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NIPT: Panel Discussion at Fertility Planit0Recently I attended Fertil Planit in New York where I moderated a panel discussion on NIPT, Non-Invasive Prenatal genetic Testing.
New technology in genetic testing mean that pregnant mothers can have a simple blood test as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy to obtain highly accurate information about the possibility of their pregnancy being affected by the most common genetic conditions.
Amnio & CVS are 2 tests that are available, however, our recommendations for who needs these are changing based on new genetic tests that are available.
Genetic testing in pregnancy with Amnio and CVS carries risk of miscarriage, but what about the non-invasive tests that most women have that lead to the recommendation to have an Amnio or CVS? These combined and integrated screens rely upon a combination of ultrasound plus a series of blood tests for pregnancy hormones and proteins.

11 Aug 2013Tag amnio, amniocentesis, cvs, false positive, genetic testing, loss, miscarriage, NIPTWhat is Amniocentesis and CVS?0What is involved with Amnio and CVS? These tests are considered diagnostic, with high levels of accuracy in assessing pregnancies with serious genetic conditions. There are many different tests that are offered to pregnant moms to screen for genetic conditions. These 2 tests are considered diagnostic to detect serious genetic conditions in a pregnancy. I knew it right away but waited until the actual day I was supposed to have my period to take a pregnancy test.

Until recently, any woman over 35, most of whom were 99% likely not to have an affected pregnancy were offered these potentially risky, invasive tests. Many couples wrestle with whether they should have these tests, even if they wouldn’t consider any option but continuing the pregnancy.

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