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In fact, many advocates say one important element is often missing from teen pregnancy prevention efforts: Young men.
That belief, together with common views about masculinity and the male role in sexual relationships, contributes to teen pregnancy, experts say. With that knowledge, many in the teen pregnancy prevention field are bolstering their efforts by engaging young men in conversations about preventing teen pregnancy. Levack also works to dispel some of the myths that perpetuate those harmful perceptions of masculinity. One key to reaching young men through these sorts of conversations and exercises, Levack says, is creating men-only groups where guys can speak openly, in a way that they couldn’t in a mixed-gender sex-education class. The different ways boys and girls, in general, view sex and self-esteem also means talking to young men separately makes sense.
That doesn’t mean that young men and women should always be separated in teen pregnancy prevention efforts. One reason to bring young women and men together to discuss gender and sex is that young women often perpetuate expectations of masculinity, too.
When starting conversations with young men about male identity and pregnancy prevention, programs should also think about the effect the counselor or facilitator’s gender may have. When you’re actively trying to reduce your risk of exposure to STDs, condoms and dental dams will come in handy. When people consider if they are healthy or not, they tend to focus on their physical condition— but what about emotional health? Beyond Pregnancy Support: Pregnancy Problem Center Hosts Community-Based Events That Celebrate Life! Our database contains research reports, publications, fact sheets, videos, podcasts, PowerPoints, and other materials.

To improve the lives and future prospects of children and families and to help ensure that children are born into stable, two-parent families who are committed to and ready for the demanding task of raising the next generation. The National Campaign has reviewed research about parental influences on children’s sexual behavior and talked to many experts in the field, as well as to teens and parents themselves.
PCC is located along the "Medical Mile" in Springfield, Missouri, just east of Cox South hospital on Primrose. Most people know that our center helps people in the early stages of pregnancy by providing tests and ultrasounds.
In everything we do, PCC strives to offer professional and confidential services at no cost to clients.
Research has found that young men with rigid, traditional views of what it is to be a man are more likely to get someone pregnant, less likely to use condoms, more likely to get a sexually transmitted disease, and more likely to link fatherhood with manhood. They do it by getting to the core of young men’s identity, helping guys to question their own beliefs about what it means to be a man and working with them to see that there are alternatives. Sometimes boys and girls are less serious about participating because they’re preoccupied with showing off for the other gender, she says. There’s merit in both separating groups by gender and in bringing them together, Levack says. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. From these sources, it is clear that there is much parents and adults can do to reduce the risk of teen pregnancy.
Our goal is to help young women and men throughout Southwest Missouri who are facing an unplanned pregnancy.  We offer free pregnancy testing, limited ultrasound and information on pregnancy options. But many people are surprised to learn that we offer services from the initial pregnancy test, throughout the pregnancy and even after delivery.

When you walk through the doors of Pregnancy Care Center, you'll find a welcoming team of caring individuals who are here to help you without judgment or guilt. But when it comes to talking with young people about not making a baby, we seem to focus on only half the equation.
Conversely, women are more than twice as likely to use contraception consistently if their male partner is an active supporter. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
Our main concern is helping you with the challenges you face today and the ones that lay ahead. So, some important discussions can occur when young men and women have the opportunity to talk about issues of gender together. If we do not provide the specific services needed, we are able to refer clients to one of our many qualified community partners. PCC offers a wide range of classes on topics such as nutrition, relationships, money management, legal issues, etc.
At PCC you have access to high-quality facilities, equipment and services, but our greatest asset is our caring and knowledgeable staff.

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