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The date wheel shows the key dates during pregnancy and can be branded with your logo and contact details.
The user to follow dates week by week and additional notes can be included to suit your specific requirements. There are a lot of important dates during the lead up to pregnancy as well as through the pregnancy term itself. A popular and practical tool for monitoring key dates is a Pregnancy Due Date Calculator, often called simply a Pregnancy Wheel.
The first key date shown on the Pregnancy Wheel is the first day of the last period, this represents the start of the first week of the 42 week cycle. The Pregnancy Due Date Wheel also notates the first sixteen weeks following conception as the most likely term that a miscarriage could take place, also highlighting the key dates in each of the four week cycles.
Dates can be read off the Pregnancy Date Wheel right up to the forecast date of birth, which is usual between 36 and 40 weeks after the date of conception.

The comments and dates on Pregnancy Due Date Wheels, and in this article, should be used as a guide only, they refer to the Pregnancy Date product and are in no way intended to be used as advise.
White card stock would be a better choice of paper than regular paper for extra sturdiness, but use what you have available. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
A number of different charts and systems can be used to monitor the key dates during pregnancy, including online forms and charts which can be printed as a permanent record. The Pregnancy Wheel is made up of two circular plastic discs, which measure 114mm in diameter, or just over 4”. The next date shown is the date of conception followed by the date of the first missed period.
This handy and compact tool is easy to use and can often be found at pharmacies and medical facilities.

It is important to consult a GP or other health professionals for the important advice and care needed during pregnancy. One disc has the months of the year printed around the perimeter and the other disc is divided into the 42 week cycle with notations for the key dates during pregnancy. The Pregnancy Wheels are also used as promotional gifts by large companies who supply the health industry, the wheels are printed with their logo and information on their brands.

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