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If you are trying to have a baby and are not getting pregnant, it doesn’t mean you are infertile. Press release: (NC)—Most people know that drinking excessively during pregnancy can harm an unborn baby. Current research indicates there is no proven safe level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is the term used to describe the range of defects and disabilities that are caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol.
Get involved.  Each year on September 9th, people in communities around the world organize local events to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking during pregnancy.
Holistic nutritionist, Cheryl Millett, and Rose-Anne Turunen, founder of Real Life Changes, discuss how to increase your chances of having a full-term pregnancy by feeding your body the proper nutrients. But what they may not realize is that a woman doesn’t have to be a heavy drinker for her baby to experience negative long-term effects.

Consuming alcohol of any kind – including beer, wine, coolers or spirits – during pregnancy is linked to permanent brain damage, low birth weight, birth defects and developmental delays. The brain and central nervous system of an unborn child can be damaged by exposure to alcohol at any time leading up to birth. Children with FASD often suffer from learning disabilities, difficulty managing anger, hyperactivity and poor judgment. These can lead to problems with the law, unemployment, homelessness or alcohol and drug abuse later in life. That is what a fertility monitor does, maximising your chances of having a child naturally with the ovulation method. The ovulation period lasts 24 to 48 hours (even shorter period for women in their 40s) and accompanied by a slight but constant rise in body temperature. This allows to identify your fertile days with a clinically proven accuracy of 99.34 percent.

Determining the exact window of fertility is important for all women, but is particularly so for those in their 40s, whose mature eggs last less than in younger women.Both fertility monitors can also tell you if you are pregnant, detect factors such as hormonal imbalances or yellow body (the corpus luteum) dysfunction. Problems with the yellow body cause difficulties getting pregnant as well as staying pregnant (miscarriage). The electronic brain, containing knowledge about fertility, is manufactured by leading suppliers in Germany where the device is also assembled. The project was also supported by the Innovation Fund and the Federal Ministry for Research and Technology. This is because research shows that fertility monitors are effective at helping women get pregnant in a natural way, and at minimising the need for complex, invasive, expensive medical procedures such as hormonal therapy, artificial insemination including in vitro, which result in many discarded human embryos (from many fertilised eggs only one is implanted).

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