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A new study has revealed that teens whose mothers suffered from depression during pregnancy face an increased risk of displaying antisocial behavior, including violence. The team of British researchers also discovered that women who are prone to displaying unusually aggressive and disruptive behavior during their teen years, are more at risk of being depressed when they are pregnant. For the sake of study, researchers analyzed 120 inner-city youths and their mothers, and the mothers of these children where interviewed once when they were pregnant, after they gave birth and when their children had hit the ages of 4, 11 and 16.
I know it can be really tough to admit we’re depressed when everyone else thinks we should be ecstatic.
Your midwife or doctor, and even your friends and family, might not recognize that you’re depressed. As you can see from the diagram below, depression has many possible causes and sometimes even more than one.
Untreated, severe depression can increase some risks to you and your baby – that’s why it’s so important to promptly get the support and the treatments that work best for you.
Problems can arise because when we’re depressed, we don’t tend to take optimal care of ourselves. This can increase the risk of premature birth, having a low birth weight baby, medical problems in the pregnancy, and problems at birth.
Increasing numbers of studies are also showing that depression, stress, and anxiety in the pregnant mom influences and alters the expression of the baby’s genes, increasing the child’s lifetime risk of mental health problems. Prenatal depression also increases the risk of postpartum depression, which, if untreated, can lead to developmental, behavioral, and mental health problems in the baby, as well as problems that arise from neglect if mom is unable to fully care for the baby. On top of it, all of this can also have an impact on your self-esteem and confidence as a new mom, and this can also negatively affect your parenting.
For mild to moderate depression, natural approaches can be tried first, and are often all that is needed, but women should also consider being under the care of a midwife or obstetrician and a mental health provider simultaneously.
Women with moderate to severe depression, in addition to trying these 10 tips, should be under the care of a physician who specializes in prenatal depression. Here are 10 pregnancy-safe, positive steps you can take toward optimizing your mood and your wellness. A number of medical conditions, including thyroid problems, diabetes, hypoglycemia, and anemia can cause symptoms of depression. Many women who experienced severe nausea and vomiting in pregnancy also report depression – sometimes just because they felt so awful and thought it would never end, other times likely because underlying nutritional issues led to or resulted from the vomiting. This is not a time to be shy asking your partner, other adult family members, your BFF, or other moms you know for support, particularly if you already have young children and are experiencing depression.
Gluten and dairy, while we might crave them like crazy during pregnancy, can cause mood problems in those who are sensitive. Hypoglycemia is common during pregnancy, often made worse by nausea in the first trimester. 30 minutes per day of exercise has been shown to prevent and help with depression in pregnancy.
We don’t need to be rocket scientists to know that lack of sleep increases depression and irritability, makes us grab for quick sugary foods that later lead to a blood sugar crash, and generally rocks our boat.
It’s so easy to spend most of our time indoors and to forget how uplifting even a little bit of fresh air and sunshine can be.
Omega-3 fatty acids: There is good evidence to show that many pregnant women are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids, and when maternal intake is low, so is the mom’s DHA level which can affects mood. Sam-E: A natural substance important for methylation, a process involved in making chemicals called neurotransmitters, which control mood, Sam-E has been well-studied and found to be safe in pregnancy. Folate: Important for preventing neural tube defects in our babies, folate is also important for a healthy nervous system. Probiotics: Increasing evidence suggests that disrupted flora can contribute to a disrupted mood, including depression and anxiety.
Check with your midwife or doctor before using if you are already on a medication or if you have any medical problems related to pregnancy). If after a couple of weeks of incorporating a combination of the above strategies you’re not noticing any improvements, this is a good time to consult with a medical provider who specializes specifically in the functional medicine, naturopathic, integrative, or mental health care of pregnant women. Do you have a piece about depression that spans the whole of pregnancy into post partum and breastfeeding?
My book, Natural Health After Birth addressees postpartum depression — and I promise, more blogs to come. These woman usually have prementral depression (PMS type D) and sometimes a shorter post menstral depressive phase as well, when they are not pregnant. If a woman with low estrogen expression is able to make it through the 1st trimester, she may begin to feel better. I have noticed that women with low estrogen expression also tend to have more morning sickness, so that may also explain some of the correlation there. I thought I recently read an article stating that taking anti-depressants while pregnant may potentially be linked to having children with autism. There is a lot of confusing and conflicting data on antidepressants in pregnancy — see next week’s blog! As far as nutrition, I knew someone with a history of depression who couldn’t take the prenatal because of a gluten sensitivity.
Absolutely, for many women this is fine as long as their is excellent nutrition and adequate folic acid intake. Various approaches and tecuniques can help osteopathically, from very gentle manipulation to functional tecniques to cranial and or visceral ( osteopathy which works with those tissues within the trunk). I spent my first month of pregnancy traveling in France with my boyfriend, meeting his friends and family and having a hard time meeting so many people in this short period of time. Since then, I started working 5 days a week, which is more than what I was used to for the last 2 years.
I have stopped eating gluten, dairy products, soy, corn and eggs since I have developed intolerances to all those foods which symptoms were arthritis and inflammation crisis.
My immune system is down because of all those food allergies for years so I have herpes and the Damocles sword up my head reminding me of what will happen if I quit the straight line: caesarean! Does anyone have any experience using rosemary tincture for elevating the mood and mental focus during pregnancy. Get Detox Your Medicine Cabinet, a FREE guide to 25 herbs that treat common symptoms naturally!
All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only, and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your healthcare professional or physician. Pregnancy is associated with feelings of happiness and excitement, but for some moms-to-be pregnancy can become one of the most difficult times.
If you think you have a depression, you should discuss this problem with your doctors or midwife.
In many cases, depression goes undiagnosed because symptoms of depression are similar to usual mood fluctuations of pregnancy. If these symptoms persists for more than several weeks, you may need professional help rather than blame your pregnancy moodiness. Common antidepressants prescribed for treatment of depression cannot be considered completely safe during pregnancy. For a pregnant woman using antidepressants can be quite a difficult choice since this may affect health of their unborn baby.

Treating depression during pregnancy is important and you may also choose a wide variety of treatment options that will not harm your or your bay's health.
You can use different types of traditional therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy to eliminate depressive thoughts or interpersonal therapy, to learn how to communicate more effectively with other people. Aromatherapy is based on the use of aromatic essences to regulate biochemical reactions of the body.
This reflects that a mother's history of behavior might predict her children's antisocial behavior. Your symptoms may be mistaken as simply normal changes of pregnancy due to hormonal shifts and other physiologic changes. The evidence on the safety of these medications in pregnancy does show some risk of potential birth defects, and also withdrawal symptoms in baby after birth.
Have your doctor or midwife run some simple blood tests to check for these and start appropriate treatment as necessary. Get with your midwife, doctor, or a functional medicine physician who specializes in prenatal care to help you get your nutrition on track. If you are single or if everyone else is too busy to help when you need it, hire some extra help – whether for getting shopping and chores done, or taking care of the house or older kids.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one form of therapy that is especially helpful in developing coping skills for depression, and changing old, ineffective thinking patterns into new and successful skills for coping with challenging emotions, behaviors, and thoughts.
Interestingly, a recent study showed that fear of birth is associated with the later development of postpartum depression. A trial of gluten and dairy free for a month, even, might shed light on whether these are not optimal for you. It is important to eat high quality foods, especially a protein source (nuts, nut butters, meat, fish, or poultry, hummus or something with beans or legumes, or a protein shake, for example) and good quality fats (avocado and nut butters, for example) every few hours, and never skip meals. Iron deficiency anemia, low vitamin D, low vitamin B12, can all increase depression in pregnancy, and are easily to supplement.
One 12-week study done at the University of Michigan, found that group yoga classes in pregnancy substantially reduced depression, increased mindfulness, and improved mother-child bonding after the birth!
But getting even 15 minutes of fresh air each day can help us overcome the nature deficit disorder most of us suffer from, and with it, brighten our moods. Fish oil capsules (I recommend Nordic Naturals prenatal fish oil products) can be trusted to be mercury-free, and vegetarians can use a product such as Omega Twin by Barleans. Taking folate does not in itself seem to improve prenatal depression, but it does appear that women who have adequate folate intake respond better to treatment with antidepressant medications. John’s Wort: While the data is limited, and more studies are needed, especially given uncertainty over the safety of conventional antidepressant medications in pregnancy, studies on the effect of prenatal consumption of St. Studies have shown that eating live active cultures such as found in yogurt can improve women’s moods! While self-care is the cornerstone of health, greater health challenges can be best addressed with a supportive, knowledgeable team. You’ll love the down-to-earth nature of The Natural Pregnancy Book, and for after baby – Natural Health After Birth. I have seen better results with mothers with anxiety than depression, but I do feel there are some benefits worth exploring if a mother knows she tends to have postpartum mood disorders.
The baby’s placenta startes to produce estrogen and progesterone at that time, so things are likely to improve. The case study example, with the depression, miscarriage, then lack of dilation and retention of placenta with hemorrhage, was exactly what happened to me a few years ago. I work alone 3 days a week and in another boutique 2 days a week with a totally different rythm that is exhausting considering my level of energy since I’m pregnant. Adapting to two different jobs at the same time without telling or talking about my pregnancy got me really tired. Depression affects around 10 to 30 percent of pregnant women, though the percentage of depressed pregnant women can be higher due to the fact that most of them hesitate to report about this problem to their health care professional. Many depressed women do not have proper prenatal care, eating less or indulging in unhealthy food, lack adequate rest. There are some studies that say that stress and depression can have negative impact on unborn child because of the reduced blood flow to the fetus in pregnancy. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), such as Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox, Lexapro, are a widely used class of antidepressants. There is an increased risk of such complications as persistent pulmonary hyptertension, heart problems and neonatal abstinence syndrome characterized by such symptoms as disturbed sleep, high-pitch crying, tremors and other. Color therapists believe that certain colors (like, for example, warm colors of otange, yellow, red) used in your environment may affect your mood and thus use certain color combinations to treat depression. Exercising is known to stimulate the production of compounds that elevate mood, enhance the level of serotonin and reduce the level of cortisol hormone, which contributes to weakening of depression symptoms. Try to avoid consumption of products rich in refined sugar, reduce caffeine and alcohol intake. After all, fatigue, changes in eating habits, sleep problems, general aches and pains, changes in mood, irritability, and tearfulness – all of these are normal during pregnancy, right? You have to weight the potential benefit to you and the baby against medical risks of  taking antidepressants in pregnancy. While this association has not been studied in pregnancy, it does make sense that unresolved fears and worries can lead to prenatal depression.
You do not have to eat larger quantities, but keeping your blood sugar steady is especially important if you struggle with mood swings or depression.
One side effect is a slightly “hyper” mood – use for a shorter duration or every other day if you experience this. Since pregnancy naturally makes it harder to sleep due to our growing belly size and frequent need to pee in the night, taking cat naps in the day rather than pushing through or grabbing for sweets or caffeine is the healthy way to catch up on rest and nip depression in the bud.
Consider a brisk walk for the double benefit of fresh air and exercise for a better mood and even better sleep, or find a sunny spot for a quick mediation to brighten your day!
I recommend discontinuing use 2 weeks prior to the due date because of a small but possible increased risk of bleeding while supplementing. John’s wort on pregnancy in mice and rats were generally associated with normal gestation and offspring development. I extend this to fermented foods in general, such as sauerkraut, kimchee, and miso.  A good probiotic can also do the trick! What do you wish someone had told you while you were pregnant that you can share as inspiration for other women? Prenatal and perinatal environmental influences on the human fetal and placental epigenome.
Mindfulness yoga during pregnancy for psychiatrically at-risk women: Preliminary results from a pilot feasibility study. But the test was done on day 21 of her cycle and she had ovulated on day 23 that month, so her levels really should have been higher. John’s wort has been shown in tests to work as well as BLT, though I have always suggested light, as SJW in pregnancy is still somewhat of an unknown.
Is it safe to skip the prenatal vitamin (esp if it’s after the early weeks where the neural tube develops) and focus on nutrient dense foods? My boyfriend’s parents were coming from France for two weeks a few days after our arrival and I had absolutely no interest in spending time with them and sharing my pregnancy with them.

Additionnal to that, we have to move because our landlords want to take back the apartment but we haven’t found something interesting for our new needs at a price that we can afford. I have had a lot of food addictions, eating my emotions not to feel anything for at least 15 years, so now I have to cope with those new feelings and not ignored emotions and needs, but still the reflex of going for a certain type of food is there and really hard to resist especially when I’m alone at work since I have a corner store just in front and a delicious bakery with all those gluten-packed pastries!
And now I know that my depressed mood can cause my baby to have mental problems or me to have a post-partum depression that can cause my baby to have mental problems. I have an issue with my adrenal gland that I have been treating with the help of my Naturopath for nearly a year, but now I’m pregnant she had me stop taking my supplements and I have been feeling depressed and not wanting to get out of bed. I’ve been using rosemary tincture everyday and have found it very uplifting for the downs. You should evaluate all the pros and contras together with your physician since both depression and the use of antidepressants can become a risk factor for your baby's well-being. The study showed that listening to soothing music such as lullabies, classical music, nature and crystal sounds for at least 30 minutes a day may significantly help in treatment of depression during pregnancy. Common essential oils tat used to treat depression include ylang ylang, lemon, rose, orange, grapefruit, basil and others.
Talk to your obstetrician about using additional supplements such as folic acid, group B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, iron, biotin and potassium. Admit how you’re feeling to yourself, let your partner, a close relative, or BFF know, tell your care provider and get the ball rolling on feeling better. I once had a patient who was terrified that, because she’d had an abortion as a young adult some 15 years earlier, she would be “punished by God in this pregnancy,” and that her baby would be born deformed. High blood sugar over time leads to gestational diabetes, but can also lead to generalized inflammation in the body, and the chemicals produced during an inflammatory response also depress the mood. Even just sitting with your face toward a sunny window for 30 minutes each morning has been shown to improve mood. Rarely, it has been reported to cause mild gastrointestinal symptoms, sweating, dizziness, and anxiety. I recommend 800 mcg – 2 mg of methylfolate daily, ideally starting 3 month prior to pregnancy, or at any point that you realize are pregnant.
Not to mention that her ovulation should have occured earlier in the month, but this often happens when the estrogen levels are not high enough to cause ovulation to occur in a timely manner. This is a person whose own baby-mother connection when she was the baby was not everything she needed. In chance that it will harm my baby, it says on the bottle not to use while pregnant or breast feeding, although I know a lot of natural remedies have to say that bc of lack if studies. I just have to remind myself that baby steps are necessary, a little more exercise and focusing on my nutrition. Walking is one of the simplest forms of exercises during pregnancy that may also benefit your overall health.
This fear was even playing out in her dreams, causing her to be fatigued on top of the worry! So make sure to avoid simple carbs (white flour products, white rice, pasta) and sugar, and emphasize a pregnancy-smart way of eating. If you do discontinue it, simply resume a few days after birth to help prevent postpartum depression.
She additionally indicated that she had developed depressive PMS, beginning just around that age when she’d miscarried the 1st time. D also tends to reduce pineal activity AND it tends to be low in the person with high pineal. I meet with my midwife for the first time tomorrow and I will make sure to mention it to her. I’ve been having trouble with low blood sugar symptoms and feel that something is out of balance. I had taken antidepressants since my senior year of college, but I dealt with depression and anxiety for years before I ever sat down in an actual psychiatrist’s office. When I was able to elicit the story and her fears, we were able to do some emotional healing around the issue and she once again had peace of mind and peaceful sleep. Finally, going to the ER for the bleeding issue, she learned the placenta had not been expelled—lack of dialation. And other than one really bad bout during grad school, it felt under control.It took a year and a half for me to get pregnant. I was taking Ashwagndha and found relief with it, but stopped taking it a week ago and my body it going crazy. There were lots of medical tests, rounds of artificial insemination, hormone shots in my stomach, and more. So when I learned I was expecting and my doctor asked if I thought I could stop taking my anti-depressants, I didn’t blink.
I have never experienced anything so black, deep or dark in my life or in any other pregnancies.
Magnesium is often in short supply in these persons, so magnesium oil or gel applied topically or ionic magnesium citrate taken internally is often a help and calms nerves. I envisioned a parade of “feel-good” hormones marching through my body, then doing high kicks at the finish line of birth.So, for better or worse, I went cold turkey.
It really felt like one day I was fine and then the next day I was absolutely, unequivocally depressed and anxious. Every simple action from tying my shoes to unlocking my front door seemed like the most complex and intense feat. Always run down.When we decided to move to a new neighborhood, I began to obsess over the crime stats. I went to the police precinct, 5-months-pregnant, and rambled a barrage of questions at the police officers.
I was a ball of nerves, strung up telling myself all sorts of disaster stories about what would happen to our baby in the new neighborhood.
Or broken? The next night, my mom and husband sat me down and told me that they were concerned about my behavior. They thought I should see my therapist and think about going back on some type of medication.I already felt paranoid that everyone in my life was looking at me like I was crazy and couldn’t handle my life, so it was definitely worse when I was carrying a child. When my mom and husband made a point of offering me support, I could see myself getting better. We had a postpartum plan, since I had also developed postpartum depression with my first daughter.
When everything around you says a woman shouldn’t take any drug during pregnancy, it’s not easy to reconcile your own needs over that of an unborn child.
For more information, and a list of resources, I have found the American Pregnancy Association to be helpful.
There are also reproductive psychiatrists who are specially trained to help women going through depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders while they’re pregnant and breastfeeding.

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