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We had the tech write down the sex of the baby on a piece of paper and sent it to one of my best friends all the way back in NC where I'm from! She is a pretty awesome seamstress when it comes to baby clothes and best of all cloth diapers! There is one part of being a housewife that I try not to let fall by the wayside in my lazy ass housewife ways. While 28 weeks pregnant there are, of course, new pregnancy symptoms in store for you.  Urinary incontinence in these later weeks of your pregnancy is just one of those pregnancy symptoms that can become very irritating and lead to some embarrassment. There was soooo much going on last week that we never got around to my 20 week post and it is so important! I don't have my next appointment until the 13th so I don't know exactly how that went but the ultrasound tech didn't say or do anything to make me worried. The pressure of your uterus against the bladder as well as weakening pelvic floor muscles are the causes of this urinary incontinence.

Look for a chair that’s easy for you to get in and out of at this time in your pregnancy.  Buying a footstool is a plus and ideal for putting up your feet and finding some relief from some of those pregnancy symptoms you’re most likely experiencing, such as a sore back.
While 28 weeks pregnant you’ll find that some activities are easy while some can be quite challenging. He was laying in the bed with me his little hand on my belly feeling baby move and I said "I think baby has the hiccups!" He looked concerned and then said to me in a very serious voice "baby needs to drink water" he then grabbed my water bottle, handed it to me and said "here you drink this". With so many different pregnancy symptoms to deal with it’s important that you talk to your partner and ask for help when you need it!  Don’t let the stress of being pregnant, pregnancy symptoms, and the upcoming birth of your baby take over how you’re feeling and dealing with things. Of course there are days when you’re going to be feeling a bit overwhelmed about all the changes that are happening in your life. Car seats should be bought new.  So forget about those annoying pregnancy symptoms and go shop for those functional essentials you’re going to need.
Not only did he want to help baby get rid of the hiccups but he knows water will fix that and that baby eats what I eat (I think he got that one from the movie Ponyo) it only makes sense that I be the one to drink the water!

The key to a healthy pregnancy is finding a balance between the stress you’re feeling and the wonders that are happening to you.
And don’t forget to pick up one or two frivolous things that are going to make your pregnancy shine, such as a new shade of lipstick! What better way to keep those pregnancy symptoms in the back of your mind than with something just for you! Your pregnancy is a time of joy and wonder and whether you’re 28 weeks pregnant or just about to give birth it’s a time in your life when you should be celebrating the new baby you’re about to introduce to the world!

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