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Due its characteristic to maintain a balance between body and mind, yoga is a popular choice of fitness for pregnant women today.
Pranayam – This is a breathing pattern that allows huge quantities of oxygen to enter your body.
Yoga helps fight pregnancy discomforts like back aches, nausea, constipation, gas and depression.
To practice pelvic exercise you need to contract and release your pelvic muscles repeatedly. The major queries that pregnancy classes deal with are deals with are breathing techniques, pain management, vaginal and caesarean birth.
Pregnancy may take a toll on your mental and physical state, but enjoying this special event in life is very important. Relaxation through Yoga – To relax through yoga, apart from doing the Asanas, Pranayams and Yoga Nidra, you sit on the floor with your legs spread apart.
Relaxation through Music – Music provides relaxation t both the mother and the unborn baby. Relaxation through Reading – Reading is another for you help your unborn baby to relax and enjoy along with you.

Relaxation through Massage – The kind of stress a pregnant woman faces is both mental and physical. 21st Century Massage Marketing – All the Business Stuff That They Forgot To Teach You At Massage School!
Taking the right type of nutrition is important, but maintaining an active schedule is vital as well.
However, make sure you practice the various Asanas and Pranayam under the instruction of an instructor. Strengthening the pelvic muscles is of utmost importance as it holds the bowl, bladder and womb in place. It tones your muscles, improves blood circulation, helps draw in more oxygen and relaxes mind to get peaceful sleep. Hence they consider taking Pregnancy classes which deals with every possible query a couple on the steps of parenthood could have. They educate you on aspects like changes during pregnancy, nutrition, exercises, handling labour and delivery, breastfeeding and baby care. All you need to do is to find a comfortable place, sit in a comfortable position and concentrate on an object you can focus on like your breathing, a burning candle, a mantra etc.

Having more information on her condition and how to cope with it helps a women deal with the situation better.
Massage not only helps in relieving body crams and pain but also improves blood and lymph circulation.
Spread your legs on to the limit allowed by your body, do not over exert, comfort and safety are of prime importance.
Try soothing classical music as it has the perfect of sounds and rhythm for the baby to enjoy. Many women develop swelling around their feet and hands during pregnancy; massage is an effective option to deal with this. Ideally Pranayam should be practised 3 – 4 hours after your meals, morning hours are recommended. Make this a joint activity by asking your partner to read to the baby, this will make the process even more relaxing.

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