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You likely have more memories about your pregnancy if your child died later in your pregnancy. Changed Forever: support groups, walk to remember, friends met, traditions, kindness projects, awareness, how has your life direction changed?
Remember that the only information that really counts is what comes direct to you from your doctor. You were expecting a lifetime of memories and photos, not just a tiny book with a few items. If you'd like to keep it more private, consider putting your journaling in an envelope in your scrapbook.

This might include your pregnancy test results, sonogram photos, pictures of you while you were pregnant (whether or not you knew you were pregnant or if you ‘looked’ pregnant.) Write down your feelings you had when you found out you were pregnant. However, you will find that although your child was with you just a short time, you are changed forever. No matter if you got to hold your baby or not, if you have photos or not, it is important to capture your baby’s brief life in a scrapbook similar to any other scrapbook a mother makes for her child. Was your baby restless, did he or she respond to daddy’s voice or a particular type of music?
You can make announcements to send to family and friends including your child’s name and birth and death dates.

But, you can make a copy at the copy store (white paper is archival quality) or scan it into your computer and print it out.
It can be very healing to express these feelings and know they are ‘remembered’ in a safe place.

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