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The Taney County Health Department (TCHD) and Jordan Valley Community Health Center (JVCHC) have partnered to provide dental care, effective January 2, 2015. This partnership will expand dental care services to the entire family; moms, dads, babies, kids and grandparents living in Taney County.
In 1997, the Taney County Health Department completed a Community Health Assessment that showed a need for dental care among children with Medicaid. At the end of the first year, the TCHD Children’s Dental Division had provided services to approximately 300 children, however the waiting list had grown to 700!
The office is currently open five days a week and has 2 full-time assistants and a division manager. Services include: Cleanings, exams, x-rays, fluoride, oral hygiene education, sealants, restoration, space maintainers, stainless steel crowns, root canals, and extractions.
MoHealthNet is still accepted for both children and pregnant women in addition to other options. CWF is the controlled adjustment - either increasing or decreasing - and monitoring of fluoride in community drinking water to reach optimal fluoride levels for preventing tooth decay.

Reports from the school community indicated 75% of the students do not visit a dentist on a regular basis due in part to no insurance or limited financial resources. Heather Hudkins was hired as a full-time dentist along with a dental assistant to operate the clinic four days a week.
Water that has been fortified with fluoride is similar to fortifying milk with Vitamin D, table salt with iodine, and bread and cereals with folic acid. Local dentists volunteered their time to complete dental screening in schools to assess the need. Hudkins left the TCHD Children’s Dental Division in August 2005 to pursue a career in private practice.

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