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Seeing a doctor at Hutchinson Health before you become pregnant is a helpful way to identify any risk factors and treat pre-existing medical conditions. In addition to pregnancy care, Hutchinson Health provides a broad range of health care services for men, women, and children of all ages. If this hormone production increases in number you will suffer from a condition called as hyperthyroidism which is not good for a pregnant women and her baby. We offer comprehensive care for mothers-to-be, including pregnancy testing, prenatal appointments, delivery, and postpartum care.
Your physician will also provide guidance for exercise, nutrition, weight gain, vitamin supplements, and lifestyle choices.

Infertility has many causes, and a gynecologist at Hutchinson Health can help determine possible reasons.
If you live in Hutchinson, Dassel, Cokato, Silver Lake, Glencoe, Litchfield, or the surrounding area, Hutchinson Health is a close-to-home clinic you can count on.
Located at 3 Century Avenue SE in Hutchinson, Hutchinson Health is one of the few remaining independent medical practices in the state of Minnesota.
Make sure you’re physically and emotionally prepared for a healthy pregnancy, and make an appointment with Hutchinson Health.
We are a physician-owned clinic with more than 150 staff members and 31 health care providers.

We are proud to offer a small, hometown feel while utilizing the latest technology to care for patients and their families.

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