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This unbearable loss could end up in depression and anxiety if the woman is not given courage to move on. Medical facilities should be considered to avail and identify the cause of miscarriage before getting pregnant again. Chromosomal tests: This test assures you whether the chromosomes of both (couple) is a factor of miscarriage or not. Ultrasound: The image of the structure of body is produced by this method to detect any internal complications. Woman should wait at least 3 months after her miscarriage to lead a healthy and sound pregnancy. Avoid alcohol and smoking otherwise it may cause premature delivery or in some cases, death too. It is an evident that miscarriage is the horrible experience that can happen to any married couple but by proper planning and taking precautions they can be controlled. Im 16 and been with my bf for 3 years, I knew I was pregnant and miscarried after 5 weeks, I was 1 week late on my period and I had 8 positive tests.

There's nothing a doctor could do unless you're seriously hemorrhaging and feeling faint then go to the er. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. First trimester should be handled with care as it is the most delicate period of pregnancy. It doesn't look like a good situation, but whatever is going on, you need professional care! I started bleeding but had no cramps, I went to docs and got an internal scan which showed I had miscarried.
I've had two first trimester miscarriages and the bleeding is very heavy and a ton of clots.
She sometimes feels depressed and sometimes senses of guilt that she could not give a healthy birth. Couples looking forward to have a baby after miscarriage or normal pregnancy have to be keener in first trimester.

My doctor said they believe 50% of pregnancies end in miscarriage and that most happen before a woman knows she's even pregnant it would be like a late heavy period. If their first trimester goes well then hopefully their whole pregnancy ends up in a fruitful result. It is better to learn from the experiences and summon the courage to overcome such trauma than to live in the world of sorrows and disappointments.
Also mutual understanding and conversation between couples plays an important role in eliminating stress.

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