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My friend’s daughter, Kelsey, is a professional dancer and her pregnancy photos feature her as a ballerina. Even if there was such a thing as baby bump photos in my day, I wouldn’t have been able to do the splits and certainly not while pregnant!
Kelsey said her maternity photo shoot was a gift from her girlfriend and husband who are photographers. A maternity photo shoot gift certificate given at a baby shower makes a unique gift and the mother-to-be can schedule her baby bump photos when she is ready.
It’s all about the timing of the birth but a gift certificate for a maternity photo shoot could also be given as a birthday or Christmas gift for the expectant mother. GET YOUR FREE GIFT GUIDE!Instantly download your FREE PDF COPY of "35 Awesome Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything." You'll never be stumped for another gift again! In politics, giving iis very reciprocal–politicians will fsel the need to give something back. In our country’s history, there have been many First Ladies with a passionate hobby, interest or past time.
Leanne – I have a nephew with Williams Syndrome and his mom is a regional coordinator for the Williams Syndrome Foundation. My hardest pregnancy moment was when I was told I would have to have a c-section at 26 weeks. I had a perfect pregnancy, no morning sickness, gained weight just in the belly, felt fabulous and was active right up until I went into labor.
I already had 2 sons two years apart ~ both were caesarian section due to hypertension and not dilating inspite of inducing me.
I have to say, my scariest memory of pregnancy & childbirth was realizing baby #2 was REALLY on his way out…and I was going to have to push! I wish I had written more of the details down back when it was fresh, because I really don’t remember how painful it was. Honestly I am not sure that there is one moment that sticks out most in my memory from my pregnancy with my daughter. Back to #4~ 18 years ago today, I went into labor, drove to the hospital (OK, Hubby drove!), checked in, got examined & started walking down the hallway to a labor room.
It’s exciting to be pregnant and maternity photos are a great way to share the joy with loved ones. After a week, my blood pressure wasn’t going down, but instead was going up so they checked me in to the hospital to be induced.

When I was 36 weeks I went in for a check up & they sent me to the hospital for high blood pressure.
People were coming into town and my husband and I were trying to buy a new car to fit our bigger family. After the labor was progressing, I was put on medicine to bring my blood pressure down and it worked so well that it went down too quickly and I passed out. SO we had to come back in after a week and i had to have her flipped it was the worst experience ever and painful, my husband just cringed everytime he pushed into my huge pregnant belly she defenitely didnt want to come out!! I had no pains what so ever and little uncomfortable but let’s face it what pregnant lady isn’t? It was such a heart-breaking thing that the recovery from the diagnosis stole minimum 6 months of my life.
The second hardest was being told I had to have an emergency c-sect at 25 weeks, at least I knew my baby had a fighting chance. The placenta had gone thru my uterus scar which was relatively fresh due to which I was constantly bleeding (with clots!!) 2 times during that pregnancy I broke down. Caring for her gave me something to look forward to each day as I was grieving from the loss of my dad. However, I’m thankful because we are doing really good and no matter what, I’ll always be wrapped around his finger!
One was when I was admited the first time and there was virtually NO ONE to look after my older sons who were then 3years and 6months !! And loving her and my other children helped me heal and be able to remember the good times with my father. He drove the speed limit and I kept saying to slow down because there was no reason to be going to the hospital in the first place.
Leaving one at the nursery and the other at a kind soul who was a babysitter at her home was my only option. I could finally sleep and I was able to make it to my mom’s funeral and give her life story which was really important to me. We went to the appointment where my doctor knew that if we made it to him getting here that I would like to induce. She basically checked me out and said that everything was great and was like ok he is here let’s talk induction. When the nurse said “honey you are having your baby tonight” I thought she was crazy!

Then the second time, I had severe bleeding but my second son who was only 6-7 months got pnemonia while I was admitted in the hospital. Then my poor husband was told and he turned as white as a ghost and asked for the phone to call family for support. I persistently fought with the authorities and doctors to give me release from the hospital ~ signed on my death form and got discharge and finally made it to look after my baby on the 3rd floor.
All we saw was a little tiny face and then she was ran to NICU right past our family members. The nurses never considered that I was having a serious pregnancy ~ where I was forbidden from carrying anything, they’d ask me to carry him and give him a sponge !!! She was 8 days old the first time we held her and she turned blue in our arms and whisked right out so they could help her.
2Ominutes later, my tiny son, who was only 28weeks was out and into the SBCU for respiratory failure. I did not get to hold her right then as they were doing their job and I was being closed up and taken to recovery. Then there was my son born 4 years ago… Started labor at 32 weeks but with doctors, meds and bed rest was able to hold it off to 37 weeks.
My family, lied to me constantly that my baby boy was doing well, but in reality he had several organ failures and seizures throughout that first week. My husband was totally devastated running between two wards in the hospital and seeing both of us detoriating day after day.
God knows I wanted them with my son cause I was only a 3 when I got to the hospital right after my water broke but he had a different plan and wanted to meet us.
By error, it slipped out of my doctors mouth on a routine visit to know about my sons last seizure and I was totally shattered to know he was so serious. And yes, I remember seeing this tiny frail purple body lying between streams and streams of tubes and thinking. Post delivery I have had a book full of health issues but I think, EVERYDAY, I thank Allah swt for blessing me with the best three babies in the world.

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