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You can feel fatigue because of overwork, mental stress, lack of sleep or lack of physical activity. It is important to keep your body in shape, especially in pregnancy wherein you eat for two bodies.
If your fatigue is severe, persistent and last all through your pregnancy, it is best to contact your physician.
There are cheap ways to overcome or manage fatigue, some are very easy to do, and some even does not require spending money.
It is the inability of the body’s energy to sustain the functioning and ability of a person. Many changes are occurring in pregnancy due to hormonal changes and body preparing for a baby’s development.
Medical experts say that 8 hours of sleep is required but some also say that 6 hours of sleep is enough as long as the sleep is not disturbed. There is a chance that you are experiencing an illness which should be addressed by a healthcare practitioner.

There are several studies saying that soothing music helps in relaxation and makes the body less fatigued. If the work is too much for you, it is okay to ask for help and ask somebody to do the work for you. Your body needs good circulation in order to deliver nutrition efficiently throughout your body. Cigarettes and alcohol bring many negative reactions of the body and makes it more prone to fatigue. There are several signs and symptoms of pregnancy that makes a woman’s body suffer physiologically, physically and emotionally.
Additionally, in the first trimester or first three months of the pregnancy, there is a great demand for nutrition of the baby. There is nausea and vomiting, which can be really uncomfortable for the mother and cause disruption of everyday routine. Mental fatigue refers to the general reduction of attention, manifested by somnolence or decreased wakefulness.

Furthermore, in the third trimester, the growing baby puts more pressure to the bones and muscles of the mother.
Make sure that you eat the recommended calories for pregnant women, which is more than the normal person needs.
Brisk walking is appropriate in pregnant women because it does not require vigorous energy. The weight of the baby calls for more nutrition; therefore, more energy is being given by the mother. As much as possible, avoid caffeine because it just gives you temporary energy and has a rebound effect, making you feel tired after few hours.

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