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December 21, 2013 by Shirley Whitfield 5 Comments Knowing the sex of the unborn baby can not be a big problem in the modern era of Science and Technology. To be known as the patriarchal society, most of the Chinese families have favored the birth of the boys over the girls since boys have been believed to inherit ancestral property. To be described as one of the oldest ways to identify the gender of the baby, the Chinese Pregnancy Predictor is also called other names such as the Chinese Gender Predictor Chart or Chinese Lunar Calendar. The use of this chart has also developed in China since the government has required couples to restrict their reproduction to 1-2 children. Basically, this chart will be based on the Lunar Calendar, and the dates will be based on the phases of the moon.
Some of us can make a mistake of using the real birth date, rather than utilizing the original month of the conception.
The mother’s age at the conception has to follow the Chinese calendar, not the Gregorian calendar widely used in the West. Although the chart’s accuracy can be disputed, it will be pretty fun to use if we get pregnant, or we prepare for the marital life. The Chinese Calendar Method is a well known astrological method for human gender selection, dating from the China of 13th century.
This ancient method’s purpose is to determine the time intervals during which a woman is more likely to get pregnant with a baby of a desired sex.
An essential aspect of this sex selection technique is that it is actually a preconceptional method, i.e. However, you can use the common (Gregorian, Western) concepts of month and age when applying this gender selection method that uses the baby boy or girl Chinese calendar method, if and only if you use the Gregorian translated version of the table that I will tell you about in the next section of this article. The plain table that is used by this gender selection method is actually a very simple representation of a special chart called “Chinese Conception Chart” or “Chinese Gender Chart”, which reflects the map of sky at the moment when a child of the desired gender will be conceived; considering the main theme of this website and article, the plain and simple “conception-gender table” actually represents, according to the method of Chinese Calendar for Boy, the map of sky at the moment when that woman has most chances for conceiving a boy. The two special temporal elements, Chinese lunar age and month, appear in this sex selection method because this ancient astrological technique is based on the Chinese Conception Chart (aka the Chinese Gender Chart), that is based on the old Chinese Lunisolar Calendar, which differs from the common (Western, Gregorian) calendar, since it uses the Chinese lunar year. If you apply the method of Chinese calendar for baby boy or girl by using the Chinese table, you must know how to compute the Chinese lunar age and month in terms of the Gregorian (Western, common) calendar elements.
For being able to use the gender selection technique of the Chinese calendar baby gender with the original table (i.e. You can read the Gregorian periods of every lunar month of every lunar year that corresponds to a Gregorian year between 1901 and 2100 (you need these conversions if, in your attempt to conceive a boy, Chinese Calendar of Baby Gender with the original, i.e. This ancient astrological strategy of sex selection is based on the Chinese Gender Chart, also called Chinese Conception Chart or Chinese Gender Predictor Chart, which is thought to date from the China of the 13th century and which represents a map of sky corresponding to the date and time when a person is conceived.
The Conception (Gender) Chart for the gender selection method “Chinese Calendar Baby” is represented by a simple table, which can be in its original form (i.e.
Each of the two forms of this table has 12 columns, corresponding to the 12 Chinese lunar months, and 28 rows, corresponding to 28 values of Chinese lunar age (from the lunar age of 18 lunar years, to the lunar age of 45 lunar years); each cell holds a value of gender – either boy (male) or girl (female).
It’s fundamental to understand the significance of these columns, rows and cells of this table, which is actually the central element of the gender selection method of Chinese Baby Calendar.
The Gregorian translated table representing the Conception Chart is the same as the Chinese (original) table, the only difference being the fact that the Gregorian table includes the Gregorian date ranges and birth intervals corresponding to each Chinese lunar month and age. The table that represents the Chinese Calendar Baby Gender Chart (the central element of this old astrological method) is used not only for gender selection (predetermination), but also for gender prediction. In this section I’m going to tell you how you should use each of the two forms of the table (representing the Conception Chart and, therefore, the central element of this astrological method of sex selection) for conceiving a boy.
Calculate the lunar age of the woman in the period when she intends to conceive a boy, using the conversion table found at step 1 and the rules for computing the Chinese lunar age presented in one of the preceding sections of this article. In the original (Chinese) table displayed in this article, follow the row that corresponds to the lunar age computed at step 2 and select all the cells that are marked as “B” (which stands for “boy”), since you are trying to conceive a boy. For each of the cells selected at step 3, determine the Gregorian intervals that correspond to the Chinese lunar months that are the titles of the columns of these selected cells.
If you use a Gregorian translated table (the one corresponding to the Gregorian year 2014 is presented in this article), you don’t have to calculate anything, since this form of table includes all the Gregorian dates you need.
From the row titles that are displayed on the left side of this table, choose the one showing the interval that includes the birth date of the future mother. From the row of the title selected at step 2, select the cells marked as “B” (“boy”), because you want to determine when to conceive a boy. For each of these selected cells, read the Gregorian intervals that are displayed in the title of the corresponding columns. WOW!your calendar is completely CORRECT!!it say mine is a girl then I am having a little girl now!!!I’m Chinese and this calendar is so much better then the Chinese version!i have a question.could you please pose the 2017 calendar?i just have a little girl and next one I really want a boy!but not 2016~thank you so much!!!

Please mum, i have two girls I can’t really understand the chart pls help me send the months I can Conceive a baby boy this year, I am seriously having problem with my hubby. Your baby is now the size of a cabbage in weight, measuring about seventeen (17) inches from head to heel and weighing about three (3) pounds. If born during week 30 of pregnancy, your baby would be premature but would have a very good chance of survival. During week 30 of pregnancy, your baby’s face looks pretty much like what he or she will look like when born.
Your uterus now extends a little over four inches above your belly button, but you still have about ten more weeks to go before you welcome your baby into the world.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is not meant to replace the professional medical advice of your health care provider. Cytomegalovirus, or the CMV virus, is a common virus in the herpes virus family that infects individuals of all ages. In fact, with the advent of the advanced technology, pregnant women are able to determine the gender of their babies through Ultra Sound or CT Scan method.
Furthermore, with the agricultural society, Chinese have been supposed that having more boys will give the families more hands to support and work in the fields, and then they will earn much money. This powerful chart is said to be discovered by an ancient Chinese scientist in the royal tomb near Beijing over 700 years ago.
Dozens of pregnant women like to apply this chart since they are able to predict whether they carry boys or girls before conceiving.
Of course, we can find it easy to search for several versions of the Chinese Pregnancy Chart on the Internet these days. This is the most complete article you’ll find, describing how to use the 2016 and 2017 Chinese Pregnancy Calendar to get pregnant with a boy or a girl.
It is a simple and natural strategy of increasing the likelihood of getting pregnant with a baby of the gender you want.
In other words, in every moment of the determined intervals, that woman’s chances to conceive a child of the desired gender are bigger than her odds (at that moment) to conceive a baby of the unwanted gender, according to the Chinese calendar baby gender method. These two unusual terms might scare you, but don’t worry, because I have good news for you: you can use the method of Chinese Pregnancy Calendar for Gender of Baby without knowing the meaning of these two temporal concepts, only if you use the Gregorian translated table that I will show you further in this article. So, if you are trying to conceive a boy using the method with the Chinese calendar for gender of baby, you ought to know that the Chinese lunar year has 12 or 13 Chinese lunar months: 12 regular lunar months, that are numbered in sequence (1st,…, 12th), and a 13th leap (intercalary) lunar month, which is added every second or third lunar year after any of the 12 regular lunar months (receiving the same number as the regular lunar month after which it is added), for synchronizing the lunar year with the astronomical year (just like the Gregorian year receives another day, in February, every four years). You should also know that the (Chinese) lunar year starts, depending on the intercalary lunar month, on the day of the second or the third new moon after the winter solstice. This Conception Chart (which is the central element of this old method that should help conceiving a boy) is created after the Birth Chart (aka Natal Chart), which is a map of Universe corresponding to the time and location of that person’s birth. The columns refer to conception (the Chinese lunar months of conception), the rows refer to the mother at conception (the Chinese lunar age of mother at the moment of conception) and the cells refer to the most likely gender of a baby conceived in the corresponding lunar month by a woman with the corresponding lunar age at conception.
If you use this “simplified” form of table (which is actually the original table) for conceiving a boy with this ancient astrological method, you must know how to express the Chinese lunar values in the Gregorian dates. Below is displayed the Gregorian translated table for the lunar year that corresponds to the Gregorian year 2014. More precisely, this table is traditionally used in China not only for determining the time intervals when a child of the desired gender is more likely to be conceived, but also for determining the most likely gender of a fetus (a baby that is conceived, but unborn yet).
These Gregorian intervals are actually the periods that this astrological method of gender selection (the Chinese Gender Predictor) recommends for conceiving a boy.
If you choose the year 2014 for conception, more precisely the period January 31, 2014 ~ February 18, 2015, you can use the Gregorian translated table presented in this article. These Gregorian intervals are actually the periods when this ancient astrological method for gender predetermination (method that is called “Chinese Calendar for Baby Boy or Girl”) claims that you have the biggest chances to conceive a boy. The cheeks will continue to fill out and plump up, but the eyebrows and eyelashes are fully developed. You should continue to gain between one and two pounds per week until the end of your pregnancy.
Spend a little time in thinking about the times when people even did not discover the basis of conception and birth. Besides, girls have had a tendency to stay at home until they have come to the marital lives. When finding these above factors successfully, you will look for the point of your age at the conception and the month when you conceive intersect.
If we fail to determine the month of conception and our age at the conception, it is sure that we could not get the correct result.

The Most Accurate Chinese Gender CalendarIt is really an unforgettable moment to know that we have a new addition to our family soon. Because this website’s purpose is to present you the best techniques on how to conceive a boy, I decided to focus this post on the way this legendary Chinese method of sex selection can help you have a male child.
This special kind is called “Chinese Lunar” and is related to the ancient traditional Chinese Lunisolar Calendar, which is different from the calendar used in the Western part of the world (i.e. Further in this article, exact descriptions of each of the two versions of the “conception-gender table”, about the way of using this ancient and famous astrological method of gender predetermination, as well as about the “Chinese Calendar Baby Gender Chart”, are provided.
The Chinese lunar year correspponding to the Gregorian year 2014 began on January 31, 2014, and it lasts until February 18, 2015. Every Chinese lunar month commences on the day of a new moon (astronomical, not crescent) and it lasts until the day of the next astronomical new moon.
From this website you can discover, for instance, that the third lunar month of the lunar year corresponding to the Gregorian year 2014 begins on March 31, 2014, and it ends on April 29, 2014; the eleventh lunar month of the same lunar year starts on December 22, 2014, and it terminates on (the Gregorian date) January 19, 2015. The Chinese lunar age of a person at a certain moment is equal with the number of Chinese lunar New Year Eves that have passed since the birth of that person, plus one lunar year.
This simple table is actually a “conception-gender table”, since it illustrates how the conception’s lunar month and the mother’s lunar age at conception determine a baby’s gender.
You will find out how to do these translations in one of the subsequent sections of this article.
If the period when you intend to conceive differs from the period in the previous sentence, then you must determine the Gregorian year(s) corresponding to the desired conception period and then find (or compute) a Gregorian translated table that corresponds to this year.
Layers of fat continue to deposit under the skin, and your baby is now beginning to regular his or her own body temperature. If you find yourself feeling anxious or suffering from mood swings during week 30 of pregnancy, you are not alone. If you’re looking for a complete guide, click here to download a PDF with all you need to know about getting pregnant with a boy. Therefore, there is only one period when you can affect the gender of your future baby, and that period is the period before the moment when you conceive (get pregnant with) that child.
The algorithm for computing this special age, the Chinese lunar age, is defined by only two simple rules.
As your joints and ligaments in your pelvis loosen in preparation for labor and birth, the rest of your body becomes more flexible as well.
It is not difficult to understand why the Chinese Pregnancy Predictor has more and more popular in this country. For example, if a wife is 27 years old, and both of them expect a boy, some months they should have sexuality to have a boy can be March, April, June, September, November and December.
Chinese Pregnancy Calendar 2014Learn Your Birth Calendar This 2014 What do you know about birth calendar?
In fact, all the natural (and the majority of the high-tech) methods of sex selection are actually preconceptional techniques.
So, an accurate use of this sex selection method (Chinese Baby Calendar for boy or girl) requires you to be aware of the fact that this well-known astrological strategy uses two essential concepts: the Chinese lunar age (of mother at conception) and the Chinese lunar month (of conception), which are totally different from the common age and month (the Western, Gregorian ones). In other words, your baby will be able to see clearly objects that are a few inches from his or her face. However, one out of ten women suffer from depression during pregnancy, so talk to your health care provider if you feel increasingly irritable or agitated or just cannot shake your negative feelings. The second rule states that each person’s lunar age increases by one lunar year after each Chinese lunar New Year Eve that passes from the moment of birth. Hair continues to grow and thicken on the head as the last of your baby’s lanugo disappears.
Many women also end up a shoe size larger after pregnancy because the ligaments in the feet also loosen and widen. Other symptoms during week 30 of pregnancy include fatigue, difficulty breathing, more frequent urination, heartburn, indigestion, flatulence, constipation, bloating, stronger fetal movements, faintness, dizziness, headaches, backaches, bleeding gums, nasal congestion, stretch marks, itchy abdominal skin, varicose veins, slightly swollen ankles and feet, and changes to the hair, skin, and nails.

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