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Thankfully, there is an easy to use home test for me that is over 98% accurate at detecting sperm count. Almost 4 months ago my husband had a vasectomy, and he was given a date to do a recheck on his sperm count to make sure everything went well. It is actually ironic that is our case we wanted to make sure he did have low sperm count now. If you are looking to purchase the SpermCheck® Fertility test, you can do so for $39.99 on their site.
I know for us, we were always lucky to get pregnant within 5 times of trying for each of our three kids.

This at home test is made by SpermCheck® Fertility, and we recently received one to review. It wasn’t an easy road at first with the pain he was in, but he has recovered perfectly.
By reading the easy to follow directions, my husband was able to easily test his sperm to ensure that is was low, and hopefully non existent at this point. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. As many of you know, my husband and I have three kids, and the factory is closed BUT did you know that the factory had to be tested to make sure it was indeed shut down?

He personally wanted to review the SpermCheck® Fertility Home Test For Men to double check that his sperm count was in fact in the low range as it should be. We would highly recommend this at home kit to anyone who would like over 98% accurate, and discreet results. Many woman blame themselves for not being able to conceive, but many times it is their partner that may suffer from low sperm count.

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