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The baby didn’ – ivf story, This is a story that i’ve been thinking about writing for the longest time, but could never quite decide if i should actually share it, or keep it private..
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The doctor also tested my urine for dehydration as apparently if pregnant women get ketones in their urine from dehydration, standard procedure is to admit that woman to hospital to rehydrate with a drip.
So, what with the sickness and the tiredness I’ve been pretty much less than useless. We have another scan booked for 5th January (I know, so many, but it’s because there are two of them!) and lots to look forward to in the new year. So, we went back to Guy’s today so that they could check up on my progress in terms of the OHSS and hopefully as well so that they could  do a scan. L is coming up with a series of nicknames for them: Pinky and Perky one week, Torville and Dean the next, Ant and Dec the week after. We have another scan booked for the 19th when we hopefully should be able to see the heartbeats! Those of you who follow me on Twitter (it’s quite simple, just click on the Twitter link on the right hand side of this page) will know why this blog has been SO quiet for the last couple of weeks. As you know, after egg collection I was at risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and, in fact, was mildly affected by it in the days following.

By the Thursday and Friday after embryo transfer, I felt pretty much back to normal and all we had to do was wait for test day with bated breath.
Monday morning my stomach hurt so much I couldn’t stand up straight and I was still being sick. I got a call back around 9:30 Monday morning and the nurse I talked to asked me to come in to meet with a doctor. After a day or so, things didn’t seem quite so amusing, plus I was just feeling worse and worse. The doctors said that sometimes OHSS starts to resolve itself with enough rehydration, but that if my stomach became too bloated, they might have to insert a drain to remove the fluid that was building up in my abdominal cavity.
On Tuesday morning the ward doctor came to see me and examine me and she also told me that the blood test had showed positive for levels of HCG – the pregnancy hormone.
By Thursday my stomach was ridiculously bloated and when the consultant from Guy’s came to examine me again and started talking about a drain I was practically chomping at the bit to get it done – anything to relieve the pressure in my stomach! So I was wheeled down to the Interventional Ultrasound department by a team of junior doctors as a slot had suddenly become available and that didn’t allow for any time to get hold of a porter. We eventually found where we were supposed to be going and the doctor had a look at my stomach with the ultrasound, deciding where to insert the drain and then drawing a little cross on my stomach with a marker like you see them do on medical programmes. Once it was over, the doctor unclamped the drain and immediately the bag it was attached to started filling up with yellow liquid.

The plan was to try and drain 1 litre every twelve hours, but by the time I was wheeled back to the ward I had lost 1.7L of fluid. Of course, my drug chart had been sent down to pharmacy to prepare for my drugs to take out with me, so they couldn’t give me anything until that came back.
Then they gave me some kind of codeine-based painkiller and told me they’d be back in half an hour, with a doctor, to try again. She tried to remove the drain, as the nurse had done, but also said that she felt resistance. They then decided a good tactic would be to call down to the Interventional Ultrasound department to see if they had any tips. By the time the nurse came back to check the dressing, the pressure of the fluid under the dressing was so much that it had pushed against the adhesive on the plastic and burst out of the side. We went through about 3 or 4 dressings before they decided that they couldn’t let me go home while the wound was still leaking. The night staff put another dressing on, this time layering up so much gauze I looked like I was growing another limb out of the side of my stomach.

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