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MelAus PartnersCOMPRESSION SOCKS PREGNANCY FLYING Designed torecommendations for two tips on flying from weeks pregnant.
If you have already booked a holiday, or would like to go on the last holiday before your newborn arrives, you may wish to know more about flying when pregnant. In general flying while pregnant is not a problem, except if your pregnancy is  complicated in some way.
The risks of air travel during pregnancy are deep-vein thrombosis, miscarriage and premature birth. Also bear in mind that the British Medical Journal highlights the fact that there is a limit on robust evidence which makes it difficult for healthcare professionals to provide definitive advice. So to clarify, there are various generic guidelines but given that air travel and pregnancy is a relatively new topic the British Medical Journal (BMJ) states that the only way to completely avoid the risks is by postponing air travel.  The BMJ does also state that air travel may either be necessary or desirable in pregnancy. Just below is the synopsis of a medical study regarding flying when pregnant, however the overall body of evidence does state exactly what we said at the beginning of this article.
This study about travelling by plane tested pregnant women, who were essentially healthy, to find out if air travel during pregnancy could cause adverse pregnancy outcomes.  Women who took part in the study were all over 20 weeks, and the method of the study was retrospective, assessing the 992 women who took part in it.
Heathrow airport also agrees with the fact that is generally safe for pregnant women to fly, but of course does reiterate the fact that each airline does have its own guidelines. To be aware that even though you may be within the ideal time to travel during pregnancy, long hair flights can be especially uncomfortable, and of course you need to be aware of what lies ahead at your destination. Bearing that in mind and when you’re travelling to you definitely need to discuss immunisation with your doctor. If you are travelling during pregnancy tried to take some medical records with you, especially including your blood group information.
As well as considering how far your destination is, in terms of the long haul flight, and of course the time difference for jetlag, at the time of this you may also wish to think about the language differences. To be sure to check the fine print of your travel insurance, ensuring that it covers you during pregnancy. The majority of pregnancies are low risk and if you fall into this category the general guidelines below should apply to you.  However please note that these are guidelines only and you should always consult your own healthcare provider.
The second trimester (18-24 weeks) is considered to be the safest time to fly when pregnant. If you feel that you will want fly during pregnancy then before making your final decision consider the destination you are planning to fly to.  Is it well equipped medically if you had a need? Are you considering flying to a destination where there are specific risks of acquiring infectious diseases?
If this is the case you may wish to reconsider the destination or if it is necessary to fly there you should definitely consult with your healthcare provider.
Check out the airlines policies on flying when pregnant, as these differ from airline to airline.

If you are flying when pregnant then wear clothing which does not restrict movement and is loose and comfortable.
While sitting-be aware of flexing your feet and stretching your legs to keep the circulation healthy.
Do circulatory exercises as detailed usually in the flight magazine and wear compression socks (flight socks). The policy for Aer Lingus about flying when pregnant does depend on which route you are taking.
On other routes, you need to have written permission to week 28 from your doctor or midwife. Medical professionals will potentially be concerned about the method of travel-air travel as well as the destination, healthcare facilities there and adequate insurance coverage.
The doctor will want to assess the fitness of his pregnant patient to fly and will focus on blood pressure readings and ultrasound pregnancy scans findings. At the time of writing there has been no evidence to date which would suggest that flying when pregnant increases the risk of miscarriage.  However there are studies which reveal that female flight attendants do have a higher miscarriage rate than the rate of their peers. Even though there is no evidence to point towards a heightened risk of miscarriage when flying during pregnancy; if a miscarriage were to occur it would be more difficult to manage it.
Consider the destination, healthcare facilities, the stage of pregnancy you intend to fly during, and consult with your healthcare practitioner who will take into account your medical history, pregnancy scans findings and your travel destination.  One last point is that kind of a worst case scenario-but if you were not able to return home for some reason this would mean you would need to spend the remainder of your pregnancy away from home.
As these blood vessels form the heart begins to pump fluid through them and your baby’s first red blood cells are created.
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If you are experiencing problems in your pregnancy it would be a good idea to consult with your health care provider before making any travel plans, and plenty of women prefer to check either way.
In reality there aren’t too many women who wish to go too far in the first trimester, if anywhere at all.
Additionally read a little further down to see what the the airport authorities and airlines also have to say on the subject. The study concluded that women who travelled by plane during pregnancy were at higher risk of preterm birth. It is during this time that most women should be feeling at their best and there is generally the lowest risk of miscarrying or premature labour. If you’re flying between the UK and Ireland, at 32 weeks you can fly with written permission from your doctor.
I have had very dull cramps and a pinching sensation in my lower tummy but have not had any cramps that were severe. Site news – Announcements updates articles and press releases on Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation.

These methods are not as maternity style summer 2013 forum lingo sensitive as a Doppler so your midwife may not be able to hear the heartbeat until about 18 weeks to 20 weeks. However it must be noted that multi-centre, much larger studies need to be carried out in order to confirm these findings. If you wish to fly between weeks 32 and 35 then you will need to bring one of the Aer Lingus Expectant Mother Forms. Just like Aer Lingus, Ryanair also has a form that you need to fill out, you can find that form by clicking on pregnancy permission Ryanair.
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