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Tuesday I was faced with the lovely task of chugging a bottle of orange-flavored sugar water {50 grams of dextrose aka sugar!} for the mandatory pregnancy glucose screening test. I had visions of nausea and light-headedness and general feelings of crappiness, but in reality, it wasn’t so bad. However, if I don’t pass…I’m not so sure I can handle the double strength version of the test. Around 26-28 weeks, every pregnant woman has to go through the not so pleasant task of downing a super sugary artificially flavored drink and then sitting around waiting for an hour to have blood drawn. Most of the time you don’t get any hint that you have gestational diabetes- most women do not experience any symptoms, other some experience increased thirst or urination, fatigue, blurred vision, or frequent infections.
Gestational diabetes puts you at risk for possible birth complications, the most apparent being macrosomia- a fancy term for a big baby. They made me sit in a closet (where they weigh you) and drink it while the CNA stared me down. Anyway, my doctor said I would go to the lab, drink the stuff, come up for my appointment, and then go back to the lab for the blood work to be drawn.
I had my appointment in between- I think it was mostly luck that the midwife was ready then though! I think super sugary flat orange soda is the perfect description- and it being cold would be so much better! When thinking about pregnancy glucose test, you should know that this screens for gestational diabetes. If the results of the pregnancy glucose test show high levels of blood sugar that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have gestational diabetes.
After this, for the glucose tolerance test, the specialists will draw your blood three times. Most probably you are interested in the possible risks of the glucose tolerance pregnancy test.
When it comes to pregnancy glucose test the parents are also interested in the effects of gestational diabetes.
Nonetheless you should know that even though the pregnancy test for glucose tolerance shows that you are affected, you could have a healthy baby if you monitor your health closely. Now you know more about the pregnancy glucose test and you also know what to expect during the test and what the results could mean. Moms in San Diego to connect and share stories, advice and things to do in San Diego with kids, babies and toddlers. This is the test most medical providers require to determine if your body can process sugars properly during pregnancy. Seriously though, most of you reading this have probably had the joy of experiencing this glorious glucose drink firsthand. At my first prenatal appointment with my second baby, they scheduled me for a first trimester blood glucose test. When the results came back for this test during my second pregnancy, one of the four blood tests was slightly higher than average.
In case you weren’t keeping count, that means (throughout all three of my pregnancies) I have taken the one hour test five times and the three hour test four times.
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It seems as though every pregnant woman experiences nervousness prior to going through the dreaded glucose tolerance test between 24-28 weeks.
When I was pregnant with my first child, I was terribly scared, but passed the 1 hour test with flying colors. Bring something entertaining – My hospital has free wifi, so I brought my computer with me. I never could wrap my head around the fact that a medical professional would advise ingesting so much sugar…purely artificial flavored, dyed and straight-up syrup, for that matter.
This entry was posted in pregnancy and tagged blood test, gestational diabetes, glucola, glucose test, glucose tolerance test, pregnancy, pregnant, tips. I failed the one hour with both of my pregnancies (two years ago with a single pregnancy and this time with my current twin pregnancy). I love that your doctor compromised with this and I’m glad you didn’t have to go through the crazy tests! Hello, I just got a phone call from my doctor that I didn’t pass the 1 hour and have to come back on Friday for the 3 hour test (today is Monday). I just got my result from my one hour test which was the day before Thanksgiving and I have to go back in a week for the 3 hour test. Yeah not only that but I also think it has to do with the fact that it was in the middle of the day! Since then, (not advertising but I started taking THRIVE) its been 11 months now that my blood sugar has been absolute perfection.
From someone who works in the lab and runs the test- drink water, you are getting your blood drawn 4 times you want good hydrated veins. I was dreading it- I do not like super sugary things, and I do not like drinking things fast. If you fail, you’re subjected to an even more wonderful three hour version of the test, where you drink a double strength or double volume drink and then have your blood taken each hour for 3 hours. Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes that can occur during pregnancy, regardless of whether or not you had diabetes before hand.
Some people can keep it under control through diet and exercise, just like type 2 diabetes.

It’s not uncommon for additional blood tests to be run with the same blood draw from your glucose test, specifically iron. I had to have the ultrasound first though so the sugar didn’t make the baby go crazy. If the blood sugar levels turn out to be higher than normal, you will have to have some other tests as well. However there are some doctors who say that only those women should be tested who belong to a high risk group. A few days later, the nurse called me and explained that the levels were high enough to require some slight modifications to my diet and exercise. I’m at a higher risk for developing gestational diabetes since I had it with a prior pregnancy. As a television news anchor and reporter, she traveled across the country covering stories important to her community. We offer a local perspective about parenting topics and the experience of living in America's Finest City.
Browse our site to find posts about anything and everything do do with being a new mom in San Diego. It’s got a bad reputation among the mother community and now I completely understand why. Some practices will allow you to drink water during this fasting period, others won’t. You may have to do something as minor as watching what you eat or as major as testing your blood sugar levels throughout the day, along with a restricted diet and implementing exercise. You’ll especially want looser fitting clothing around the belly, as your stomach will not feel so good. I couldn’t seem to get over the guilt I was feeling for even putting this terrible drink(s) in my body.
However, the evening before my test, I browsed the internet and some websites actually suggested ingesting 150 grams of carbohydrates per day for 2-3 days leading up to the test. It causes me WAY too much anxiety and stress, and I got massive headaches the first pregnancies. I was just very curious about anything I didn’t know about the test but it seems simple. I’ve heard from other mothers that they monitored their glucose levels for a straight week at home to see what their levels were instead of having to go in for the test. I took the 1 hour test about 3 weeks ago and the nurse just called me to let me know I have to do the 3 hour test. 2 different doc’s, 3 pregnancies and a life long battle with blood sugar and a fear of needles. Everybody is tested because it doesn’t really matter what your risk factors are- you can still get it. A baby born to a mother with gestational diabetes also faces the risk of hypoglycemia- low blood sugar- right after birth, because the baby immediately loses the large supply of glucose from the  mother.  While gestational diabetes goes away after giving birth, having gestational diabetes also means you’re at a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes down the road, so consider it a flashing warning sign. Pregnancy literally robs your body of iron- and it’s super important to keep those levels up. The worst part was having that much liquid in my stomach (for normal people it’s no big deal- maybe 8 or 10 oz?). The one hour test only does screening, while the three hour test offers you an exact diagnosis. This means that the obese women or the women with some family history of this problem will certainly be tested. Some of the doctors give this solution to their patients in advance so that they go to the office prepared. This usually happens if you have several tests with the same result or if you were affected by gestational diabetes during a previous pregnancy.
The baby could be at risk of having birth injuries or type 2 diabetes as he or she develops. Trust me, you don’t want to be classified with having gestational diabetes,  especially those of you with a sweet tooth, like me.
You basically fast for at least two hours and then consume about 50grams of a sugar drink within five minutes. After meeting her husband and moving to San Diego, she met her "mommy challenge" head-on by launching her company, New Mommy Media, which creates podcasts for new and expecting parents. So, in preparation for the 3 hour glucose tolerance test, I ate normally and healthy (like I always do) and had better outcomes. I wasn’t allowed to walk around for either test because that could affect the results. I still get nauseated easily and the 3 hour test was the biggest test of holding back nausea I’ve ever had to do.
My doctor seemed stressed when I told her at my first visit that I’m Hypoglycemic (chronic low blood sugar) and that my resting numbers are never higher than 70, which is the minimum.
And if you avoid carbs before something like this and will make it spike harder and crash harder since carbs are one of the main thing that helps regulate and maintain your levels. My OB said that she expected it because I was overweight and would not send me for the 3 hour.
I been freaking out one cause it’s been 3 weeks since I did the test and its just a long time for test results. For my 3 hour test, I just ate and exercised like I normally did to get the most accurate reading with the 3 hour. Completely normal weight gain, regular exercise, splurging in the eating occasionally and still failed the 1 hour and had to take the 3 hour.

Either way, you’ll probably be monitoring your blood sugar with finger pricks to keep an eye on things.
I was really, really not looking forward to it because I hate sweet things too- the idea of a regular soda makes me gag. You will have your blood drawn the next morning and you will have to drink another mixture. You then wait one hour while the drink has an opportunity to work its way into your bloodstream.
It’s more concentrated (and gross) because it needs to last longer in your bloodstream.
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I would take 15-20 minute leisurely strolls outside around the gardens and grounds of the hospital.
I did research alternatives and read about some doctors allowing patients eating a pancake breakfast, a bunch of fruit or natural fruit juice or even testing your blood sugar levels at home for two weeks. Our office had alternative items you could consume instead, but my doctor and I compromised on a simple blood test that monitored prayer sugar levels to get an idea of what my numbers were looking like. Just couldn’t have anything with high amounts of sugar like pastries, sweetener in coffee, or fruit. If I don’t get enough carbs then my sugar gets really low and anything can make it shoot up and give a miserable sugar high then harder crash. Upon meeting with the nutritionist and checking levels 4x a day, the nutritionist thought that I didn’t have it. I know that when I was preparing for my 3 hour, I read a lot of mixed advice on what to eat and how to exercise. I’ll spare you the boring details of what happened at 34 weeks, but the blood results showed three levels were now elevated which means I was officially classified with gestational diabetes. I failed the first one hour test at eight weeks gestation, but passed (again with flying colors) the follow-up three hour blood glucose test.
Also, because of the nausea, you may go through some hot flashes and need to strip some layers.
Unfortunately, I learned about these after the fact, but you better believe that I’ll be asking for an alternative if I get pregnant again!
I was able to take my glucola home and wait at home for 45 minutes and then get to the lab.
I have a glucose monitor at home and asked if I could do my own test like my mother suggest I try to do (she has had nine kids and knows me) but my doctor said no because they want to control it better.
I mean, it seems as simple as just watching what us pregnant ladies eat and staying healthy…not gussling 100 grams of sugar in one sitting. I ended up switching to another practice who checked my month of numbers and agreed I was falsly diagnosed.
However, after my experience, I would just do what you’re doing already so they can get the most normal reading possible. At every appt so far which have been every four weeks since I was only 5w3d the doctor has said I’m doing awesome with my weight gain.
While being obese and unhealthy certainly increase your chances, it’s not unheard of for a perfectly fit and healthy woman to become diabetic during pregnancy. Luckily the doctors office called me the next day and told me my levels were completely normal… NO three hour test for me! I’m dreading it because I can get a sugar high from Thanksgiving dinner and it feels AWFUL.
But when it came time to be induced due to preeclampsia, the hospital still had me down as having GD and refused to serve me more than half the menu.
It’s been about 3-4 times I almost passed out while walking and once while cooking dinner.
I changed my diet, cutting carbs and sugar prior to my 1 hour and that didn’t do doodly squat (obviously, because I failed it). The hormones produced by the placenta cause insulin resistance, meaning it can’t work as well. It was horrible, but at least I didn’t develop full blown gestational diabetes until the very end of my pregnancy.
Fast forward 3 years and I’m 28 weeks pregnant with #2 and going for my test tomorrow. I was pushed to repeat this more times than I can remember now (my youngest is 8 currently and this still stands out as the darkest point of all pregnancies). I have major anxiety about going through all this again, but at least I know my new OB would not deny the 3 hour to verify. Eventually I was put on a special diet but it was nothing out of my ordinary and I never had any other issues. So, at 24 weeks, I confidently marched into the lab and repeated the same test I had taken just 16 weeks prior — and failed.

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