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Thank you very much for the health sceening report; it's such a relief to have been able to get this done against all the odds and so quickly.
Health Screening: In Health Screening, you undergo tests for all important health parameters such as your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar and many other vital health functions.
Health Monitoring: After corrective action has been taken, checks are carried out periodically. Medical Consultations*: You may consult our team of doctors for information and advice regarding any medical problem you may have, at any time during the year. It is like a 365 day healthcare ring around you, keeping an eagle eye on your health all the time.

All reports are carefully scrutinized, risks are assessed and corrective medical advice is given to you. The medical team follows up closely all through the year, with reminders for check ups and home collection of samples if necessary. We are very grateful and will not hesitate to use your company again; will definitely be recommending you! The team monitors your progress and other developments diligently, followed by further corrective action if required. The earlier we detect a problem, if any, the better the chances of a cure, and probably at a lesser cost too.

The entire team will be at your service to investigate, assess, inform, and offer corrective medical advice on all vital aspects of your health, all year round.

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