic vitamin K3 and vitamin K4.

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