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This entry was posted in FRIDAY FUNNY and tagged baby, dad, friday, funny, guide, illustration, mom, parent, poster, pregnancy, tip. Women who deal consciously with the changed situation, will feel right at home with baby bump in their body and have it after the birth easier to regain your old figure.
Despite the stress, the expectant mother can feel completely at ease in her body when she gets involved with the new body feeling and following a few tips for care in pregnancy.
In any case, you should look for hair care use only mild shampoos and conditioners and not too hot or even do not blow dry times. During pregnancy, a lot of sports should be driven course not excessive, but appropriate gymnastic exercises do mind and body good. The exercises can be at home, to be conducted at a special pregnancy gymnastics or even in the water as water aerobics.

If you like our work then Promote or share our website content and posts on social networks with friends. With our these care in pregnancy tips, pregnant women’s can cure themselves to maintain their health and beauty. Not only the belly is growing steadily, and the whole organism adapts to the changing situation and the needs of the baby. The skin is by estrogen’s, although elastic, special skin care for the prevention of cracks and stretch marks but is essential. Carefully massage with soft hands through to make the skin supple and spread the oil circular. Use during pregnancy only very mild pH neutral cleansing lotions and not alcoholic face water, which can dry out the skin.

Very often pregnant women suffer under highly greasy hair who even act brittle and sit bad. Light exercises that indeed claim the body, but not impoverish him unnecessarily, are just right for pregnant women.

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