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Phone calls are free from within New Zealand – this includes calls from a mobile phone. If you need to talk to someone in your own language, Healthline can usually arrange this using an interpreting service. Healthline is staffed by experienced registered nurses who can provide you with health information and advice on care. Share this page on some of the most popular social networking and content sites on the internet. Pillows — pillow, memory foam pillow, pregnancy pillow, Our pillow collection can meet any need.
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This article contains general information only and is not intended to replace advice from a qualified health professional. Learn more about the service, how to provide feedback and how to order Healthline resources. Before undertaking any exercise program, seek advice from your medical professional as to whether you're clear to exercise. Use a self exertion test, do not exert yourself more than you would during a brisk walk, and you should be able to have a conversation at all times. Grab the top of the chair in front of you, using it to help with your balance on the up and down movement of the squat.

Step back with your left leg into the lunge position, keeping your front knee in line with your second toe and your back knee under your hip. Always keep your back straight and remember to push up through the heel of your front foot.

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