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Depression after the delivery could be lack of rest, stress, overwhelmed about he new born, lack of time and feeling lesser attractive, etc.
For example, ask him to take night care of baby in every alternative day and help in changing diapers as well.
Try to have another person with you always so that you can pass your time by chatting and not having feeling of being lonely. There are many factors because of which the chances of depression arise in pregnant women’s life.
One is the talk therapy in which you require to visit psychologist or a therapist who can give you professional help. Substance use, mental illness, lack of support from others, financial problems, anxiety,  early age pregnancy, etc. Some signs are feeling gloomy, irritated about everything, loss of friends and interest in your hobbies, excessive sleeping, heck of crying, laziness and weakness, severe headaches and mood swings.
Do not take much tension about things as everything has a solution and be happy that you are a mother now.

If you're interested in non-pharmaceutical comfort in labor, it could be the option for you. By Carrie Murphy Facebook Pinterest Google Plus Email Carrie Murphy Portable, non-invasive, labor pain relief that you can control yourself sounds almost too good to be true, right?
TENS works by sending electrical nerve stimulation through these electrodes; it doesn't take away the sensation of contractions, but essentially interrupts the pain signals your brain is receiving, possibly reducing your awareness of them or producing endorphins that allow you to cope better.
The feeling that comes through the electrodes is kind of like a light buzzing or prickling, but the unit has buttons you can use to turn the intensity up or down, depending on your pain level, tolerance, and where you are in your labor. TENS usually does not interfere with electronic fetal monitoring, so it's fine to use when laboring in a hospital setting.
Other benefits to TENS include the fact that it does not require a medical professional to administer (so it's good for pain relief at home, too), there are no side effects for your baby, and that it can be put on or taken off at any point during your labor.
Studies are inconclusive regarding exactly how and why it works, and why it might work very well for some people and not at all for others.
Still, in a Cochrane review of evidence regarding TENS, the majority of women who used it said they would use it again in a future labor. She says, of her experience: "During hour 12 of what ended up being 50 total hours of labor, my doula encouraged me to try using TENS to assist with back pain.

The TENS allowed me to rest a bit as labor progressed; I even slept in between contractions when I had it on! Many people find it beneficial mentally, as another sensation to concentrate on during contractions.
Eileen Ehudin Beard comments that, "The women who seemed to have the most success with pain relief in my practice were women who used TENS during their pregnancy and were familiar with it. If you do buy or rent one, make sure it's a TENS that's specifically for pregnancy and birth—TENS units designed for other uses aren't appropriate for pregnancy. You should also discuss your intention to use TENS with your provider and the people who will be present at your birth, too—making sure everyone is on the same page about pain relief options will make for an easier communication process once you're actually in labor.

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