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One of the common principles used to characterize the rules of growth in developing systems is the idea of allometry. Those photos give you clue about why allometric growth is of interest in evolution, as well. The power of this approach and the root of its appeal is that it reduces details of morphology to two parameters, a and b, that are modified by evolutionary processes.
The utility of allometry, the scaling relationship between two characters in development, is that detecting it is a clue that there is some independent regulation of the two characters; it is an indication that there is an interesting growth relationship between the two, and that there may be a simple underlying differential regulator of their growth. It looks like you’ve got an unclosed font tag, which is upsetting the formatting of the text following the pretty math. It would be an interesting statistical exercise to sort human faces by their allometric properties, and then see if the most babyish-looking people tended to have higher IQs. I’m wondering, though – does puberty upset the nice exponential relation between two body parts? There is, however, a negative correlation within humans between paedomorphic facial features and violence. Just to be clear, I am merely observing the male-female differences in these traits, not stating nor predicting the relationship between these traits within each sex.
Are there underlying reasons to pick this kind of scaling for the growth, or is it an empirical thing? Didn’t Gould have a column illustrating principles of mammalian ontogentetic allometry with the appearance of Mickey Mouse over the decades?
Allometry is extremely important not just in studying relative growth rates, but in understanding patterns of variation in functional and physiological traits. If it is of any comfort, his global infamy as a low-brow, jingoistic schmuck now extends to Uppsala, Sweden, as well.
Btw, speaking of Sweden, I would guess national (I think) regulations for burial sites prevents undue noises here. This is AFAIK what motivates BMI, modeling body fat as dominantly being proportional to skin area (in reasonably healthy individuals).
My reason to keep the distinction between exponential laws and power laws clear is that exponential functions have Taylor expansions of all powers, not just one (b).
Whether planned or unplanned, you should try to lead as healthy a lifestyle as you can during and after your pregnancy. It is important to talk to your GP or maternity hospital staff if you feel you need support to quit smoking and drinking during pregnancy, especially if other drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, heroin or methadone are involved. The effects of drugs on your baby depend on the baby’s stage of development and how much of the drug you use. If you use stimulant drugs such as cocaine and amphetamine (speed) your baby may be born smaller and in distress. Opiates like heroin, methadone and morphine cross the placenta to the baby with great ease. The reason for changing this brain’s appearance is that wrinkled surfaces will allow the accommodation of more brain cells, which is necessary to make the baby’s life easier even outside of the womb. One more big change in 30 weeks pregnant is the baby’s bone marrow starts creating the red blood cells.
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27 weeks pregnant - week by week pregnancy calendar, 27 weeks pregnant your baby is the size of an eggplant.

Pregnancy week by week guide - slideshare, Pregnancy week by week guides women through each of the 40 weeks of pregnancy, giving details on developmental milestones in both mom and baby, practical. Pregnancy week by week in photos - verywell, This is an embryo in the 4th week of pregnancy.. Here, I’ll briefly summarize the concept with a few clear illustrations and a tiny amount of simple math. This next picture is a little freaky: all of the fetuses are scaled to the same size to illustrate the change in proportions. By 38 weeks, the fetus’s head is reduced to about a quarter of its length, and even that would look weird and rather creepy in an adult. This lovely graph from D’Arcy Thompson shows the relative sizes of the whole body, the brain, and the heart over time.
A set of mutations that slowed the rate of growth of the face and increased the rate of growth in the cranium of our ancient common ancestor would have produced something that looked like us, just by retaining the proportions of the younger form. All you have to do is measure the items you want to compare, plot them on log-log paper, and then fit a straight line to them.
In phylogenetic comparisons, it’s a way to begin looking for the molecular mechanisms that underlie morphological differences. I mean, if there is not enough proper nutrition during the formative early years, does the body shunt its limited resources to brain development, to the detriment of skeletal size, etc? Nearly all rates (running speed, heart rate, metabolic rate, lifespan, etc.) scale to body size allometrically, both intraspecifically (ontogeny) and interspecifically (phylogeny). At least I haven’t heard anything I can remember, so perhaps even wind chimes are unusual or forbidden.
The motivation behind could be that if we want to compare different dimensioned characteristics, such as sizes to areas, or areas to volumes (mass), we would expect power laws. While the effects of different drugs may vary, your baby is extremely vulnerable to toxins found in all drugs.
We know alcohol is harmful to your growing baby as it causes damage to their central nervous system. If you smoke cigarettes while you are pregnant, all the toxic chemicals that pass into you are also passed on to your baby. It’s hard to know what effects are caused by cannabis alone as it is usually mixed with tobacco or used with alcohol. Use of cocaine can lead to very serious complications with your pregnancy and may cause your baby to have a stroke.
By this time, baby’s brain was very smooth, but from this week on wards the brain starts attaining those characteristic indentations and grooves. Many of the first-time mothers may wonder how their body will going to accommodate the developing baby. All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only.
Look at a baby, and their heads and eyes seem huge relative to the rest of their body; there is going to be a shift in proportions over time, with the body growing faster than the head so that by adulthood they have adult proportions. You keep growing through childhood and adolescence (you can also see the growth spurt in the increasing steepness of the body curve, starting in the teens), and the heart also grows continuously through that period to keep up, but look at the brain—it grows for a while, and then it just stops. In particular, you can see that there is massive growth of the face and jaws that greatly exceeds that of the cranium, turning the dome-skulled, almost human looking baby into the beetle-browed adult with its protruding muzzle.
One way we can smoothly shift from one form to another over evolutionary time is for the regulation of the genes that control the timing and rate of growth of these different body parts to be tweaked in quantitative ways. The same pattern of allometric growth seen in the chimpanzee is present here—the cranium grows relatively little, but the face and jaws just keep going and going.

Rates of growth, the b parameter, might be controlled by levels of signals, for instance hormone titers (insulin-like growth factors are candidates here), or by clocklike internal regulators of the mitotic machinery, such as the ASPM gene.
The biggest risk is to your baby’s central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and their growth. The most common risk is that your baby will be born smaller and weaker than normal, so they are more likely to be ill.
Cannabis crosses the placenta the same as all other drugs, so it is a risk to your baby’s health. Before a medical drug is sold, research takes place to determine if is safe to take during pregnancy. Here, for instance, are scale diagrams of fetal growth that show you how much change there is just during pregnancy. The other interesting twist is that (c) is a female and (d) is a male; differential regulation of allometric growth can be used to generate sexual dimorphism. It may increase stress in newborns and make children more impulsive so some effects may only emerge later in life. Cocaine has also been linked to heart defects in the baby and may lead to learning difficulties as they grow up. When buying over-the-counter medicines your pharmacist should be able to advise you about this. You’re doing it with the same sized brain you had at four years old, and with fewer neurons than you had then.
If the slope b is greater than one, then the organ is growing hypermetrically, or faster relative to the other—male baboon jaws probably grow disproportionately faster than the rest of the body. Regular drinking can affect the size of your baby, so they are born much smaller than normal.
If you contract HIV there is a high risk you will pass the virus on to your baby – ask your doctor for advice on how to prevent this.
If b is exactly 1, then growth is isometric—that is, the two organs are always in the same relative proportion throughout development.
The impact of taking drugs during pregnancy can result in poor eating habits, lack of exercise and other health related problems – these may also affect your baby’s development. If you are on medication before you become pregnant you should speak to your doctor about whether you should continue taking it.
As they grow up, children who were exposed to alcohol in pregnancy often show poor attention and hyperactivity.
Nicotine causes blood vessels to tighten and can decrease the amount of blood, oxygen and nutrients that reach your baby.
If you are a regular heavy drinker, your baby is at risk of developing a serious condition called fetal alcohol syndrome.
This affects your baby’s growth and they may be born with a small head – a sign of poor brain growth, facial defects, and mental and behavioural problems.
It’s best to stop smoking completely when you are pregnant, for the sake of your own health and your baby’s.
It is never too late to stop smoking during pregnancy – stopping at any stage reduces the risks for your baby.

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